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1 Nombre del Presentador Cargo
Avaya Aura™ Workforce Optimization Pasando de la visión a los resultados con Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization Nombre del Presentador Cargo

2 Retos y tendencias del mercado Visión de Avaya Contact Center
Agenda Retos y tendencias del mercado Visión de Avaya Contact Center Avaya Aura® WFO Panorama General Roadmap y Diferenciadores Únicos 2

3 Nortel Corporate Presentation
Retos y Tendencias del Mercado © 2004 Nortel

4 Workforce Optimization es un Proceso
Enfocado en productividad Tecnología básica ACD Grabación de llamadas Monitoreo Silencioso Muchas Hojas de Cálculo Enfocado en la Calidad definida internamente; Ruteo basado en habilidades Monitoreo de la calidad Scorecards Workforce Management L4 L3 Enfoque en cliente como centro de la empresa; Análisis de causa raíz Análisis de los procesos de negocio Extensión de Avaya WFO al Back Office L2 Enfocado en el servicio al cliente como una ventaja competitiva eLearning Speech Analytics Customer Feedback L1 Sometimes it seems that if a company wants to implement a workforce optimization strategy, they are faced with buying a lot of software all at once. But that’s not the case at all. Workforce optimization is a journey…and it starts with call recording. This fundamental decision places you on a path towards workforce optimization or on a path to silo’ed point solutions. This illustration depicts how a contact center moves through four levels of increasing maturity and importance to the enterprise. In Level 1 contact centers, often the only piece of technology is the ACD – provided by Avaya. We can provide Level 1 centers many management tools, including call recording as a foundation for many other initiatives going foreward. Level 2 centers quickly capitalize on the value of the recorded calls. Quality monitoring solutions are put into place quality is defined internally and where assessments of agent performance are rendered using computerized forms for scoring and coaching information. Frequently, Workforce Management solutions (forecasting and scheduling) are brought into the center in Level 2 centers as the management team realizes that good service can be excessively expensive unless paid agent labor hours more closely match customer demand. And Level 2 centers begin to make use of Scorecards as a performance feedback mechanism. With feedback coming from the QM and WFM systems, scorecards help focus employees on meeting performance expectations and helping delivering results. In Level 3 centers, the management team realizes that while delivering great customer service at the lowest cost is a valuable contribution, delivering a great customer experience can itself be a sustainable competitive differentiator for the enterprise itself. To realize this mission requires the center to employ technologies such as speech and data analytics to the vast storehouse of unstructured data in the thousands of hours of recorded interactions. A customer experience consultancy called TARP, in the SE USA, has repeatedly found that the best way to understand what customers think about your company, its people, its products and its processes is to ask them. Customer Feedback Management systems are employed in Level 3 centers to clearly identify what customers like and dislike about doing business with you. In Level 4 centers, the enterprise and the contact center become seamless as the objective is to become truly customer centric – to view everything and everybody through the eyes of the customer. This involves working to identify sources of dis-satisfaction and eliminating them. It involve moving the same tools and processes used in the contact center to create and deliver value into other areas of the enterprise, most notably the back office. Most centers are stuck in Level 2, wondering why no matter how hard they work, performance seems to be stuck at what seems to be a plateau. It is time for a Avaya WFO strategy. Madurez del Contact Center

