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My name is ….. It is really a great honor to make a presentation here, and it may need 1 hour, and if you have any question, please feel free to ask…

2 Presentación ZWCAD Introducción Lo nuevo en ZWCAD 2009i
Características Básicas Características Avanzadas Interfaz de Programación de Aplicaciónes Lo nuevo en ZWCAD 2009i Servicio de Atención al Cliente This is the outline of the presentation: First, I’ll introduce some of the important functions of ZWCAD, then I’ll introduce the Nuevas Características of ZWCAD2009i…. At last, I’ll speak about the service we can provide…..

3 Panorama General Potente Plataforma de CAD Basada en ITC & ODA
Totalmente Compatible con AutoCAD® Potentes Funciones 2D Cooperación Global Disponible en 12 Idiomas Chino simplificado, Chino Tradicional, Inglés, Ruso, Español, Coreano, Turco, Italiano, Alemán, Polaco, Japones, Checo. As known to all, ITC provide an basic foundation for CAD platform, and ODA makes you compatible with other standard DWG format CAD data. So, as a member of ITC,ODA, it ensure that ZWCAD has the best advanced technology and best compatibility. ZWCAD has the best compatibility with AutoCAD®, including file formats, operate custom and friendly interface. This will be introduced later. ZWCAD offers comprehensive and powerful 2D. It is also available in 12 languages, including Simplified Chinese, Tradition Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Korean , Turkish ,Italian, German, Polish, Japanese, Czech. Also, we have widely global cooperation, such as Intel .(And ZWCAD support multiple core now. ) ITC (IntelliCAD Technical Consortium ) is an organization owned by its members, who are focus on developing a DWG-compatible CAD platform and share with each other in over 30 different countries. So, in a certain degree, it’s the best CAD technical consortium against AutoCAD®. ODA (Open design alliance) is an association of software developers and users to committed to promoting open, industry-standard formats for the exchange of CAD data. ZWCAD We have six language versions such Simplified Chinese version, Tradition Chinese version, English version, Spanish version, Polish version and Japanese version. ZWCAD We want to release 11 language versions: Simplified Chinese, Tradition Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Japanese and Czech ZWCAD2009i---We have 12 language versions: Simplified Chinese, Tradition Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Korean , Turkish ,Italian, German, Polish, Japanese, Czech. Note: why we can use dwg format as our native format, it is because we are the member of ODA Why we can have our copyright, because we have our source code, we are the member of ITC, therefore, we can share the technology, and we do a lot of work to improve ZWCAD.

4 ZWCAD Introducción Características Básicas Características Avanzadas
Interfaz de Programación de Aplicaciones Basic features<< compatibility, dimension, text, block, image……. Condiciones Avanzadas<< publish, pltplot, refedit,wipeout,arctext, mline&mledit, hatch-trim, tracking…. APIs<< Autolisp, VBA, SDS

5 Características Básicas Compatibilidad
Incomparable Compatibilidad con AutoCAD® Formato nativo DWG/DXF, soporte de AutoCAD® desde 2.5 a 2009 Soporte de lineas de comando de AutoCAD® Exporta a los formatos BMP, WMF, EMF, SVG, DWF, EPS, PDF & SAT. Comandos de soporte de AutoCAD® , Menus, Toolbar (.MNU) & Alias (.PGP) Soporte TTF de Windows & AutoCAD® SHX Fonts Soporte de Imágenes Rasterizadas Soporte de AutoCAD® de Linetypes (.LIN), Hatch Patterns (PAT), Slides (.SLD) & Units Files (UNT) Suporte .CTB y .STB para el estilo de ploteo. ZWCAD supports DWG/DXF from AutoCAD® 2.5 to You can open, save and edit these drawings without transferring and data lost ZWCAD provide the familiar operation if you used to work with AutoCAD®. It is similar with AutoCAD® including command names, aliases and procedure.. Beside that, ZWCAD has a friendly interface. menu, toolbar and command line Furthermore, the hatch file, linetype file, and text file are supported by ZWCAD

6 Características Básicas Capas
Layer Layer----You can setup a new layer and modify the layer properties such as color, linetype, lineweight, plotstyle, etc. It is easy for you to manage the properties of your drawing.

