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Desarrollo de la competencia comunicativa Fernando Rubio Universidad de Huelva.

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Presentación del tema: "Desarrollo de la competencia comunicativa Fernando Rubio Universidad de Huelva."— Transcripción de la presentación:

1 Desarrollo de la competencia comunicativa Fernando Rubio Universidad de Huelva

2 Etapa previa al desarrollo de los estudios sobre competencia comunicativa Análisis lingüísticos de lenguas. Método audio-oral. Investigación en la naturaleza de la interlengua, con énfasis en el error.

3 Conceptualización de competencia comunicativa Término acuñado por Dell Hymes (1967). Competencia lingüística y comunicativa: –…knowledge about language forms and knowledge that enables a person to communicate functionally and interactively.

4 Conceptualización de competencia comunicativa James Cummins (1979) propuso: –Capacidad académica/cognitiva de la lengua. –Destrezas comunicativas interpersonales.

5 Conceptualización de competencia comunicativa Michael Canale y Merrill Swain (1980): Cuatro componentes.- –Competencia gramatical. –Competencia discursiva. –Competencia sociolingüística. –Competencia estratégica.

6 Conceptualización de competencia comunicativa Lyle Bachman distingue competencias organizativa y pragmática (aspectos funcionales y sociolingüísticos).

7 Esquema de Bachman Competencia de la lengua Competencia organizativa Competencia gramatical Vocabulario Morfología Sintaxis Fonología Competencia textual Cohesión Organización retórica Competencia pragmática Competencia llocutiva Funciones manipulativas Heurísticas, imaginativas Competencia sociolingüística Sensibilidad a dialectos Sensibilidad a registros Sensibilidad a naturalidad Referencias culturales y figuras retóricas

8 Components of Communicative Language Ability in Communicative Language Use (Bachman, 1990, p. 85) CONTEXT OF SITUATION PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL MECHANISMS STRATEGIC COMPETENCE KNOWLEDGE STRUCTURES Knowledge of the world LANGUAGE COMPETENCE Knowledge of language

9 Communicative Competence (Celce-Murcia, Dörnyei, & Thurrell, 1995 )

10 Old Paradigm and New Paradigm ObjectivesStated in terms of grammatical knowledge as provided in textbook Stated in terms of what learners should know and be able to do with the language Content/ Culture Content limited to bits and pieces of cultural information included in textbook; connections to other disciplines absent Interdisciplinary and cultural connections; integration of cultural and academic content; culture explored by means of products, practices, and perspectives

11 Old Paradigm and New Paradigm SkillsPractice of individual skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing Integrated practice of three modes of communication, which build on one another The Learner Mostly passive and learns the material presented by the teacher Actively engaged in learning and has opportunities to explore her/his own interests

12 Old Paradigm and New Paradigm The Teacher The center of instruction and the audience for learners; students work to impress the teacher Facilitates instruction and guides student learning; designs opportunities for cooperative learning; audience includes peers and community MaterialsTextbook as primary material Textbook as one of many tools; others include authentic materials (tape recordings, videos, magazines, short stories, folklore), World Wide Web, visuals, realia

13 Old Paradigm and New Paradigm Assess- ment Purpose to evaluate student achievement; focus on discrete-point grammar items, often out of context; primarily paper-and-pencil testing; learners provide one right answer Purpose to assess progress in meeting standards and to improve instruction; assessment strategies include integration of modes for meaningful purposes, exploration of content, completion of real-world tasks, self-assessment by learners Shrum & Glisan, 2005, p. 68

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