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Raising Up Esther Workshop

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1 Raising Up Esther Workshop
La Desaparición de la Mujer Raising Up Esther Workshop The Disappearance of Women

2 Vae victis! ¡Ay de los Conquistados!
“En los códigos de todas las naciones que son llamadas civilizadas, el hombre ha escrito las leyes que gobiernan el destino de la mujer en términos crueles: Vae victis!” Honore de Balzac ( ) [1] De Balzac, Honore; The Psychology of Marriage; as retrieved on Dec 16, :58:06 GMT

3 Misoginia miso (odio) gyne (mujer) Misoginia = el odio a la mujer
Sexism leads to the crushing of women Feminism has rightly stood against sexism. But when the cultural backdrop of life is maleness, often the feminist response is misogynist as well. Instead of fighting for a metaphysic that honored women, Radical Feminists started from a metaphysic that undermined both the women and the feminine. At first they bought into the modernism of Darwinian Naturalism then they succumbed to the postmodern rejection of all meta-narrative and the reconstructing of biology. Both effectively have lead to the disappearance of women.

4 Darwinismo Social “La mayor distinción en los poderes intelectuales de los dos sexos es mostrado cuando el hombre obtiene una eminencia mayor, en todo lo que emprende, de lo que pueda hacer la mujer sea requiriendo pensamiento profundo, razonamiento o imaginación, o meramente el uso de los sentidos y las manos… Podemos también inferir… que si el hombre es capaz de una pre-eminencia decidida sobre la mujer en muchos temas, el promedio de poder mental en el hombre tiene que estar sobre el de la mujer.” Charles Darwin

5 La Muerte de la Mujer Femalicidio: La muerte de la mujer
Feminicidio: La muerte de la metafísica femenina En el mundo moderno, ¡un hombre soltero y libre es el hombre ideal! Sexism compares men to women and finds women lacking. Radical feminists accept the error of male superiority and seek to turn women into men. It is a man’s world and male values dominate. In the modern world a single, unfettered, male is the ideal.

6 La Desaparición de la Mujer
“Al entrar en la esfera pública a expensas de la privada, la mujer legitimizó el mundo masculino y rechazó el suyo.” Lilian Calles Barger Eve’s Revenge [1] Calles Barger ; Eve’s Revenge pg. 68 “Maternal Feminist”

7 La Desaparición de la Mujer
Estos movimientos “ Nos permiten convertirnos, en cierto sentido, en mujeres invisibles y con la capacidad de navegar en un mundo público definido por el hombre con poca notoriedad.” Lilian Calles Barger Eve’s Revenge [1] Barger, Lilian Calles; Eve’s Revenge; Brazos Press; Grand rapids, MI; 2003; pg. 25

8 El Levantamiento del Feminismo
Cristo fue el primer feminista Primera Ola – Feminismo Maternal Segunda Ola Feminismo Moderno Tercera Ola – Feminismo Post modernista Christ was the first feminist He recognized the dignity of women and treated them with respect More on this later Introduction First wave – wanted women to be seen as women and as human Second wave – wanted women to be seen as human and as man Third wave – wanted women not to be seen as female or male, but as androgynous spirits and bodies We will look at the three waves of feminism in their turn

9 Primera Ola: Feminismo Maternal
Siglo principios del siglo 20 Cosmovisión Bíblica o su memoria Interesados en otros La Mujer valorada en Ser – humanidad Función - maternidad Many were committed Christians Interested in others: husband, children and the larger community They had a high view of woman, children and the family. They had a social and familial conscience

10 La Lucha de la Feminista Maternal
Contra el sistema de valores masculinos y la estructura de poder Sacar a las mujeres de las fábricas explotadoras y llevarlas a sus casas Por un sueldo familiar Pro-vida Abolición de la esclavitud Sufragio de la Mujer