7 Características Básicas Dibujo y Edición
Los Mismos Comandos Las Mismas Funciones Look at the Draw % Edit menu, ZWCAD provide the powerful 2D function for drawing and modifying your design

8 Características Básicas Sensible Función de Ajuste
Snap When you are designing your drawing, snap function is very important, sensitive snap function is provided, you don’t need to wait to snap any particular point, you can only focus on your design

9 Características Básicas Texto
Soporte en Múltiples Idiomas Estilos de Texto Text When you want to make a list or manufacturing introduction in your drawing, you choose Dtext or Mtext to do it, Beside that, Mtext support multiple language input, in the Mtext editor, you can input different language such as Chinese, Polish, Japanese, Spanish,etc And with the option of text style, you can write and edit your text in your favorite way.

10 Características Básicas Dimensiones
Herramientas de Dimensiones Dimension Almost every drawing needs the dimension to show the project clearly. With the powerful dimension tool, you can set your own style of dimension, and draw your own dimension to separate different objects. It makes that your design easy to read and edit.

11 Características Básicas Imágenes Rasterizadas
Soporte de Imágen Bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif, pcx, tga Opciones de Imagen ZWCAD support bmp、jpg、jpeg、gif、png、tif、pcx and tga format. And when you input the image, you can set the insertion point, scale, rotation as you want. With the image options, you can insert your image and dimension, and you can also use imageclip function to edit you image. I think it is a good function show your colorful drawing.

12 Características Básicas Ploteo
Ploteo & Estilo de Ploteo After you finish your drawing, then plot is a very important point to show your drawing in paper. With the clear plot dialog, you can set all the plot option easily, and ZWCAD support .ctb or .stb plotstyle By the way, no matter whether you use ctb plotstyle or stb plotstyle in other CAD software, both of them are supported in ZWCAD, and it is more convenient to integrate with other CAD software.

13 Características Básicas Block y Xref
Bloques Referencia Externa Block and External reference means sharing and reusing the resource of drawings. You can easily to insert another drawing in current drawing. About block: you can not only define your block and attribute block, but also you can edit them easily with In-place Edit function, by double-click, you can edit the relevant block.

14 Características Avanzadas
Items ZWCAD 2009i AutoCAD®2009 Publish Yes Pltplot No Reference Edit Wipeout Arctext Mline&Mledit Hatch-Trim Tracking Design Center Calculator Besides that basic feature, ZWCAD provide advanced feature to meet your need.. There are 10 important features that supported by ZWCAD. Let’s go ahead! Notes: By the way, some of other CAD software don’t support these features well.

15 Características Avanzadas Publish
Impresión por lote Ploteo en DWF Publish allows you to print several drawings together each time. Just specify which drawing you want to print, then press “plot”, it can print one by one according to the page settings. Besides print to plotter, it can also batch published to DWF. Note: 3d DWF is not supported in current version

16 Características Avanzadas Pltplot
Impresion por lotes. Archivos .plt This function is similar to the publish, the difference is :PLTPLOT is suitable for plotting .plt files.

17 Características Avanzadas Editar Referencias
Edicion de referencia. Bloques y Xref son considerados como referencias. In-place reference editing means you can edit entities in block easily without changing the definition of block. For example, you can change one block’s color, position, or add new objects, you can edit the external reference directly without open the corresponding reference drawing.

18 Características Avanzadas Wipeout
Con la función wipeout, se pueden hacer facilmente irrelevantes entidades ocultas. If you want hide some entities, you can use wipeout function.

19 Características Avanzadas Arctext
Espacios de texto a lo largo de un arco. Ajuste del texto al arco automaticamente. Arctext is a new way to align the text. It can place the texts along an arc. It is very useful to make your own label in the drawing. And if you drag to change the arc, the texts would automatically adjust to fit.

