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Retiro Encuentro con Dios Sesión 4

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1 Retiro Encuentro con Dios Sesión 4
De lo Impuro a lo Puro Retiro Encuentro con Dios Sesión 4 Purpose of This Ministry Session—People will: • Realize God’s call to total sexual purity. • Become aware of areas of bondage where God wants to set them free. • Understand the significance of soul ties and God’s desire to free them. • Receive faith for what God wants to do through a brief testimony. Note! • The teaching portion of this session should be fairly short. – minutes teaching on impurity and purity. – 5 minutes for a brief testimony. • It is important to follow the guidelines above, in order to allow minutes for ministry. Copyright © 1999 TOUCH Outreach Ministries. Leaders who have attended TOUCH Encounter Seminars may use this material within their local church. However, no part of this may be distributed beyond your local church.

2 Buenos Regalos de Dios Nuestra Sexualidad es un hermoso regalo de Dios. Un maravilloso regalo para ser guardado puro y santo. Nuestra Sexualidad es algo maravilloso con lo que Dios nos ha dotado, pero que Satanás ha desviado. Sex and our sexuality were created by God. They are lovely and good, yet we can use them wrongly.

3 Un Río Hermoso Nuestra Sexualidad es como un río hermoso.
El Río es lindo cuando fluye dentro de su cauce. Pero llega a ser una inundación destructiva si fluye fuera de su cauce. A simple illustration or word picture to make the point.

4 Pureza de Mente y Corazón
Dios nos llama a la pureza del cuerpo, mente y corazón. Sed santos, porque yo soy el SEÑOR tu Dios. (Levítico 20:7) No pondré delante de mis ojos cosa injusta. (Salmos 101:3) God calls us to total holiness in every area of our life. He is not just concerned for purity of actions. He also calls us to holiness in our attitudes and in our thoughts. Read the Scriptures. Part of our purity is guarding what we look at in terms of literature, movies and television. This is made clear in God’s Word. How pure does God want us to be? Totally pure! Why? Because he loves us. Because wants us to be free and to share his character.

5 Pureza de Mente y Corazón
Por lo demás, hermanos, todo lo que es verdadero, todo lo honesto, todo lo justo, todo lo puro, todo lo amable, todo lo que es de buen nombre; si hay virtud alguna, si algo digno de alabanza, en esto pensad. (Filipenses 4:8) ...Y el Dios de PAZ estará con vosotros. (Filipenses 4:9) Hay paz en la pureza. Read the Scripture. Many Christians today wonder why they do not have peace in their lives and in their families. Yet they allow many vile things into their minds and their home through entertainment and the media. When we guard our minds and focus on the positive, the pure and the powerful things, God promises us peace.

6 Mentiras de Satanás Satanás nos dice que debemos tener “Conocimiento” (“probar”) Dios nos llama a la inocencia. (1 Cor. 14:20) ... Pero quiero que seáis sabios para el bien, e ingenuos para el mal. (Romanos 16:19) Hemos creído frecuentemente las mentiras de Satanás, permitiéndole la destrucción de nuestras mentes. You may say, “But I must be up-to-date on the latest movies and television shows that my co-workers or classmates are watching!” This is like a doctor saying, “I should get sick so that I can better heal people.” This is rationalization. It is a lie from hell. In fact, it is Satan’s original lie to Eve in the garden, saying that we must have personal knowledge of good and evil. God’s Word makes it clear that we are to be innocent and pure regarding evil. Satan is delighted when we fill our minds with his lies and half-truths through what we watch and read.

7 Palabra de Dios Pero fornicación y toda inmundicia, o avaricia, ni aún se nombre entre vosotros, como conviene a santos. – Efesios 5:3 Scripture is clear! There is not to be even a HINT of impurity.

8 Ataduras del Alma La unión sexual crea una unidad. (1 Corintios 6:16)
Esto está destinado a ser bueno dentro del matrimonio. Fuera del matrimonio crea esclavitud y una entrada para la influencia demoníaca. Sexual union creates a oneness, the Bible says. The power of soul ties must be understood to receive and minister freedom. Soul ties created through impure sex create spiritual and emotional bondage that demonic forces often use as entry points.

9 Cortando las Ataduras del Alma
Es importante en esta sesión cortar las ataduras del alma (Esclavitud a personas o cosas). Jesús ofrece total libertad si nosotros cortamos y renunciamos a toda atadura. It is helpful to cut ties to people by name if you can be that open. If you had sex with your wife before marriage that tie should also cut.

10 Palabra de Dios Y el mismo Dios de paz os santifique por completo; y todo vuestro ser, espíritu, alma y cuerpo, sea guardado irreprensible para la venida de nuestro Señor Jesucristo. – 1 Tesalonicenses 5:23 Read the Scripture. Total freedom is available to us through Christ’s shed blood! If you watch soap operas or other trashy television are you willing to repent of this? If you are currently in bondage in an area such as pornography or if you watch videos that have sex in them, consider if are you willing to throw away these items? If internet pornography is a snare for you, are you willing to have someone install software to remove this temptation? Do you need someone to share with to help you and to hold you accountable? Do you want Christ’s freedom in this area of your life?

11 Tome Ahora un Tiempo para Marcar las Áreas en su Inventario
Marque el casillero apropiado. Escriba los nombres de personas con los que usted ha tenido relaciones sexuales inadecuadas. Esto permitirá algo específico para cortar esa atadura en el nombre de Jesús. If there are both men and women at your retreat, have them separate into their ministry groups BEFORE they review this section to check the areas that apply. (That way individuals can be listening to the Spirit as they complete this rather than wondering if their spouse is watching what they check.) If you are having an Encounter for just men or women the can stay where they are to complete this. Encourage people where possible to write the names of specific people they may have soul ties to in the margins of their inventory so that these ties can be specifically cut. If they can’t remember persons’ names, they can put down something like “the girl at the fraternity party” or “the neighbor who sexual abused me.”

12 Áreas de Posible Opresión
Lujuria Autoestima Baja Sensualidad Perversión Masturbación Pornografía Culpabilidad (abuso) Racionalización These are areas where Satan commonly brings bondage through sexual sins. As you minister, you can claim authority over the ones that apply and cast them away.

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