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Marketing global TETRA

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1 Marketing global TETRA
John Cox Presidente Ejecutivo Asociación TETRA MoU Ladies and gentlemen good morning and may I add my welcome to the first TETRA Venezuelan conference run by the Association here in Caracas.

2 Satisfacción para TETRA y El MoU
Alcance Global – actualmente, hay contratos en 72 países Olimpiadas de Atenas – ejemplo a destacar de multifabricantes, interoperabilidad en acción 10 años ayudando a conseguir el éxito de TETRA alrededor del mundo. This year marks continuing success for TETRA around the globe with contracts now let in 72 countries according to the survey of contracts taken amongst our members. The Athens Olympics in 2004 remains perhaps the highest profile example of multivendor interoperability which we have seen and is fine justification for the tremendous amount of work put into interoperability by the TETRA manufacturers and the perseverance of the TETRA MoU Association in establishing the process. The association itself has just celebrated its tenth anniversary another milestone in the success of TETRA.

3 Éxito Global de TETRA Más de 700 contratos notificados
TETRA ha sido elegido en más de un tercio de los países del mundo Sectores Principales - Seguridad Pública 48% y Transportes 24% Oriente Medio y América latina son actualmente las regiones de crecimiento más rápido Let us look at TETRA ‘s success in a little more detail. We had more than 700 contracts notified mid This data is the number of contracts let, reported from our members listing their contracts from which we can build the reports which you will see. Customers in 72 countries have chosen TETRA as the solution for their communications, customers large and small, thanks to its scalability, customers for whom safety and security is a must thanks to its security and integrity For those who repeatedly say that TETRA is only suitable for Public Safety then the statistics on transportation indicate otherwise and for those who say it is not for Public Safety, then as the preferred Public Safety solution certainly in Europe the statistics indicate otherwise. I am pleased to be able to report that Latin America is one of the fastest growing regions in terms of the number of TETRA contracts let.

4 Crecimiento de los contratos TETRA 1997- 2004
You can see from this graph that TETRA contracts are following a typical market growth pattern which gives added confidence to the market that TETRA is a global success story.

5 Contratos TETRA por área geográfica (mid 2005)
It should not be surprise that the global regional contracts remain dominated by Europe because TETRA began as a European technology but its growth into more than 70 countries and the fact that one third of the contracts are outside Europe confirms its place now as a global standard

6 Contratos TETRA por Sectores (mid 2005)
On a global basis Public Safety and Security takes nearly half the contracts but it is very interesting to see that transportation represents almost one quarter of the contracts

7 Contratos TETRA en América Latina (1)
As you can see there are TETRA contracts in a number of countries in Latin America which for the purposes of world regions we have taken to include Trinidad. As you can see Venezuela already dominates the regional contracts with more than one third of the TETRA contracts in the region followed closely by Mexico

8 Contratos TETRA en America Latina (2)
Public Safety in Latin America clearly does not follow the global trend with 16% compared to 48% globally and it can be seen that transportation is far below the trend with only 3% compared with the global 24%.This region is dominated by Government and Utilities contracts although some of the Government contracts probably provide services for Public Safety and Security. Utilities with 39% of the contracts is very far from the global trend of 6%. If the global trends are followed in the Latin American market then we can look forward to many more TETRA contracts in the region.

9 Transporte Principales aeropuertos Importancia de la seguridad
Excelente ejemplo de la necesidad de: Dominio de las circunstancias cambiantes Mantener informadas a las personas clave Airports are becoming of increasing significance in the transportation sector of the TETRA market with some very large airports now in the TETRA portfolio. For all of the users in this sector, the security of a TETRA solution is important as they all manage safety of the travelling public. Additionally they require the flexibility which a TETRA solution can provide. I hope that I do not revive any recent bad experiences of flight delays when I mention the benefit of dynamic regrouping of resources which enables operators to manage the complex task of passenger handling and the necessary support services to despatch aircraft particularly when there is a change due to late arrival of aircraft or delayed take off. Not only does the mix of the groups of people need to change but this flexibility ensures that the right people are kept informed. This could be an area for growth in the region which has many busy airports.

10 Seguridad Pública en Europa
5 países con redes TETRA nacionales 3 países creando sus redes TETRA nacionales Una plataforma sólida para las fronteras y para operaciónes entre agencias Los usuarios se están beneficiando de la ventaja de un mercado multifabricantes Una Seguridad Pública con una posición más fuerte en la lucha contra el crimen internacional en la respuesta a las catátrofes naturales o a los ataques terroristas Europe was of course the original market for TETRA before it became a global standard and it is not therefore surprising that the market has the highest number of TETRA contracts, nearly half of which are in Public Safety. Within Europe there are five countries with national TETRA networks in operation, (Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, UK & Iceland) and a further three committed to national networks (Sweden, Austria & Greece) These TETRA networks now provide the basis of a solid platform for cross border and inter-agency operations not only shown in trials but also in operation. The TETRA community has nurtured the multivendor market and brought it to maturity for the benefit of users who have taken advantage of the range of offerings on many of the operational networks These many networks already present a stronger position for Public Safety authorities to fight cross border crime and to effectively respond to natural or man made disasters..