5 Crecimiento del Mercado a Largo Plazo
Las empresas se están centrando en mejorar las operaciones en lugar de agregar nuevos agentes, lo que lleva a invertir en software para mejorar el entorno Centros de Contacto Se espera un crecimiento significativo en aplicaciones de Contact Center, iniciando la recuperación en 2010 Agent Performance: CAGR 10.9% Self-Service: CAGR 9.7% Proactive Contact: CAGR 9.3% Key Takeaways ACD revenues expected to be flat (CAGR 0.5%) with significant growth expected in CC applications Focus must be on growing the revenues through applications and services ACD market hard hit in 2009 by economic crisis and price declines; recovery to shipment levels delayed until 2012 Implementation of workforce optimization applications could impact agent growth long-term as agent productivity increases Agent shipments rise, but offset by falling prices (~4% per year ) CC applications expected to recover faster than ACD, resume growth in 2010 Software-intensive areas that enhance contact center operations These applications may see adoption outside of contact center or reduce need for additional capacity by increasing productivity Actions Migrate installed base to NGCC and take advantage of the large and growing opportunity of CC Applications Proactively influence key external stakeholders of global market size and share data, in which Avaya participates, towards a measurement that leverages Avaya’s key differentiators (SIP, context). CC ACD & Applications ($M) ACD $855 $688 $670 $673 $679 $690 $704 Self-Service $702 $662 $690 $756 $814 $906 $1,051 PContact $225 $181 $189 $202 $213 $226 $282 CTI $1,026 $842 $919 $968 $989 $1,039 $1,091 Agent Perf $734 $710 $771 $871 $985 $1,119 $1,275 Grand Total $3,541 $3,081 $3,240 $3,470 $3,679 $3,980 $4, % 6.6% CAGR (Compound annual growth rate ) Tasa compuesta de crecimiento anual CTI / Multimedia: CAGR 9.1% ACD: CAGR 0.5% Billones de $US Fuente: Avaya analysis based on multiple industry reports (7/10) Oportunidad de mercado mundial de productos de contact center ($Usuario final) 5 5

6 Contact Centers usan WFO
para mejorar su desempeño De acuerdo al reporte de Forester de Mayo del 2010 58% de los Contact Centers planean realizar actualizaciones de software mayores en los siguientes 12 meses. 40% Planea incrementar el numero de posiciones de CC - 28% a un nivel del 5-10% ¿Cuál de las siguientes actualizaciones está planeado realizar en los próximos 12 meses? WFO 40% Avaya Aura WFO IVR 37% Avaya Voice Portal and POM Agregar reconocimiento de voz al IVR 25% Avaya Voice Portal with Speech Rec Integración Multicanal 24% Avaya Aura Contact Center Soporte Multimodal (SMS, video) 17% Avaya Aura Contact Center and POM The market is there for the taking! Customers are ready to buy! WFO is a billion and a half market WFO is the top ranked area for spending Avaya cuenta con los productos para cumplir los requerimientos! 6

7 Aplicaciones de WFO, en el TOP de la inversión
Avaya Corporate Presentation Aplicaciones de WFO, en el TOP de la inversión WFO lidera la adquisicion de Apps: WFM QM PM eLearning Analytics Same information just from a different vendor – knowledgant We show this to confirm that it’s real and not just a single analysts opinion Fuente Knowlagent, Enero 2010 7 © 2010 Avaya

8 Workforce Optimization es…
La fuerza de trabajo adecuada …con las habilidades adecuadas …haciendo las tareas correctas …y muy bien hechas We said at the beginning that you need to constantly deliver new ways for customers to improve their CC (beyond the ACD) WFO is it. Maximizing preparedness for customer interactions – right agents there at the right time. Incrementar los ingresos de la empresa. Atraer y retener nuevos clientes Reducir costos. Inovar nuevos productos y servicios Mejorar los prcesos de negocios. …para lograr los objetivos corporativos. 8 8