11 Líderes del Feminismo Maternal
Susan B. Anthony ( ) Elizabeth Cady Stanton ( ) Susan B. Anthony ( ) raised in a family, she became a social reformer. She stood against slavery, for human life (against abortion), and woman’s suffrage. Elizabeth Cady Stanton ( ) mentored by a Presbyterian pastor, challenged Sexism where she found it in society and in the church. Sarah Grimke ( ) and Angelina Grimke ( ), these daughters of a slave owning judge, became Quakers helped to lead the fight against slavery and for woman’s suffrage. These sisters were denounced by certain elements in the church for there confrontation of the church in their attitudes towards woman and slavery. Sojourner Truth ( ) born into slavery, Sojourner, and evangelist, became a leader of the abolitionists and feminists movements. Missionaries like William Carey, Amy Carmichael, Lottie Core, Hudson Taylor that were the feminists. They fought against child prostitution in the Hindu Temple practice; the tortuous foot binding in China, and sati – widow burning in India.

12 Segunda Ola La Lucha del Feminismo Moderno
Desde mediados hasta al final del Siglo 20 Humanismo Secular – Meta-narrativa Interesados en el yo La Mujer valorada como un ser pero no en su función As the Biblical worldview was lost as a cultural foundation and Secularism stood in it’s place, the concept of Feminism began to change. The second wave feminists affirmed the dignity of woman’s humanity, but sided with the Sexists view that the woman’s unique role of homemaking, succor or motherhood had no value. Motherhood was jettisoned for the marketplace. Self-sacrifice was exchanged for self serving. Feminine values were sacrificed for masculine values. In a materialistic culture marketplace values define a persons worth. Women disappear and seek to become like men. The female transcendence has not been valued by men. It is only male transcendence and male roles that have value. Maleness is the norm; femaleness is abnormal and thus it is inferior. This is, of course, is a lie of Satan, and part of his strategy to destroy the family and ultimately impoverish nations. Now it is not just men who believe this, it is now women that believe it. This male value system now begins to shape the second wave of feminism. By surrendering to this value system, women acknowledge male superiority and deny the possibility of the glory an honor that is uniquely theirs as women.

13 Segunda Ola: Feminismo Modernista
En contra del sistema de valores de la mujer Sacar a la mujer de su hogar y llevarla al mundo del trabajo Pro-aborto Revolución Sexual – sexo sin responsabilidad Free women from pregnancy (through abortion) so they can most approach the lifestyle of a man sexual activity without responsibility , freedom and material self-sufficiency.

14 Formadores del Feminismo Modernista
1. Margaret Sanger ( ) 2. Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939) Margaret Sanger ( ) a leader of the modern eugenics movement (the “science” of racial improvement) in the United States. The Pivot of Civilization, she argues that poverty and sex are linked. To eliminate poverty, one needs to deal with the breeding habits of the poor. Abortion is a key to freeing women from poverty and the world of “the lower races.” She founded the American Birth Control League, later renamed Planned Parenthood Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939) Medical doctor and founder of psychoanalysis Drew a correlation between sex and psychological health. He argued that was Christianity that was anti-sex (he must never have read Genesis – God created sex, or The Song of Songs) people needed to be freed from their crutch so that they might enjoy life and fulfill their natural sexual inclinations. Alfred Kinsey (1894 – 1956) Sex researcher. His research, which has now been exposed as largely contrived and fraudulent, lade the foundation for the normalcy of sexual deviancy. He loosed the bonds between morality and sex and laid the foundation for cultural, behavioral and policy change in Western Society. Sex was reduced from the glory of the one flesh as God intended, to plumbing and technique. It was moved outside the bounds of a covenantal relationship – marriage, to, literally, anything goes. The value of marriage for child rearing, tempering male passions, and creating the building blocks for a healthy society has been lost. Marriage is now largely seen as a relic of the dark ages. Hugh Hefner (1926 – present) The founder of Playboy Magazine A disciple of Kinsey and became the popularizer and conveyor of Kinsey vision and values. His soft-porn publication has been a critical tool for spreading the materialists story line and value free message of Kinsey. Playboy was one of leaders of the movement of No-Fault divorce. It popularized the “me,” “myself,” and “I” sexual freedom movement that began in the 60’s. 4. Hugh Hefner (1926 – present) 3. Alfred Kinsey (1894 – 1956)