11 Redes de Seguridad Pública Europeas y Nórdícas
Red Nacinal TETRA Redes de Seguridad Pública Europeas y Nórdícas Red Regional TETRA Red PSS Licencia de TETRA Proyectos Nacionales en curso TETRA is already dominant on the map of the area and when TETRA wins the numerous national projects coloured in yellow, the dark green of TETRA will increase its dominance dramatically. Proyectos a futuro

12 Proyectos Seguridad Pública nacionales previstos
Noruega Polonia Irlanda Alemania Hungria Italia Portugal The countries highlighted here in yellow all have active national Public Safety projects for which TETRA is a prime candidate technology. Many of these will become contracts in the next twelve months or so. I recently learned that Hungary expects to make a decision next month having already received tenders and being in negotiation with the bidders.

13 UK – Un Servicio de Seguridad Pública Nacional con 130.000 usuarios
I would just like to say a few words about the TETRA network which has completed its rollout for the UK Police. It is now providing service to over 130,000 users across the UK. It is also another fine example of the benefits that the multi vendor environment which TETRA provides giving users a choice of equipment. In addition to the 54 Police Forces using the service there are over 100 other sharer organisations on this network. The Ambulance services of England recently committed to add their custom and many others are expected to join the network. There are over 3000 base sites giving 99% geographic coverage of mainland Britain. I hope you will agree that this is now an impressive National TETRA network which taken alongside those I mentioned earlier proves that TETRA can satisfy some of the largest network requirements of some of the most demanding customers.

14 UK - Buen ejemplo de los beneficios de TETRA como tecnología multifabricante
Proveedores de Terminales Chelton Cleartone Motorola Nokia Sepura Teltronic Thales As you can see there are 7 terminal suppliers in the UK network, some providing specialist terminals such as for aircraft, covert operation or repeater operation and others providing different types of handheld terminal.

15 Logros para los Socios El MoU ha proporcionado un marco y un lugar común desde donde coordinar el desarrollo del estándar Sus miembros pueden estar muy orgullosos de lo que han conseguido: IOP (Interoperabilidad) Centralización de Información Trampolín para grupos de trabajo Divulgación por todo el mundo Creación de una especificación que refleja los requerimientos del usuario. Amongst all of this success over the last ten years, the Association has provided a framework and the administrative support for action by its members. The Members can and should be very proud of what they have achieved. The interoperability process has yielded results for the multi vendor market and as an information hub through its web site and publications the Association is probably the biggest single source of TETRA information. It has established a number of focus groups which have successfully spread the word about TETRA beyond Europe into the whole world market. And through these groups the specification for TETRA has been refined, strengthened and focussed reflecting user requirements. It is certainly our view that a specification which has been user driven will be far more robust than one that is not and I am sure you will agree that TETRA is a fine example.

16 Grupos deTrabajo Desarrollo y creación de grupos de trabajo compuestos por especialistas Foro Técnico – control del proceso de Interoperabilidad Seguridad prevención del fraude – encriptación y recomendaciones de seguridad Asociación de Usuarios/Operadores Establecimiento de prioridades en los servicios Grupo de Soluciones de Valor Añadido – definir las necesidades de valor añadido de los usuarios Grupo para la Mejora de Servicios – identificación de funcionalidades futuras Grupo de Communicación Our specialist focus groups covering a wide range of activities continue to service the community. They do of course cover a much wider range of activities than summarised here but this slide illustrates the breadth of our activities. Technical Forum – managing the Interoperability process Security & Fraud Prevention Group – encryption and security recommendations Operator/User Association – inputs on feature priority Business Solutions Group – defining user needs for applications Enhancement of Services Group – identifying future functionality TETRA Association Communications Group which amongst other things is responsible for the TETRA News copies of which are available here at this conference.

17 Crecimiento y Progreso
1995 2005 MoU Asociados 9 120 Alcance global de TETRA Sólo redes de prueba Más de 700 contratos en 72 países Interopera- bilidad Propuesta Apoyado por 12 compañías In 1995 we had nine members and in 2005 we have over 120. In 1995 there were some trial systems and in 2005 we have over 700 contracts notified in over 70 countries. And interoperability testing was a proposal to strengthen the multivendor market in which 12 manufacturers now have certified products.