9 Nortel Corporate Presentation
Visión de Avaya Contact Center © 2004 Nortel

10 Avaya Aura Contact Center Suite
Agent Environment Performance Centre: Permite a las empresas mejorar la experiencia de atención del cliente mejorando la retención de clientes y reduciendo costos Performance Management Reporting Analytics WFO Workforce Optimization: Suite completa de WFO integrada en la gestión del rendimiento global de los agentes, supervisores y gerentes Work Assignment Engine: Asigna el trabajo adecuado para el recurso adecuado en el momento adecuado para cumplir los objetivos de negocio específicos Chat MMS SMS Video XML Voice Assisted Experience Management Media Application Server: Arquitectura de TI centrada, características avanzadas de aplicaciones y soporte amplio ecosistema. Carrier Grade fiabilidad, escalabilidad, calidad del servicio Review the key components to the Avaya Aura CC Suite as note on the right side of the slide – each corresponds to the note Suite layer on left Customer Experience Portal: Aumenta la eficacia de autoservicio a través de canal de comunicación adecuado. Permite la diferenciación para crecer la rentabilidad y la marca. IVR Web Chat Automated Experience Management Avaya AuraTM: Camino evolutivo de cada cliente. Impulsando la productividad y la aceleración de negocios en toda la empresa or CS1000 10 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

11 Gestión de la atención al cliente
Antes, Durante y después de la atención al cliente Ciclo cerrado de la gestión del rendimiento Proporciona la correcta experiencia de atención a cliente, al cliente correcto, en el momento adecuado a través del canal de comunicaciones correcto a un costo adecuado Antes Establezca las expectativas de capacitación Scorecards Quality Monitoring Workforce Management eLearning & Coaching Speech Analytics Repetir Actuar en base a la retroalimentación Durante Enfocarse en la atención al cliente Many strive to improve their contact centers and seek guidance on what the “best” centers do. There is no single “recipe” for success, as each center must fit into its business context and address the defined goals, while balancing the tradeoffs created by cost and resource constraints. However, we can all learn something from others, and work towards “best practices” wherever possible. Muchos se esfuerzan por mejorar sus centros de contacto y buscar orientación sobre lo mejor que se puede hacer. No existe una "receta“ única para el éxito, ya que cada centro debe encajar en su contexto social y la dirección de los objetivos definidos, al tiempo que equilibran las ventajas e inconvenientes creados por las limitaciones de costos y recursos. Sin embargo, todos podemos aprender algo de los demás y trabajar en base a las "mejores prácticas" siempre que sea posible. Creemos que hay 3 areas principals en las cuales se debe enfocar la gestion de un centro de contacto: Antes, Durante y Despues. En estas areas los modulos de Avaya Aura WFO pueden ser utilizado para logras los objetivos planteados. “Customers will never experience your objective, they will experience how well you execute against it.” I tell customers this all the time and it resonates well with most so I wanted to highlight for this presentation. Let me know if you think it is not appropriate. We believe there are 3 main areas of focus for the contact center going forward. Después Obtener Retroalimentación Medir la experiencia de atención al cliente 11