20 Características Avanzadas Multilinea & Edición de Multilínea
Mline & Mledit Mline and Mledit enable you to make your design in the efficient way, for example, you can easier to make the window or wall quickly…..

21 Características Avanzadas Condiciones de Sombreado
Hatch-Trim With the Hatch-Trim function, you can edit the hatch, and don’t need so many complicated operation to change the hatch boundary.

22 Condiciones Avanzadas Rastreo Polar
Polar tracking & object snap tracking Incremento de Ángulo. Ángulos Adicionales. Objeto de rastreo snap. Auto-tracking includes Polar tracking and Object snap tracking. It makes you snap the point easily by any angle and length with the polar tracking lines. For example, there is a rectangular with four lines, and I want to draw a circle in side exactly.

23 Condiciones Avanzadas Centro de Diseño
Design center DesignCenter offers you a convenient way to manage the issues of your drawing such as dimension style, blocks, text style, line types and layers. Just drag and drop, you can apply them from any source drawing to your current drawing. Source drawings can be on your computer or on your local network. In addition, you can also search drawings with drawing name or drawing size. It means that you can use the information of other drawings in current drawing.

24 Condiciones Avanzadas Calculadora
Calculadora Rápida Características Básicas. Funciones Geométricas. Funciones Científicas. Variables Unidades de conversión. Linea de Comandos

25 Condiciones Avanzadas Herramientas de Paleta
Tool Palettes Tool Palettes Tool Palettes is used to organize, share, and place commands, blocks, and other tools, and you can manipulate your block library through Design Center.

26 Condiciones Avanzadas eTransmit
 Comando que crea un archivo con todas las imágenes y/o referencias externas insertadas. eTransmit eTransmit improves collaboration with clients. It lets you collect all relevant files in a single package, including drawings, images, external references, and fonts.

27 Condiciones Avanzadas Ventana de Vista Aérea
Aerial View Window With the help of Aerial View Window, In a large drawing, you can pan and zoom quickly in a window that can display the whole drawing.

28 Condiciones Avanzadas Edición de Agarres
Grips Editing Multiple Grips Editing With the powerful new multiple grips editing function, you can work with more than one grip at a time, using stretch through multiple grips, and can use the system variable to control the grips (grips\gripblock\griptips).

29 Condiciones Avanzadas Filtro
Filter With the Filter function, you can use TEXT Search or Graphic Search to search for kinds of entities through various filter conditions. It also supports searching from previous filtered result and creating the selection set. In addition, it supports searches of custom objects and their positions.

30 Interfaz de Programación de Aplicaciónes
Autolisp VBA SDS In order to working more efficiently, I think maybe a lot of designer like to make their own small application. ZWCAD provide more convenient application programming interface such as autolisp, VBA, SDS. It means that you can choose your satisfied way to develop your own applications. Note: comparing to AutoCAD® Autolisp If the add-ons are developed by Autolisp, they can be loaded and executed successfully in ZWCAD without or just a little modification. If you find some lisp applications can't be used in ZWCAD, please let us know, we can modify them for you. It is a simple work. VBA Even you can use VBA to develop your own programs in ZWCAD, it is nearly the same as you do in AutoCAD®. But the process of compilation is different, so if you want to move your own program from AutoCAD® to ZWCAD, it need a little modification and compile again. SDS It is the same as ADS, both of them are C language, but some variables may be different between AutoCAD® and ZWCAD, it needs to compile again. If you want to move it from AutoCAD® to ZWCAD, it is really an easy work, you can ask add-on provider to compile a ZWCAD version. If you need any help about that, please contact us. Visual lisp ZWCAD support 80% visual lisp functions, it means that you can it is easier to develop your application or migrate your application from other CAD platform. (Visual lisp editor is not provided in current version)

31 Lo nuevo en ZWCAD2009i Mayor Estabilidad Mayor Velocidad
Nuevas Características Outline

32 Mayor Estabilidad Acorde a las informaciones de alrededor del mundo, así como el informe de la función del bloqueo, la estabilidad ha sido altamente incrementada. We received many crash reports and other feedbacks from our partners and end users. Thanks to their help, we fixed those bugs on instability. Also stability is the basic and essential need of our clients.

