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Past Participles as adjectives

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1 Past Participles as adjectives

2 Participios pasados Can be used to describe a condition or an injury to a part of a body. It is like the “ed” form of the verb but not the preterite. Tengo el tobillo torcido My ankle is sprained

3 The formula… Drop the infinitive ending and add –ado to –ar verbs and ido to –er/-ir verbs. Hinchar  hinchado (swollen) Torcer  torcido (sprained) Herir  herido (hurt)

4 Unos ejemplos… Infectar Infectado Tomar Tomado Cortar cortado Hablar Hablado Vendar Vendado Quemar quemado

5 Dos irregulares… Romper  roto (broken) Abrir  abierto (opened)

6 When do we use the past participle?
When using it as an adjective it will go after the noun it is describing and must follow gender/number. It is also often used after the verb ESTAR (it is…)

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