12 Avaya Aura® WFO Caso de estudio de Cliente
Reducir la rotación de agente con la mejora de la satisfacción laboral Retos de la empresa Capacidad para documentar y cumplir los niveles de servicio Monitorear la calidad y mejorar continuamente Optimizar la calendarización de recursos Solución Optimización de la fuerza de trabajo, incluyendo: Grabación de llamadas y monitoreo de la calidad Planeación y calendarización de la fuerza de trabajo Impacto 30% de reducción en el tiempo de capacitación de nuevos agentes. 20% ahorros en tiempo de personal al tener una calendarización efectiva de agentes. $100,000 de ahorro anual en penalidades. Mejora de procesos y gestión del conocimiento Challenge Meeting and documenting strict service level agreements (SLAs) Improving processes and agent performance to deliver quality support services in a highly efficient manner Optimizing workforce scheduling Solution - ITNAVIGATOR deployed Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization as a fully integrated solution for recording and quality monitoring across the company’s comprehensive portfolio of advanced Avaya contact center and unified communications applications. Value Created - ITNAVIGATOR reports that Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization enables the company to: trim the training time for new agents by approximately 30% develop new processes that result in time savings, such as a 90% reduction in time required to access customer sites for troubleshooting operations—which has huge impact on the company’s ability to meet SLAs consistently demonstrate/document that strict SLAs are met—resulting in a savings of over $100,000 per year in penalties monitor and improve the performance and productivity of agents develop a comprehensive knowledge base that can serve as a playbook for future troubleshooting—to save time and training save 20% in workforce time by scheduling agents more effectively DETAILS ITNAVIGATOR streamlines operations, improves staff training, and meets tight SLAs with a contact center solution that now includes Avaya Aura WFO As a systems integrator and software developer, ITNAVIGATOR provides 24/7 support to customers around the world from its contact center headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel and distributed throughout the US, Europe, and Russia. Like all companies that support mission-critical IT functions, ITNAVIGATOR deals with high-level challenges such as meeting tight SLAs, training and supporting the contact center staff, and closely monitoring quality. Already equipped with a wide portfolio of Avaya contact center solutions, the company recently deployed the new Avaya Aura™ Workforce Optimization solution to help meet these challenges. The results have been outstanding! Background Arik Shtilman, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, commented, “Many of our customers on the systems integration side of our business are very large companies in the fields of finance and telecommunications. They cannot afford any downtime, because for them, downtime can result in a huge loss of money.” To provide the level of support these customers need, ITNAVIGATOR operates a distributed contact center that works 24/7, providing 4 tiers of support. It is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with agents working throughout Europe, Russia, and the United States. Challenges and successes in meeting extremely tight SLAs ITNAVIGATOR’s customers in the financial and telecommunications industries typically have extremely mission-critical operations that would suffer significant financial impact if they were interrupted by a system or an applications failure. As a result, the SLAs are very strict, with fines imposed for SLAs that are not met. Operating within this kind of high-performance environment requires that ITNAVIGATOR be able to: clearly document the processes and timing by which the SLAs are met train staff efficiently and effectively closely monitor quality conduct ongoing process improvement staff appropriately to address the peaks and valleys of customer activity develop a knowledge base According to Shtilman, Avaya’s recent introduction of Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization has provided elegant solutions for meeting these challenges with a high degree of success and efficiency. Documenting SLAs ITNAVIGATOR uses the recording capability of Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization (WFO) to record a specified number of calls for each aspect of its business so that the company can provide documentation that a specific SLA was met. Since each call ITNAVIGATOR uses the recording capability of Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization (WFO) to record a specified number of calls for each aspect of its business so that the company can provide documentation that a specific SLA was met. Since each call comes in through Voice Portal, the customer number is automatically “attached” to each recording, making both archiving and retrieval simple and accurate. WFO also provides a high degree of flexibility to record different numbers of calls for different parts of the business. “Being able to document our SLAs requires availability of the recordings, and in the past we have at times had recordings lost,” Shtilman said. “We were disappointed with the third-party providers of the recording systems we used then because they were either unable or unwilling to help us in this dilemma. As a result, we would be subject to penalties. Now that the recording function is fully integrated in the Avaya solution, we have no difficulty retrieving recordings, and if a problem did arise, we would be working with only one vendor, Avaya, to resolve it. It makes a tremendous difference to be working on