33 STRETCH and DELETE speeds up!
Mayor Velocidad La velocidad de STRETCH & ERASE ha sido mejorada. STRETCH and DELETE speeds up! STRETCH: There will not be remained shadow when you STRETCH because of the speed enhancement. DELETE: Erasing entities especially on big drawings is faster than before. It takes up only 1/3 to 1/2 of the time before.

34 Nuevas Características
1.Easy update for external reference. 2.Locking the position of Attribute. 3.Highlight- Mejoras de Ploteo. Mejoras de Ploteo (Highlight)

35 Nuevas Características XREF actualización
Fácil actualización para referencia externa. Habrá un mensaje de acualización mostrándose en el borde inferior derecho de la ventana cuando los archivos de referencia sean cambiados. This function is very useful for teamwork. Designers could easily get the updates from other partners no matter how tiny the modification is. This could prevent the occurrence of conflict.

36 XREF update Video Show

37 Nuevas Características
Bloqueo de la posición de atributos Bloqueo de la posición de atributo cuando se esta definiendo un bloque. You could choose to lock the position of attribute or not.

38 Nuevas Características Mejoras de Ploteo
Más Opciones Alta definicion del Área de Ploteo Nuevos Plotters Espacio de Papel Mejor soporte CTB Estampa de ploteo In this version, the Plot function is the biggest highlight: background can be set to different colors due to the newly-provided white paper, and plot stamp is provided to enable you to add additional information to your drawing. Also we offer new plotters and better CTB support.

39 Nuevas Características Mejoras de Ploteo
Espacio de Papel Se han hecho grandes mejoras en el espacio de presentación,donde puedes ver el área de ploteo. Fondo de Papel Sombra del Papel Área de Ploteo As to former AutoCAD® users, they could be no more familiar with the Paper Space: a white paper located in the layout space. Actually when they turned to ZWCAD in the past, they might feel a bit painful: where is my Paper Space? And they have no choice but create Viewports by themselves. Now, ZWCAD puts an end to these pains. It has implemented its own “Paper Space” with a paper view. In ZWCAD 2009i, you could view the following elements from the Paper Space: Paper Background Paper Shadow Plot Area Default Viewport The Plot Area marked with dashed lines is simply a frame which will provide a border to the drawing, when plotting. You could think of Plot Area as a piece of paper which you would like to plot your drawing on, with edges cut away. Visor Predeterminado

40 Nuevas Características Mejoras de Ploteo
Presentación del ploteo Most importantly, you could select the part of drawing you wish to plot by Layout option. This is a useful tool for specifying the drawing to be plotted. The drawing can be moved closer or further away from the Plot Area, and also panned around. The parts of drawing shown in the Plot Area would be plotted out.

41 Nuevas Características Mejoras de Ploteo
Plot Stamp – Estampa de Ploteo Campos Predeterminados Vista Previa Definir campos With plot stamp a line of text is added to the plot in a specified position, some information is included such as drawing name, layout name, date and time and so on, with this information on the plot you can quickly find the original drawing from the computer easily. This function is very helpful especially in big project with large numbers of drawings involved or lots of designers taking part in or strict check procedures to go through. Archivo de ploteo

42 Mejoras de Ploteo Plot Stamp Plot Stamp video show

43 Nuevas Características Mejoras de Ploteo
Mejor soporte CTB Tipo de Linea Final de Linea Juntar Lineas Estilos de Relleno Some features of style properties have been added in the plot style table editor dialogue box, such as line end style, line join style and fill style. Line end style We support the setting of line end type in ZWCAD 2009i. You can choose different kinds of style to change the line end and get the result at plot time. It provides the following line end styles at present: Butt, Square and Round. The default setting of line end style is “Use entity end style”. Line join style Customer can select the different line join style which he\she wanted to get the result at plot time. It provides three line join types, such as Miter, Bevel and Round. For example, customer changes the line join style to “Miter”, and he\she will get the miter of line join when plotting the drawing. “Use entity join style” is the default setting of line join style. Fill style Customer can get the different hatch effect by choosing different fill styles. For the time being, we provide the following fill style: Solid, Checker Board, Cross Hatch, Diamonds, Horizontal Bars, Slant Left, Slant Right, Square Dots, and Vertical Bar. The default setting of fill style is “Use entity fill style”. Besides the above properties of plot styles, ZWCAD also provides customer with the setting of color, grayscale, screening and lineweight. Muestra del estilo de ploteo en la presentación Atajo para CTB