15 Influencia del Comunismo
Materialismo: Los Humanos son “instrumentos de producción” El lugar ideal para la mujer se encuentra en el mundo del trabajo El valor de la mujer se encuentra en la producción de productos, no en los hijos Rise of Communism (Stalin, Mao and socialism) The workers state transformed human beings into “instruments of production.” Women’s ideal place was not in the home, but in the factory, on the assembly line. It was in her capacity as a producer of product and not children, that she had her greatest worth.

16 Feministas Modernas 1.Betty Frieden 2. Germaine Greer
Betty Frieden – Author The Feminine Mystique (1963) Germaine Greer – Academic and Author The Female Eunuch 1970 Patricia Ireland – Gloria Steinem – Journalist and Publisher/founder of MS Marazine 3. Patricia Ireland 4. Gloria Steinem

17 Valor en el Mundo del Trabajo
“El dinero es la señal del éxito en un mercado económico; usualmente acompaña al poder y le permite al que tiene el poder, ejercerlo incluso dentro de la familia.” Linda Hirshman Brandeis University One’s worth is defined by the marketplace. People that are not making money in a job have little or no value. Thus women who works long hours at homemaking, succoring and motherhood have no value because, in a material oriented culture, they are not seen as “productive members of society.” Linda Hirshman, from her article Homeward Bound; American Prospect Online, December 2005; pg.

18 Madres Son Como Animales
“… el hombre fue separado de otros animales por su poder mental de tener una idea, una visión, y darle forma al futuro de acuerdo a esto Cuando él descubre y crea y forma un futuro diferente a su pasado, entonces el hombre es un ser humano.” Betty Frieden The Feminine Mystique Small Group Response Do you agree or disagree? Why? Feedback Betty Friedan’s the Feminine Mystique was 2nd Wave Feminism’s “shot across the bow” of Sexism. Friedan is correct in noting that humankind is distinct from the animals in their ability to dream, discover and shape the future. This is in fact a Biblical assumption. Her error is to assume that this ability only applies to people working in the marketplace. Friedan assumes that women who choose to work in their home are not human beings. She likens women who make homes and succor children to animals

19 Ser Mujer es de Segunda Clase
Las cosas que el hombre utilizo para degradar a la mujer, ahora las feministas modernas lo utilizan para degradar a la mujer. Where is one’s worth found? A materialistic paradigm assumes: The only thing that is real is “matter.” The only thing that has value is material things. Ones worth is defined by the market place. People that are not making money in the market place have no value. Mothers, who work long hours at homemaking, succour and motherhood, have no value because they are not “a productive member of society.” Market place values include: The status of the career The salary that is made and the possessions that can be bought The power a person has is measured by the number of subservient people

20 Peter Drucker se refierea Las Feministas Modernas
“Estamos ocupados deshaciendo uno de los logros sociales más prestigiosos del siglo diecinueve, el cual era sacar a la mujer casada fuera de la fuerza laboral para que pudiesen dedicarse a su familia y a sus hijos.” Peter Drucker, one of the world’s leading business gurus [1] quoted in Gilder, George; Men and Marriage; Pelican Publishing Company; Gretna, 1995; pg. 138

21 ¡Se Libre de los Hijos! Zona Libre de Niños
For a woman to be all that she can be, she must be “unhampered by her biology” - Author and Journalist, Danielle Crittenden 1] A growing number of websites reflect this growing phenonium. Some are related to feminism, some are related to radical ecology movement. The thing they have in common are that they are anti-maternal. [1] Crittenden, Danielle; What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us;

22 ¡Para que una mujer pueda ser todo lo que ella puede ser, no debe tener hijos!
For women to be all that they can be, they must the must be child free Shaped by radical environmentalists who see people as a cancer in the universe and by people who are population control people Four examples are Childless by Choice No Kidding The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement International Planned Parenthood Federation

23 Anti-Maternal La mujer que cambia los pañales de su hijo “voluntariamente se convierte en intocable.” - Profesor Hirshman “Aspirar el piso de la sala - con o sin maquillaje - no es un trabajo que requiere suficiente pensamiento o energía para desafiar la capacidad máxima de una mujer.” - Betty Friedan The Feminine Mystique Neither Hirshman or Friedan understand the powerful role of the nation building, culture creating woman and mother of Proverbs 31.