this basis. We save over $100,000 per year in penalties, now that we can reliably demonstrate that particular SLAs were met.” Screen captures facilitate process improvements, agent training, and ongoing quality assurance ITNAVIGATOR has found that the capability to take screen captures of agent transactions in addition to voice recordings provides a wealth of information that can be leveraged in many directions to improve processes and individual agents’ performance. Shtilman cited a particularly important example: “We have been able to make productive changes within our own CRM system and develop more efficient internal processes because we are able to recognize tools that our agents may be lacking. For example, based on screen captures, we discovered that it was taking agents up to 3 minutes to connect to customer sites, and in view of our tight SLAs, this was an excessive amount of time. We were able to simplify the process and develop a new tool whereby the agent could make the connection in less than 10 seconds. That’s a reduction of over 90% in connection time, which makes a huge difference in meeting the SLAs.” Screen captures are also used extensively in diagnosing and correcting areas of agent performance that need improvement, and for agent training. “Using actual playbook scenarios illustrated on screen captures is much more effective in our training than the use of simulations. We can show agents their own screens, where they may not have performed as effectively as possible, and then compare them to actual scenarios where the same type of function was performed well. And for new agents, we are able to trim the training time by approximately 30%.” ITNAVIGATOR is developing a knowledge base that will enable agents to leverage solutions that have been documented in both video and voice. “Through this process we can see exactly what was done and actually create a playbook that can be used to solve future problems,” said Shtilman. Performance Management and staff scheduling Quality monitoring is ongoing at ITNAVIGATOR. Both audio recordings and screen captures are used to create scorecards that provide key performance indicators for each agent. At the end of each month, all agents receive a report and staff scheduling Quality monitoring is ongoing at ITNAVIGATOR. Both audio recordings and screen captures are used to create scorecards that provide key performance indicators for each agent. At the end of each month, all agents receive a report on where they stand with regard to their personal performance target and on the quality of resolutions provided to customers. Supervisors have vital performance data that enables them to take action by assigning learning and coaching to improve agent performance. The reporting and recording features that ITNAVIGATOR now has available have enabled the company to make very close assessments of the ebb and flow of activity in their clients’ businesses. This results in more accurate forecasting, to staff appropriately throughout the month. According to Shtilman, “The company now saves 20% in workforce time by scheduling agents more effectively. We are able to shift people to specific dates and times when we forecast high volume, and to avoid being significantly overstaffed at other times. The result is a significant labor cost savings.” Licensing? No problem! Shtilman also sees the integration of DMCC and TSAPI licenses as a very significant benefit of Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization. “Both we and our customers have been waiting a long time for a recording solution that is integrated as part of the overall contact center solution and supported by the same vendor. The integration makes the deployment and utilization of the application much simpler and far more reliable. At the same time, it takes the worry and uncertainty out of the licensing situation. Identifying and obtaining the correct licensing for recording can delay deployments, and often the actual requirements and costs are not well defined when a recording solution is purchased. With the necessary licensing already included in the Avaya WFO ‘package,’ there are no more costly surprises or time-consuming delays in the licensing process.” With other workforce optimization solutions, necessary TSAPI and DMCC licenses need to be separately priced and configured. With Avaya Aura WFO, these licenses no longer need to be separately ordered, priced, and configured because they are integrated. This can result in up to 10% savings for customers. Overall, Shtilman believes that the integrated workforce optimization technology is a huge advance. “Through the integrated Workforce Optimization solution, we now have an approach to recording and quality management that is easier to administer, that processes screen captures more quickly, that delivers an extremely high level of reliability and retrievability, that solves all the licensing issues, and that helps us improve our processes and performance. It has already proven to be a tremendous benefit to our business.” Why Avaya The ITNAVIGATOR team believes that Avaya continues to be “the right call” for their own contact center and for many of their clients. Shtilman explains why: “As a technology company, we select our products very carefully. We need our platform to deliver more than just standard capabilities because we develop applications, and we constantly innovate. Today, Avaya has the most advanced technology for a fully integrated contact center, with the best opportunities for building SIP applications on top of an existing contact center environment. No other vendor can provide a comprehensive suite of integrated contact center products and full unified communications and multimedia for the whole enterprise.” Continuous Improvement 12