18 Actividades de promoción
Foros Regionales – 7 países Promociones Internacionales – 13 países en 2004 Congreso Mundial TETRA – establecimiento y apoyo continuo – 1000 accesos por día Our 7 regional forums are growing stronger each year running their own promotional and education events. I believe that our Norwegian Forum, which recently produced an excellent video has been influential in the decisions made by the Norwegian government to move forward with its procurement plan. Let us hope that they can continue this success and achieve a TETRA outcome. That video is available from the Association in English. In 2004 we ran promotional events in 13 countries and ran a very successful TETRA World Congress in Vienna Austria last November. Our web site sees more than 1000 unique sessions each day.

19 Actividades de Promoción
Eventos Foro Regional– 2005 Alemania Hungria Noruega Rusia Sudafrica Ukrania And in 2005 our Norwegian, Hungarian, German and new Ukranian Forum have already held successful seminars this year and the Southern African Forum last week ran its own very successful event and the Russian Forum plans an event in October

20 Actividades de promoción
Eventos Internacionales– 2005 Irlanda Europa - Abril Malasia Asia Pacífico - Mayo Korea del Sur Asia Pacífico - Junio Jordania Oriente Medio - Septiembre Venezuela Latino América - Septiembre Argentina Latino América - Septiembre Latvia Europa - Octubre Congreso TETRA Mundial– Alemania - Noviembre The Association has been very active this year with events in Ireland, Malaysia, South Korea, Jordan and this week we have events here in Venezuela and then in Argentina. In October we have a small conference in Latvia Europe and of course the TETRA World Congress begins on November 28th in Frankfurt Germany.

21 Fabricantes en 2004 Cleartone R&S Bick Mobilfunk Damm Cellular Rohill
DeTeWe/FWK EADS (Nokia) ETELM Frequentis OTE Motorola R&S Bick Mobilfunk Rohill Sepura Siemens Simoco Digital UK Ltd Teltronic Thales Communications Ltd Thales Communications Zetron The supplier base remains strong with growing interest from outside Europe, China, India, Korea, Russia and we are hoping that there will be some innovative commercial agreements which will enable local manufacture in these and other interested countries Además nuevos fabricantes procedentes de China, Korea, India, Rusia ...

22 TETRA ofrece...................... Competitividad Constructiva
Una Solución estándar sólida Reducción de riesgos para la industria y los clientes Realidad multifabricante Airwave – 5 fabricantes de terminales Juegos Olímpicos Elección Proporciona libertad en la elección de proveedor TETRA offers Constructive competition A solid standard solution Peer review reduces implementation risk Multi-vendor reality Airwave – 5 terminal vendors Olympic Games A choice Enables freedom in choice of supplier

23 TETRA en acción – Olimpiadas de Atenas 2004
Solución elegida para dar el máximo nivel de seguridad Interoperabililidad y uso entre agencias Dos redes Sistema Seguro C4i de Siemens utilizando infraestructura de Motorola Sistema Comercial Operador Griego OTE utilizando infraestructura Motorola ampliada para el Control de los Juegos Suministro de terminales de multifabricantes Cleartone Motorola Nokia Sepura 12,000,000 llamadas sobre 30,000 terminals And in Greece TETRA was chosen to give the highest level of security to both the users and participants in the last Olympic Games This slide shows the impressive statistics and again demonstrates the power of the multi vendor market for TETRA. I think it is worth noting here that many of the users of the TETRA equipment were brought in to assist the management of the logistics and were given minimal training in the use of their new terminals which indicates that the man machine interface is very user friendly.

24 Los usuarios eligen TETRA
Altas prestaciones en servicios de voz y datos Tecnología altamente probada Escalable en prestaciones y tamaño Única tecnología PMR multifabricante Capacidad entre agencias probada La solución preferida en Europa para Seguridad Pública Gran variedad de Aplicaciones de Valor Añadido Futuro asegurado The TETRA platform is continually strengthening and is providing the benefits which give users the power to choose. And choose they have for the many reasons outlined here. Hundreds of organisations have seen the potential benefits which TETRA can bring and have chosen it as their solution. We believe that user choose TETRA because it has Comprehensive Voice & Data specification Proven operational solution Scalable Multivendor support Proven inter-agency capability Europe’s preferred PSS solution Comprehensive applications support Future proof

25 Beneficios a destacar Tecnología abierta y multifabricante
Rápido desarrollo de nuevos modelos de terminales Soluciones innovadoras Precio competitivo Entorno de inversión activo What are the things about TETRA which enable users to realise the benefits? Multivendor support has enabled users to purchase the product which best suits their needs be it specialised repeaters, intrinsically safe terminals or terminals with innovative solutions such as built in GPS. This market pressure has led to innovative solutions appearing far more quickly then they ever did in traditional PMR markets and has led to really competitive pricing whilst retaining an active investment environment.

26 Destacando los Beneficios de Negocio!
I would like to leave you with images of the many users who have already realised the benefits of TETRA. Thank you

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