24 Desembarazarse Le permite a la mujer ser como el hombre:
No Embarazada En el Mundo del Trabajo ¡Cuando el sexismo y el feminismo definen la personalidad “masculina” [no embarazada] entonces los cuchillos y los químicos hacen a la mujer ser como un hombre! If being a woman and being a person is not the same thing, then the pill “safeguarded her personhood.”[1] [1] ibid Barger Eve’s Revenge; pg. 70

25 “La Pastilla” “Para la mujer promedio la pastilla ha provisto una manera de divorciar el sexo de la procreación, así ella puede estar disponible para el compañero sexual que ella escoja al momento. Hoy se considera que una mujer esta disponible 24/7/365.” Barger’s Eve’s Revenge The pill allowed sex to be more easily separated from the archaic language and culture of marriage, family and motherhood. She could become like a man! Have sex and not be pregnant Sex may now be causualized and recreationalized. [1] ibid Barger; pg. 71

26 Vaciando el Viente: El Aborto
“ La ampliamente práctica de la violencia del aborto no es una señal de progreso sino una señal de que la habilidad de reproducción de la mujer necesita ser exterminada para poder ir “hacia adelante”. En un ambiente hostil a los cuerpos de la mujer y a traves del aborto, las mujeres participan en una guerra contra sus propios cuerpos, objetizandolos.” Barger’s Eve’s Revenge [1] ibid, Barger; pg. 73

27 Las Consecuencias de lo Anti-Maternal
“La fertilidad en ochenta y tres países que representan el 44% de la población mundial, ha caído por debajo de los niveles de reemplazo; en los países desarrollados la taza de reproducción neta es 0.7 y esta disminuyendo, esto quiere decir que la próxima generación será solamente un 70% más grande que la de hoy día.”[1] Philip Yancey [1] ibid, Yancey Rumors of Another World pg. 214 Small Group Work What are the implications of this of the nations of Europe? Feedback

28 Individualismo Radical
“yo” no “nosotros” Auto-absorción , no auto-sacrificio Estar en autoridad, nunca bajo autoridad Auto-servicio en vez se servir a otros Libertad personal sin responsabilidad personal At the heart of 2nd and 3rd Wave Feminism is radical individualism In Theism, God is the center of the universe In Secularism Man is the center of the universe Secularism cuts the individual off from the community; this may be in the form of a marriage, a family, extended family or larger community The radical “me” leads Men to sire children but not father them Women to kill their babies, before they are born Some women are killing their children as they are born (partial birth abortion) and after they are born by abandoning them in toilets, dumpsters or drowning them in any convenient water source. The radical feminist movement, of both the modern and postmodern variety is part of a culture of self - selfish culture

29 Feministas de Tercera Ola: Feminismo Post modernista
Finales del siglo 20 e inicios del siglo 21 Humanismo Secular – No Meta-narrativo Interesados en: Destituir al hombre - distinciones femeninas Intercambiabilidad El hombre y la mujer son iguales (lo mismo) Late 20th Century and beginning of the 21st Century Being driven by Post- Modern view in which there is no meta- narrative. There is no objective Truth. Truth, with a small “t,” is subjectively established by each individual and it may be changed at any moment. The Postmodern feminist had rejected the notion that there are distinctions between men and women.