13 Nortel Corporate Presentation
Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization Panorama General © 2004 Nortel

14 Componentes : Avaya Aura® WFO
Contact Recording Workforce Management Desktop & Process Analytics Quality Monitoring eLearning Speech Analytics Performance Management / Scorecards Coaching Customer Feedback Avaya Aura® WFO consists of applications that operate on a unified platform, employ a common GUI and use a single database. The “core WFO applications” include (starting at bottom right and working clockwise around the graphic): Contact Recording – record audio calls between agents and customers, knowledge workers and clients, etc. – designed to optimally perform today in an IP network environment, but also allows for recording with TDM networks and SIP environments using media gateways today and AACC SIP environment with our next release. PCI compliance with recording encryption is also supported. And new with the 10.1 release, Full-Time Screen Recording is also available. Quality Monitoring – replay recorded interactions and captured screens; assess using intelligent, customizable forms to create “quality” scores and identify training and coaching opportunities. Performance Mgmt / Scorecards – this application provides role-appropriate scorecards to everyone in the contact center. The scorecard has key performance indicators (KPIs) that have been assigned to that employee. The employee sees how they are performing against that goal as well as how their peers are performing as a whole. Scorecards provide a vital performance feedback loop, that drives employee behavior in positive Workforce Mgmt, Forecasting and Scheduling – the Avaya WFM application addresses the entire range of contact center requirements: From single to multi-site virtual centers Single skill to multi-skill Single channel to multi-media Optimally schedule voice calls, s, web text chat, white mail and other activities to ensure the best service at the lowest labor costs. eLearning – provides a tailored Learning Management System and content-production toolset aimed at the contact center. Recorded contacts can be used as input into eLearning knowledge and skill clips. These clips can be assigned to individual agents where the content is consistent with coaching and training objectives, leveraging the coach’s time. Coaching – new with the 10.1 release, Performance Management Coaching provides a framework within which the supervisor/coach lays out a development program into meeting steps. Recorded calls can be attached to the lesson plans. Agents have the ability to enter remarks into the record about their perception of the coaching session(s). Desktop and Process Analytics (aka “DPA) – also new with the 10.1 release, this builds upon the Desktop Activity Management tools available with earlier releases – DPA consists of three choices of increasingly sophisticated agent desktop analytic tools that capture employee desktop application activities for the purposes of improving agent performance, safeguarding sensitive customer data, and enhanced reporting. Desktop Application Tracker Advanced Desktop Analytics Strategic Desktop and Process Analytics Speech Analytics – one of the hottest topics of all, speech analytics is a solution that “listens” to recorded calls hundreds of times faster than humans can; transcribes the voice into text; indexes the text; organizes content; compares to prior periods – all to tell you exactly what is happening and suggest why it is happening. Customer Feedback Management – according to TARP, a SE USA customer experience consultancy, the only way to know for sure how a customer feels about anything, is to ask them directly. The CFM solution provides an intelligent survey mechanism, requiring no IT services, to the contact center. The solution provides powerful customer satisfaction data, and first call resolution data down to the individual agent level. Cross referencing what customers have to say about agent courtesy and skill with internal quality monitoring scores can lead to startling discoveries. While there is value in each of the applications, when all the applications are on a common platform, deeply integrated – synergistic efficiencies emerge and the center’s performance improves. El cliente selecciona los módulos de la suite dependiendo de las necesidades de su Contact Center. Todas las aplicaciones son componentes integrados de la suite completa Avaya-Branded Verint-Branded 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

15 Avaya Ara® WFO: Disponible en versión 10.0
Solución WFO para clientes de Avaya Communication Manager (CM) Marca Avaya: Contact Recording, Quality Monitoring, Workforce Management; Forecasting, Scorecards, eLearning Marca del Vendedor: Customer Feedback, Speech Analytics Características Únicas Grabación TDM, H323 & IP en una sola plataforma Licenciamiento especifico de Aplicación AES, lo que significa que las licencias DMCC y TSAPI son incluidas sin costo adicional. Requiere CM 5.1+AES 4.2.2 Administración unificada con una sola autenticación en todos los módulos de WFO. Interfaces de exportación de datos desde las aplicaciones de CC a WFM Servicios profesionales y mantenimiento ofrecidos por Avaya

16 Avaya Aura® WFO: Disponible en versión 10.1
[Marzo 2011] Una sola plataforma de grabación para las soluciones Avaya & Avaya NES Fusión de NES CRQM 7.0 en Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) Alineación del sistema operativo ACR soporta los sistemas operativos Windows 2008 y RHEL 5.4 Grabación total de pantallas en el ACR Soporte de 13 idiomas para la interface de usuario y la ayuda en línea. Nuevas aplicaciones de escritorio de supervisores y agentes Performance Management Coaching (Avaya branded) Desktop and Process Analytics (Vendor branded)

