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Guidelines for trainers –

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1 La iniciación de un Grupo – Es el corazón latente del proyecto de Transición!!
Guidelines for trainers – This presentation is designed to stimulate discussion, and get the group to offer information and discuss it before you “give the answers”. Most slides have a prompt question – invite the group to answer! Initiating group - Also called steering group/core group, I think initiating group is better Who here is in such a group? no map, making it up as we go along

2 Propósito!!! Invite ideas about purpose – the thing that calls a group together. What is the purpose of the initiating group? Go thru initiating group overview mind map (next slide)

3 Preparar el desarrollo
del grupo Planificar su propio termino Calendario de eventos Haremos uno? Concienciación El Gran Lanzamiento Cuando ? Comunicación externa Prensa Proposito del Grupo Iniciador Web Invite ideas about purpose Go thru initiating group overview mind map Iniciar Grupos de trabajo Presentación entre grupos Apoyar Coordinar Haciendo Redes Conexión con otros grupos

4 Como es que esto comienza?
Invitar amigos a Juntarse en una casa Juntarse en un restauran Grupos de Agenda local 21, Cenit del petróleo u otros grupos decididos a ser un grupo de Transición. Charlas de Transición, películas, Eventos de espacio abierto u otros cursos o talleres. Short slide – how did your groups start? Don’t want to go into this too much as its kind of history Invite ideas before you show the answers. These are the most common ways the group starts. Others – put an ad in the paper (someone in Australia got 120 responses!!).. Are there any questions about starting initiating groups?

5 Primeros pasos? Conocer a la gente que esta en el grupo
Definir – visión, misión, metas Establecer como se va a trabajar – reglas básicas? Los primeros paso toman tiempo – Quizás unas pocas reuniones Definir cuando tu trabajo ha sido realizado? What kinds of things did you do first? Ask the group – what are good things to do when a group comes together? Can refer to the forming of this training group – how did we start off? These are some of the things that we think need to happen when you come together… Some groups forget about learning each others’ names – very task focused. In Totnes some groups expected to be doing after the first meetin – and then came unstuck later when they realised they weren’t all there for the same thing. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF GROUP FORMING – IT PAYS BACK THE TIME MANY TIMES OVER LATER!!! A key question with initiating groups is whether they should form and then close to new members– as the awareness raising programme happens many new people often want to join, and we encourage groups to think about the effect of new people constantly coming in. Many effective groups close their membership, just building a list of contact details and encouraging others to think about their contribution for phase 2 – working groups & projects.

6 Paso en la formación de grupos
Formar Ejecutando Haciendo Entusiasmo discusión Forming- really important to get to know each other and invest time in this and acknowledge when done stuff and celebrate, often overlooked, not time wasted Storming- about being able to deal with conflict, know can disagree about things, able to communicate more authentically and be able to have differences, work through them and carry on, essential stage of group development, often overlooked or not reached. STORMING IS A GOOD SIGN BECAUSE THERE IS ENOUGH TRUST TO DISAGREE!! Norming- getting used to working together Mourning- groups do come to an end Where is this training group now? *Usually still forming – being polite to each other! Go thru developing initiating groups mind map then do the activity: Ask to position yourself on a spectrum of where you feel your group is now. Questions to ask: Why have you put yourself in that position Any members of same groups in different positions- why is that? What would need to happen for you to move onto another stage What would that look like? mourning Duelo Normas Estructuras

7 Desarrollando Grupo Iniciador
Invite ideas about purpose Go thru initiating group overview mind map

8 Performing Por cada evento o actividad se necesita hacer el siguiente ciclo No olvide celebrar!!! This is a fairly standard management model for the cycle of doing – but many don’t include celebration. In Totnes we have been very serious – it’s great to have some party organisers in the team! Celebration can also be taking time to acknowledge successes in meetings.

9 Características necesarias
Organización – Conseguir local, películas, oradores, proyector y pantalla, almuerzos, facilitadores etc Administras dinero Facilitar reuniones – agenda, inclusión, etc Hacer charlas; tratar con procesos Publicidad – medios, pagina web Manejar información – Lista de , website Discursos públicos Creación de redes con organizaciones y contactos existentes Conexión con personas de tu comunidad Liderazgo Habilidades en relaciones – dinámica de grupos, manejo de conflictos? Tener antenas sociales para saber prioridades de tu comunidad y los temas que interesan a la gente Entrega y pasión Invite the group to suggest useful skills. These are on the Initiating group worksheet – a way to check whether you have the skills needed

10 Liderazgo who considers yourself a leader? – I would say that by even being member of initiating group you are showing leadership What is leadership about? Leadership has bad press, cos power often abused, often static Different way of thinking about leadership, more fluid, different people take the lead at different times, geese What are key leadership qualities? - ask them to act them out What kind of leadership styles are we doing? What kind should we be doing? Debrief- Leadership as important role and important to see ourselves as leaders What kinds of support do you need as a leader? How will you develop as a leader?

11 Próximos pasos? Cual es el próximo paso en su grupo?
Cual es el próximo paso en su proyecto? Que es lo próximo para Uds.? Tu trabajas en el grupo iniciador. De hacer que las cosas ocurran, “verlas venir”- Analizar lo ocurrido y entonces pensar los próximos pasos.

12 Sosteniendo el grupo Mantenga el proceso de capacitación –
Organizar capacitaciones para el grupo… compartir habilidades, libros, artículos, información… Apoyarse los unos a los otros para participar en cursos… Programar eventos que tu mismo desearía participar! Encontrar actividades que te permitan trabajar el aspecto interior tuyo y del grupo Joanna Macy, Bio-dansa o otros talleres… Actividades al aire libre… Compartir una comida sin agenda!! Revisar tu balanza entre lo que das y lo que recibes Toma los pasos necesario para que tu vida seas sustentable!! How do we sustain the group? Review balance of giving and receiving- sustainability- did it in totnes, realised group not sustainable, realised need a paid worker, Refer to document in resources called Structure & Details of 4 Transition Projects which gives examples of how some have done it If time at the end then do theatre activity Get people into groups around their own groups Get them to act out the dynamics in their group Might be a typical meeting Might be overall dynamic of the group Give them a few minutes prep and then a few minutes each to act them out/or do short presentation of how it has developed

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