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Capital de Galicia Presentación Jeanine Carr. Vista General de Santiago de Compostela.

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Presentación del tema: "Capital de Galicia Presentación Jeanine Carr. Vista General de Santiago de Compostela."— Transcripción de la presentación:

1 Capital de Galicia Presentación Jeanine Carr

2 Vista General de Santiago de Compostela

3 SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA Compostela, Field of stars, is where the remains of the Apostle Saint James (San Tiago) are buried, in the crypt of the magnificent Romanesque catedral de Santiago de Compostela. Saint James has been named the Patron Saint of Spain. The Catedral boast the largest botafumeiro, incense burner, in the world. It was declared a holy city in the Middle Ages, and became the destination of pilgrims from all over Western Europe, throughout the centuries. The cockleshell is the sign of the pilgrim. It is known in France as Coquille Saint Jacques (Saint James cockleshell). The route of the pilgrimage is known as El Camino de Santiago. There is the Northern Green Route and the Southern French Route

4 La Catedral de Santiago, antes del milenio

5 La Catedral de Santiago al principio del milenio nuevo

6 La Catedral de Santiago Its first sanctuary over the tomb of the Apostle James was ordered by King Alfons II, the Chaste, of Asturias, and by the Bishop Teodomiro in the 9th cent. King Alfons III, the Great, built towards the end of that century a more beautiful basilica, that the Muslim visir known as Almonzor, destroyed in AD 997, and even though he did not violated the tomb of the Saint, stole the bell taking it to Córdoba with Christian prisoners. Two centuries later, in 1236, Ferdinand III won over the Muslims, taking the bell once more with the use of Islamic prisoners. Cloister of Santiagos Cathedral.

7 El Pórtico de la Gloria

8 La mano de un peregrino al pie de la columna de Santiago

9 El altar de la Catedral de Santiago

10 El gran altar de la Catedral de Santiago

11 La estatua de Santiago en el altar de la Catedral

12 La Puerta Santa de la Catedral La Puerta Santa está abierta solamente durante los años del Jubileo

13 Holy Years at Santiago de Compostela Whenever St James's day (25th July) falls on a Sunday, the cathedral declares a Holy or Jubilee Year. Holy Years fall every 6, 5, 6, and 11 years: the last ones were 1982, 1993, and 1999. Every 25 of July, the Festivity of the Apostle James, patron Saint of Spain, is celebrated; and when this day falls on a Sunday, it is proclaimed as "Xacobean Year, or Year of Jubilee". The XX century had four, Subsequent Holy Years will be 2004, 2010, 2021, 2027 and 2032.

14 Holy Years at Santiago de Compostela The statue of St James over the Puerta Santa of Santiago Cathedral The Puerta Santa (Holy Door), which gives access to the Cathedral from the Plaza de la Quintana is opened on 31st December on the eve of each Holy Year, and walled up again a year later. As in the past, pilgrims reaching Santiago during a Holy Year, and fulfilling the conditions for it, are granted a plenary indulgence; and they are still years when particularly large numbers of pilgrims arrive. Santiago (besides being a European City of Culture) is participating in the Jubilee of the Universal Church in 2000, treating it as an exceptional Holy Year, and granting the plenary indulgence to those who qualify for it. However, the Holy Door was closed on 31st December 1999, and will be reopened for the next Compostellan Holy Year, 2004. 1999, as an "official" Holy Year, and the last of the Millenium, saw unprecedented numbers of pilgrims arriving at Santiago, and although we anticipate a fall in numbers in 2000, the fact that it is being treated as an exceptional Holy Year is likely to mean that numbers remain high. If you are planning to make your pilgrimage, be prepared - especially in the most popular summer months.

15 El transepto del Botafumeiro

16 Preparación del Botafumeiro El Botafumeiro

17 El Camino de Santiago La ruta verde del norte La ruta francesa

18 El bastón la concha El peregrino tradicional a Santiago de Compostela la bolsa the gourd



21 El Peregrino por el Camino a Santiago La ruta más directa por la aldea El Sr. Carr saca la fotografía

22 El peregrino moderno a Santiago el bastón la botella la concha La bolsa

23 La ventana refrigerada del bar

24 La Comida gallega El pulpo Las conchas de Santiago El caldo El vino tinto

25 El pulpo de la ventana preparado especialmente para la Sra. Carr

26 El Parador de los Reyes Católicos El Parador ó La Plaza del Obradorio La Catedral

27 La Tuna de Santiago de Compostela En frente de la Catedral de Santiago, La Sra. Carr compra un disco compacto (DC) de la Tuna de la Universidad Santiago de Compostela

28 Las Tunas de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela 6 grupos en total ( 6 tunas, ): Tuna Compostelana Tuna de Derecho de Santiago de Compostela Tuna de Farmacia de Santiago de Compostela Tuna de Medicina de Santiago de Compostela Tuna de Veterinaria de Lugo Tuniña Compostelana

29 Una fiesta gallega en las afueras de Santiago de Compostela con la música de la gaita La gaita

30 El Hórreo del Pazo Cibrán El hórreo – the grainery

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