30 Post modernismo No hay Meta-narrativa como:
Teísmo Bíblico Darwinismo No Esencialismo – La idea de que el hombre y la mujer son esencialmente diferentes 1ra Ola – La mujer y el hombre son diferentes e iguales 2da Ola – El hombre y la mujer son diferentes y el hombre es mejor Atomism, beginning with Aristotle, which assumes there is no unity, everything is made up individual parts. This form of essentialism says that men and women are inherently different. There is an essential female and essential male nature. And female nature is inferior to male nature. Sexism makes this assumption and crushes women. Modern Feminism makes this assumption as well and calls for women to become like men. Third wave feminists reject outright essentialism. Working from the metaphysical foundation of Monism, they assume there are no transcendent differences and ultimately no absolute physical difference. In this movement, both male and female disappear.

31 Post-modernismo 3ro Ola Feminista Aplicación No existe meta-narrativa
Monismo: “Todo es uno!” Todas las distinciones se vuelven borrosas y desaparecen Aplicación En la metafísica del sexo: no masculino ni femenino En la biología del sexo: no masculino ni femenino

32 La Lucha del Feminismo Post moderno
Levantarse en contra del sistema de valores del hombre En contra de la distinción sexual Promover la Androgenia La sexualidad trascendente desaparece Masculinidad y feminidad desaparecen Opposed to male value system as expressed in: Sexism Modern Feminists

33 Androgenia Dos palabras griegas:
andros – masculino gyne – femenino Androgenia significa literalmente “varón y hembra en uno” Some of the most basic forms of life are androgynist. The can reproduce within themselves An example is a Hermaphrodite

34 Las Raíces Metafísicas de la Androgenia
Neo-paganismo Monismo – “Todo es uno”. Panteísmo – “todo es dios! Religiones del Neo-paganismo Hinduismo Budismo Taoísmo Nueva Era

35 La Metafísica de la Androgenia
Monismo: “Todo es uno!” Esto conduce a un androgenismo trascendente (la fusión de masculino y femenino) Siendo que la raíz metafísica es la androgenia, finalmente: Los roles de género son intercambiables Sexo por si mismo es elástico Some of the belief systems that begin with the absolute One (distinctions do not exist) Because all is one: All religions are one. We see this most clearly in Hinduism It swallows everything. Because all is one, you can be a Buddhist and be a Hindu; you can be a Confusion and be a Hindu. You can be a Christian and be a Hindu “All roads lead to God” or God is the same in every religion. No distinctions between Islam, Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism. All humanity is one Culture disappears Tribes disappear Sexual distinctions of all kinds cease to exist.

36 Máxima Sociológica Antes de cambiar una sociedad, debes cambiar primero el lenguaje de la cultura. Quien controla el lenguaje, controla la cultura. Small Group Work Discuss these maxims. What are the implications? Where have you seen a shift in language today? Feedback Small group work What words do you use to describe what a woman caries in her womb? What do these different words come from? What kind of impact do the different words have in a culture?

37 Elasticidad del Lenguaje
Lo Sagrado de la Vida Aborto Pro-Vida Bebé Sexo Calidad de Vida Pro-Decisión Anti-Decisión Tejido o producto de la concepción Género Small Group Work What do these different words come from? What kind of impact do the different words have in a culture? In your life? Sex VS Gender

38 Desconstruyendo el Sexo
Término Biológico Implica distinción: i.e. masculino y femenino NO es elástico Se fundamenta en la esencia de la diferenciación biológica y sicológica Género Término Sociológico Definido por el uso de la sociedad Genero es elástico Podemos construir nuestra propia realidad There can be as many “sexes” and gender relationships as there are people in the world The word gender may be used for any number of new “lifestyle choices.”