17 Avaya Aura® WFO: Funcionalidades en 10.1.1 y 10.1.2
(2nd Qtr CY2011) Avaya Aura® WFO AACC Grabación SIP para llamadas de entrada SIP Hibrido / Clientes CM o Clientes NES CS1K Avaya Aura® WFO Administración unificada con el Contact Center a través de CCCM Accesar el WFO desde un solo click de la interface de trabajo de los usuarios de IQ Alineación de OS & BD Win Bit Server y SQL 2008 soportado para QM * Alineado con la versión AACC 6.2

18 Nortel Corporate Presentation
Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization Roadmap y Diferenciadores © 2004 Nortel

19 Avaya Aura® WFO – Propuesta de valor única
Avaya Corporate Presentation Avaya Aura® WFO – Propuesta de valor única Disponible Agent Supervisor Manager 3-4 meses Usuarios 6-9 meses 12-18 meses WFO Roadmap sujeto a cambios Grabación TDM, H323 y SIP Licencias CTI Trusted para el sistema de grabación Conectores para exportación de datos a WFM Administración unificada entre aplicaciones de CC y WFO Acceso desde la interfaz de usuario de IQ Obtener detalles desde los reportes de APC a grabaciones, scores y reportes de WFO WFO KPI y scorecard eviados al Agent Desktop 1-Click desde el Agent Desktop para calendario y adherencia Acceso con una sola autenticación desde Avaya Performance Center Importación de métricas y KPI desde WFO al data warehouse e incluirlos en reportes avanzados y analíticos Grabación SIP para ambientes UC Separación de Voz para grabaciones AACC SIP WFO KPIs utilizados por el engine de asignación de trabajo para ruteo inteligente La aplicación Customer Feedback corre en Voice Portal WFO Elementos de trabajo de WFO ruteados a los agente por AACC Workforce Mgmt Aplicaciones Desempeño Analytics Reporting eLearning & Coaching Contact Recording Inbound Outbound Aplicaciones Interacción Contact Center Mgmt Quality Monitoring Self Service De cara al futuro, nuestra infraestructura de comunicaciones de Avaya Aura ®, junto con la amplia suite de aplicaciones de Interacción con el cliente disponibles en nuestro Avaya Aura Contact Center ofrecen una propuesta única de valor integrada a nuestros clientes. Avaya Aura ® WFO proporciona una sólida oferta de herramientas de gestión del rendimiento y análisis que están integrados de forma única entre sí, y con los medios ambientes de Comunicaciones Unificadas y Avaya Contact Center. CLICK SLIDE FOR BUILD La integración única disponible en la actualidad y previstas para mañana entre la solución Avaya Aura ™ WFO y la infraestructura de comunicaciones de Avaya Aura y AACC proporciona un valor significativamente diferenciado de nuestra oferta de unificada ...  Reportes  Flujo de trabajo  Area de trabajo  Analytics, y  Administracion del sistema Beneficiando a todos los usuarios de Centro de contacto incluyendo:  Agente  Supervisor Gerentes Administradores del sistema Es importante mencionar que todos los puntos de integración resaltados en este slide. Es algo que sólo Avaya entrega únicamente para hacer que su empresa sea más competitiva, para tener clientes más contentos y leales, y tener empleados más productivos y satisfechos con su trabajo. Looking forward, our Avaya Aura® communications infrastructure coupled with the comprehensive Customer Interaction Suite applications available with our Avaya Aura® Contact Center (AACC) provides a uniquely integrated value proposition to our customers. Avaya Aura® WFO provides a robust offering of Performance Management and Analytics tools that are uniquely integrated among themselves, and with the Avaya Unified Communications and Contact Center environment. The unique integration available today and planned for tomorrow between the Avaya Aura™ WFO solution and the Avaya Aura communications infrastructure and AACC provides a significantly differentiated value-add offering of unified ...  Reporting  Workflows  Workspace  Analytics, and  System Administration Benefiting all aspects of the Contact Center, including the:  Agent  System Manager / Administrator And with Recording, value add to the Enterprise Knowledge Worker and Business Managers as well Notice all the integration points highlighted on the slide – each one of these is something that only Avaya uniquely delivers to make your business more successful, your customers more delighted and loyal, and your employees more productive and satisfied with their work. CTI Speech Analytics Communications Infrastructure Customer Feedback Infraestrutura © 2010 Avaya

