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CAPACITADOR: Oscar Marino ALUMNA: Elisabet Marcone E- PORTFOLIO.

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1 CAPACITADOR: Oscar Marino ALUMNA: Elisabet Marcone E- PORTFOLIO

2 During the four meetings, we try to think about our own teaching practices and talk about many interesting topics. I am going to concentrate on some aspects. We talked about the 6th year curricular design.

3 De acuerdo con el presente diseño curricular se espera que los alumnos logren: -Comprender textos orales y escritos con los contenidos propuestos para el año utilizando estrategias específicas en función de las necesidades de información y comunicación. -Producir textos escritos y orales con propósitos comunicativos aplicados a una situación relacionada con el contenido propio de materias relacionadas con su especialidad y propuestos para el año. -Reconocer y producir el vocabulario propio de las materias especificas de los distintos tipos de escuela y modalidad. -Desarrollar estrategias de la lengua extranjera que faciliten el acceso al conocimiento, desarrollo personal y de comunicación en el mundo actual. -Ganar autoestima y confianza en sí mismos y aprendan a trabajar con independencia debido a la naturaleza interactiva y cooperativa del trabajo que AICLE supone.



6 A conceptual framework: - CONTENT (Subject or CLIL theme) - COMMUNICATION (Interaction, progression in language using and learning) - COGNITION (engage in higher order thinking, problem solving, accepting challenges and reflecting on them) - CULTURE : self and other awareness, identity and progression towards plurilingual understanding.



9 To round up certain concepts we discuss during our meetings I have to write some ideas: -Task- based approach aims at providing opportunities for learners to experiment with and explore both spoken and written language through learning activities which are designed to engage learners in the authentic,practical and functional use of language for meaningful purposes… (Candlin,Christopher) -Learners will develop skills to manipulate linguistic system to convey meaning…they will attain a higher degree of linguistic competence and become aware of the social meaning and potential communicative function of linguistic forms… (Candlin, Christopher) -task should have a purpose.

10 -Assessment is very important. -The purpose of language testing is always to render information to aid in making intelligent decisions about possible course of actions...(Carrol). -The test is selected for a particular situation. It is ecologically sensitive. -It is likely to be low-stakes. -whenever test s are used,there are unintended consequences. -The effect of a test on teaching is termed WASHBACK.While effects can be negative or positive.

11 -Classroom assessment: is very important to consider the groups, the individual differences, different tasks, to give the students time to think, interact and use collaborative learning. -Assessment for learning: it should provide the opportunity to make the learners aware of the gap between current abilities and performance levels and the target or goal that the learner wishes to achieve. -The design cycle: test purpose, test criterion, and construct definition, task design, evaluation, field testing, interferences and decisions, and everything again. -Tests: Learners centered contextualized, authenticity.

12 CONCLUSION : We as teachers are all the time making decisions about practices. It is important to consider new ideas about testing, assessment and planning. I discover many interesting ideas in this course I would like to carry on with my students.

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