39 “Escogiendo Estilos de Vida”
Heterosexual: Hembra y varón tradicionales Homosexual: homosexual y lesbiana Bisexual: se relaciona sexualmente tanto con hombre como con mujeres Transvesti: alguien que se viste y actúa como el sexo opuesto Transgénero: alguien que se sometió a cirugía para “cambiar” su sexo

40 Cambio de Definición: Matrimonio
Matrimonio: “¡Un pacto sagrado, ante Dios, entre un hombre y una mujer ‘hasta que la muerte los separe!’” Matrimonio: “Un contrato social, ante la sociedad civil, entre un hombre y una mujer hasta que se divorcien.” Matrimonio: “Un compromiso personal, entre dos adultos que estén de acuerdo en la medida que les sea conveniente.” Not only do we change words, we change the definition of words. In the personal commitment between consenting adults this may be Homosexual Polygamous This shift marks a shift from Trinitarianism to Monism God centered to man centered Other centered to self centered

41 En el mundo Postmoderno, el materialismo secular está siendo combinado con una espiritualidad pagana para dar forma a un nuevo lenguaje y a la larga, a un nuevo orden mundial.

42 La Elasticidad del Sexo: Confusión de Género
No hay un significado supremo en cuanto a nuestra sexualidad y nuestros cuerpos No hay distinción de roles entre el hombre y la mujer Igualdad, en el feminismo moderno, significa semejanza

43 La Elasticidad del Sexo: Confusión de Género
Este intercambio toma lugar en: El trabajo – el Mercado La milicia El hogar La iglesia Hasta se ve forzado en el acto de la procreación

44 Proto Cambio Comenzó con la 2da Ola Feminista Vestimenta Unisexo
Peinados Unisexo Trasvestí (Cambiar – Vestimenta) Uniforme (mujeres utilizando corbatas y chalecos) Declaración sexual (hombres vistiendo como mujeres o mujeres como hombres) After the language is changed and before the body is cut for sexual purposes, there is “proto change." There must be some social movement toward androgyny!

45 Proto Cambio Alojamiento Universitario en el Recinto
Primero, hombres y mujeres en el mismo complejo de dormitorios, pero en diferentes pisos Segundo, hombres y mujeres viviendo en el mismo piso, pero diferentes habitaciones Tercero, hombres y mujeres cohabitando en facilidades de “género neutral,” utilizando las mismas habitaciones, baños y duchas The university is the avant guard of social change This same pattern is following in the more conservative culture of the military

46 Feminismo Postmoderno: Papel en Blanco
“El cuerpo se hace plástico, inscrito con el género y parámetros culturales … La constitución del cuerpo descansa en su inscripción; El cuerpo se convierte en el texto el cual está escrito sobre él y del cual es indistinguible... Pippa Brush 3rd Wave Feminist [1] Brush, Pippa; Metaphors of Inscription: Discipline, Plasticity and the Rhetoric of Choice (an abstract);,2,5;journal,12,13;linkingpublicationresults,1:102539,1 Michel Foucault calls the body the 'inscribed surface of events' (Foucault, 1984: 83) and Elizabeth Grosz argues that the 'female (or male) body can no longer be regarded as a fixed, concrete substance, a pre-cultural given. It has a determinate form only by being socially inscribed' (Grosz, 1987: 2).

47 Nuestros cuerpos son un papel en blanco
En el postmodernismo, nuestros cuerpos no revelan nada. Ellos son: Un lienzo en blanco sobre el cuál pintar Un papel en blanco sobre el cuál escribir Una pizarra en blanco sobre la cual dibujar Our bodies reveal nothing about who or whose we are. Small Group Work How do we establish our identity? How do we “write on our bodies? Feedback

48 Cortando la Carne Pt. 1 Vanidad
Cirugía cosmética Liposucción They do “plastic surgery” to cut away skin, change the shape of a face They use instrument to remove fat all to create definition of who they are From the “proto change” to changing biology