20 Administración unificada con
Avaya Contact Center Control Manager ¿Que es esto? Avaya Contact Center Control Manager provee una administración operacional centralizada exclusivamente para las aplicaciones de Contact Center de Avaya Avaya Contact Center Control Manager ¿Porque importa? La falta de una administración común a través del portafolio de contact center de avaya ha sido cuestionada por clientes y analistas Avaya Contact Center Control Manager provides centralized operational administration exclusively for Avaya Contact Center Applications. WFO is an important roadmap activity for ACCCM that will allow for one place to add and move agents. This one saving alone could save any contact center tens of thousands $s/ annum in administration. Avaya Contact Center Control Manager ofrece una administracion operativa centralizada exclusivamente para aplicaciones de Avaya Contact Center. WFO us una actividad importante del Roadmap para el ACCCM que permitira desde un solo lugar agregar, mover o borrar agentes. Esta funcionalidad puede ahorra en cuanlquier contact center decenas de miles de dolares anulamente en administraciion. ¿Como funciona? Costos bajo: Puede ser operado por personal no técnico, liberando recursos de TI para centrarse en mayor valor agregado los problemas de TI de la administración básica de los sistemas existentes Mejora de la eficacia operativa y satisfacción del cliente: responsabilidades de cambios de administración de TI a los gerentes de negocios que están más cerca de los requerimientos del proceso de negocio Integration to manage WFO suite (Roadmap) Contenido del Roadmap sujeto a cambio 20

21 Agent Desktop Unificado
Como WFO se integra en el Agent Desktop Agent Desktop WFO scorecard personal, KPIs, horario personal y solicitud de tiempos no laborables etc. (Roadmap) Click para accesar QM Opción de solicitud de revisión de grabación Click para la interación del Historial del Contacto A unified Agent desktop must be a key goal for any contact center WFO enables this with it roadmap of integrations to the Agent Desktop. As part of the roadmap we will be enabling from the agent desktop click through to calls, viewing WFO personal scorecard , KPIs, personal Schedules and time off requests etc Contenido del Roadmap sujeto a cambio 21 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

22 ¿Porque elegir Avaya Aura Avaya WFO?
La mejor opción para clientes de Avaya Contac Center que deseen Obtener el máximo valor de su inversión actual y futura Esta totalmente integrada A diferencia de la competencia, Avaya WFO no requiere configuración por separado, licencias de TSAPI y componentes de CTI Esta totalmente respaldada por Avaya Avaya es el proveedor exclusivo de Avaya WFO, desde la venta inicial hasta la instalación y el soporte continuo Es una suite verdaderamente unificada A diferencia de la competencia, los componentes Avaya WFO comparte una sola base de datos y una interfaz grafica de administración común Crece con su inversión Las versiones futuras ofrecerán una sola autenticación, espacio de trabajo integrado y compartir datos/KPI con Avaya Performance Center dado como resultado calendarizaciones mas precisas, coaching mas efectivo y una mejor experiencia de atención al cliente. By now you should have a solid understanding of the Avaya WFO product and future direction. But why is Avaya WFO a better choice for customers than competing Avaya WFO solutions? This slide boils it down to 4 very simple and compelling reasons. Note that JD Power recognized Avaya in 2009 for excellence in technology service & support. 22 © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 22 22

23 GRACIAS! 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

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