44 Nuevas Características Mejoras de Ploteo
Más Opciones Configurar It’s more convenient for you to set the Plot configuration with these options. Elementos de Presentación Ventana de Colores Ficha de Ploteo

45 Nuevas Características Mejoras de Ploteo
Plot Tab – Fichas de Ploteo There is a new tab for PLOT in the Config dialog. You could have some default configuration for plotting, i.e. default output device.

46 Nuevas Características Mejoras de Ploteo
Elementos de Capas Layout elements group is included in the display tab, where you could set layout elements easily.

47 Nuevas Características Mejoras de Ploteo
Ventana de colores With this dialog, you don’t have to set the drawing window colors separately. You could set them in one place. This make ZWCAD more friendly.

48 Nuevas Características Mejoras de Ploteo
Nuevos Plotters Nuevo PNG Plotter ZWCAD Virtual PNG Plotter.pc5 Nuevo JPEG Plotter In the past, we have to find out some other tools for converting all our work to raster image like JPEG, and sometimes we meet trouble with these programs. In ZWCAD 2009i, the visual JPEG plotter and PNG plotter will be added in plotter list automatically. And we could plot our drawings out as JPEG/PNG format easily. ZWCAD Virtual JPEG Plotter.pc5 Nueva Instalación ZWCAD Virtual Eps Plotter 1.0

49 Nuevas Características Mejoras de Ploteo
Ploteo de alta definición. When you select Window to specify a portion of the drawing to plot, the previous selected plot area would be highlighted.

50 R&D Introducción R&D en Guangzhou R&D en Wuhan
Más de 70 creadores Encargados del desarrollo de ZWCAD R&D en Wuhan Más de 40 desarrolladores Trabajando en las aplicaciones basadas en ZWCAD Responsables de la migración Responsables del desarrollo de algunas pequeñas herramientas. El staff R&D se está incrementando We have a powerful R&D team, there are around 110 staff in our R&D team, and the number is increasing. We commit ourselves to provide a better and better version for you. We put most of the effort to develop ZWCAD platform, and we also have a special R&D team to help our application partners to migrate their application on ZWCAD.

51 Servicio de Atención al Cliente
Soporte Teléfono, fax: (+5982) * Soporte de contacto directo en nuestro sitio web. Foro: Más servicio de valor agregado es provisto por nuestro distribuidor local. Note: You can write you own support service. Note: About patch: generally speaking there will be at least four big update patch or more for ZWCAD2008. Besides that, about technical service from ZWCAD, you can get service from following way. Technical Mailbox: Please describe your questions in detail and attach your relative file, and we will respond to you in 3 working days after receiving your . MSN: Skype: tech_zw The available time is from 8:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. GMT+8. Technical Live Support Go to first, then you will find an icon of Technical Live Support. Please click it to chat with our engineer. And the available time is from 8:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. GMT+8. If we’re offline, you can leave a message and we would revert back on the next working day. Support Requests Please log in the relative links first: Then fill out the table and submitted the questions to us. Our support engineer will reply to you within 2 working days Forum ZWCAD hosts a discussion group in forum. You can visit to ask questions or share your experience of using ZWCAD. Any suggestion is also appreciated. More information Visit SUPPORT part of ZWCAD website to get more information, such as Knowledge-Base, FAQ, E-training, etc Contact local support Technical support is also available from ZWCAD Authorized Agents and Resellers. You can contact local support for help.

52 Gracias! Thank you for listening and if you have any question about ZWCAD. Please feel free to ask me.

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