49 Des-construyendo la Sexualidad
Cirugía Transexual Tecnología Reproductiva Aborto – esculpiendo el vientre – como un hombre Banco de Espermatozoides – donante de espermatozoides para Mujeres solteras Parejas lesbianas (Investigaciones) material genético de parejas lesbianas u homosexuales utilizados para hacer óvulos y espermatozoides, para que el niño sea una formación genética de la pareja. Transsexual Surgery _doctors cutting human bodies to mechanically change a male to have the appearance of a female and a female to have the physical appearance of a male. Reproductive technology is not only helping heterosexual couple who are having trouble having children, it is also enabling same sex couples have children. A single woman can receive sperm from a “donor” or from a sperm bank and conceive and carry a child. Her designing herself as a single mom. A lesbian couple may have one of the partners fertilized with donor sperm and that partner be the “genetic mother.” A homosexual couple may have a woman function as a genetic and gestational mother for one of the men acting as a “father. Researchers are now working to blur the line of biology even further. Hans Schoeler and Karin Huebner have turned mouse embryonic stem cells into eggs. These eggs are able to be fertilized. As this technology develops, a lesbian or homosexual couple could have children with one partner providing the genetic makeup for an egg and one for a sperm.[1] [1] Colson, Charles; Science without Limits;; May 21, 2003

50 La Elasticidad del Cuerpo
3ra Ola Feminista y Defensores de la Teoría “Queer” Negando la realidad de los hechos claros de la biología Afirmando la opinión de la ideología Androgyny, where sexual distinctions not only are blurred, but disappear, is not moving to a higher form of life, but a lower form of life. Feminism and homosexuality are cut from the neo-pagan, monistic clothe. The same metaphysic underlies both. Radical feminism and Queer Theory have severed sex from marriage and family and now it has severed “gender” from biology, thus making any form of sexual relation possible. We have moved from heterosexual to homosexual to bi-sexual. But because this is about the individual, defining him, her, or itself, anything is possible. Where are we heading?

51 Lo Novedoso de la Degeneración Social
Poligamia – múltiples esposos (as) Pedofilia – sexo con niños (actualmente moviéndose hacia lo convencional) Necrofilia – sexo con cuerpos muertos Bestialidad - sexo con animales

52 Historiador William Manchester
“La eliminación de distinciones entre los sexos no es sólo el asunto más impresionante de nuestro tiempo, sino que puede ser el más profundo que la raza haya enfrentado.” [1] Quoted in Strauch, Alexander; Men and Women: Equal Yet Different; Lewis and Roth Publishing; 1999; pg 3

53 Feminismo Evangélico Francis Schaeffer
“Dime lo que el mundo dice hoy, y yo te diré lo que la iglesia dirá en siete años.” [1] Quoted by Elisabeth Elliot in her essay The Essence of Femininity: A Personal Perspective; published in Piper and Gruden’s Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood; Crossways; Wheaton, IL; ????? pg. 395

54 Atendiendo la Opresión de la Mujer
Lentamente, muchas iglesias en el mundo occidental han reconocido y respondido correctamente, a la opresión de la mujer causada por el sexismo. However, instead of taking up the call of Christ and scripture to recognize both the dignity of a woman’s being and the dignity of her role and function in society, they have followed the siren call of modernism Evangelical feminists are egalitarian.

55 Distinciones Feministas Cristianas
Más concientemente secularistas Desafían la autoridad de las escrituras Representan el área liberal de la Iglesia Feministas Evangélicas o Feministas Bíblicas Tienen un alto concepto de las Escrituras Dicen creer en la autoridad de las Escrituras Desean desafiar la interpretación tradicional de las Escrituras- especialmente en lo referente a la jerarquía de los roles en la Iglesia y la familia

56 Igualdad Trinitaria Todos los seres humanos fueron hechos a la imagen de Dios Todos los seres humanos tienen “una misma sangre” Todos los seres humanos son iguales en dignidad, y valor Unidad y diversidad en comunidad

57 Igualitarismo Monístico
Opera desde el monismo filosófico y religioso –”dios es uno”, absoluta e indivisiblemente uno Respuesta al Atomismo- diferenciación absoluta- Sexismo El Igualitarismo asevera que “ser igual” quiere decir “ser lo mismo”: no hay diferencias, intercambiable, idéntico e indistinguible For egalitarians, to make distinctions is (almost) immoral. There is no place for hierarchy or subordination in the vocabulary or practice of the egalitarian

58 Igualitarismo Monístico
Afirma la igualdad de los seres humanos a expensas de la diversidad Niega la masculinidad y femineidad transcente Niega la existencia de una diferenciación de rol o función entre el hombre y la mujer Promueve la intercambiabilidad de rol en el hombre y la mujer Consecuentemente conduce al androgenismo

59 El Principio Hermenéutico
El feminismo evangélico tiende a comprometer el Trinitarismo con el Monismo Se inclina más al Monismo La cosmovisión del Monismo crea el marco para su principio hermenéutico Having accepted the feminist paradigm and their definition of equality meaning interchangibility, they altered the old hermeneutical principle to force a monistic paradigm on male and female relations and on God himself Because the secular paradigm of role-interchangeability is the assumption of Evangelical Feminism, they project this on texts that relate to men and to women and onto God Himself This is reflected in the some evangelical feminists are going so far as saying that: There is no hierarchy in the Trinity, only absolute equality.”[1] [1] Quoted in Hamilton and Cunningham; Why Not Women?; pg. 43

60 Crítica al Feminismo Evangélico
“El feminismo bíblico formuló una definición de igualdad para las mujeres cristianas que concuerda con la definición que la sociedad secular promueve. Esto es, igualdad como la intercambiabilidad de roles. Habiendo tomado esta definición, las feministas bíblicas se tornan a la Biblia. Así encuentran que si bien la Biblia enseña la igualdad en escencia del hombre y la mujer, también enseña la diferencia de roles.... [1] The Feminist Gospel – Mary Kassian; pg

61 …. Para poder harmonizar la enseñanza bíbIica con su punto de vista acerca de la igualdad, estas feministas encuentran que es necesario determinar qué textos de la escritura fueron dinámicos y cuáles estáticos, cuáles fueron inspirados y cuáles fueron una aportación del autor, cuáles fueron verdaderos y cuáles errados. Al hacer esto las feministas bíblicas adoptan una mentalidad feminista…

62 …Las feministas cristianas adoptaron esta mentalidad cuando utilizaron su propia definición de igualdad para juzgar la validez y aplicación de la Biblia… Aún para los evangélicos conservadores feministas, la experiencia de la mujer se convirtió en la nueva norma para el estudio bíblico y la interpretación teológica.”…

63 Elasticidad de la Biblia
Dios el Padre Hijo Espiritu santo El/Ella De El/De Ella Dios el Creador Redentor Sustentador Hijo Ellos/Ellos De Ellos/Sus Evangelical Feminists work for gender neutral versions of the Bible. Here words, that in the original language and throughout history have been translated in specifically male or female terms are now translated gender neutral terms Father, Son and Holy Spirit (which reveal masculine language and hierarcy) is replaced by Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer terms more in keeping with a lack of distinctive persons and relating in community. Christian Feminists Go so far as to speak of God as Mother/Father (androgyny) or to affirm God as Mother (paganism). They move from describing the feminine nature of God to calling God “Mother” or using female personal pronouns when referring to God.

64 Cortados de La Misma Tela
“… los feministas religiosos y seculares tienen la misma esencia. Ellos estaban fundamentados en las mismas presuposiciones, y por lo tanto estaban destinados a intersectarse y unirse. …La alteracion del lenguage de Dios y la incrementada libertad de hermeneutica utilizada por los teologos feministas ha catapultado el movimiento religioso hacia adelante en el mismo camino como el movimiento feminista secular.” Mary Kassian El Evangelio Feminista [1] Kassian, Mary; The Feminist Gospel; Crossway Books; Wheaton Ill.; 1992; pg 184

65 El Crecimiento de la Androgenia En la Iglesia
¡A medida que los Feministas Evangélicos corren hacia la intercambiabilidad de sexos al robar al hombre y la mujer de la gloria de su unicidad y contribuyen a la desaparición de la mujer! As Sexist Christians deny the dignity of women and thus cast dispersions on the maternal heart of God, so Evangelical Feminists deny the unique dignity of women and ultimate diminish the Trinitarian nature of the Godhead

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