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Digital Photography: Selfie Slides Kaitlyn Somogye 10/24/14 4A.

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1 Digital Photography: Selfie Slides Kaitlyn Somogye 10/24/14 4A

2 Project Guidelines 1.Choose 3 selfies – or use the same selfie for all three slides. 2.Apply at least 3 different EFFECTS to each photograph. Frames and textures do not count as part of your 3 effects, but you can add them as extras. 3.Record the effects you used on each slide below the original image. 4.Complete the sentence starter at the bottom right corner. 5.Slide 6 should be a collage of the three edited selfies from your other slides. 6.The final slide asks you the same questions you were asked the first day you took selfies. You may use the same answers that you sent to me in your Gmail, or you may write new answers to the questions. Either way, your answer for each question must have at least 3 good sentences. Feel free to be creative with your background and fonts on this PowerPoint. Use this template – you do not have to create a new one. Edit this one. Due by Friday, October 24th for all classes. Period 4B is due by Thursday, October 23rd.

3 Directrices para Proyectos 1.Elija 3 selfies - o utilizar el mismo selfie para las tres diapositivas. 2.Aplicar al menos 3 EFECTOS diferentes a cada fotografía. Marcos y texturas no se cuentan como parte de sus 3 efectos, pero se puede añadir como extras. 3.Registre los efectos que utilizó en cada diapositiva debajo de la imagen original. 4.Explique lo que te gusta de la foto con sus efectos por debajo de la fotografía editada. 5.Diapositiva 6 debería ser un collage de las tres selfies editados de sus otras diapositivas. 6.La última diapositiva que hace las mismas preguntas que se le pidió el primer día que tomó selfies. Usted puede utilizar las mismas respuestas que me enviaste en tu Gmail, o puede escribir nuevas respuestas a las preguntas. De cualquier manera, su respuesta para cada pregunta debe tener al menos 3 buenas oraciones. Siéntase libre de ser creativo con su fondo y las fuentes en esta PowerPoint. Utilice esta plantilla - usted no tiene que crear una nueva. Editar este. Debido al Viernes, 24 de octubre para todas las clases. Período 4B es debido antes del jueves 23 de octubre.

4 Original Photo 1Edited Photo 1 Effects Applied: Sunny tan Blush Blemish fixer This picture makes me feel better because I look better in the edited one than the original photo.

5 Original Photo 2Edited Photo 2 Effects Applied: Shine remover Hair color Color tint This picture makes me feel really cool because I don’t look as dumb as I did in the original.

6 Original Photo 3Edited Photo 3 Effects Applied: Blemish fixer Eye bright Duotone Infrared This picture makes me feel happy because I look way better in the edited photo.

7 Collage This collage makes me feel amazing about myself because I look really good in edit photos and not the original.

8 1.Were you uncomfortable or embarrassed taking a selfie? Why? What made it uncomfortable for you? What would make it less awkward for you? 2.What do you think is your best feature? Why? 3.What do you think is your worst feature? What don’t you like about it? Why? 4.After watching the video about “Beauty”, do you see yourself any differently? Why? 1. I was embarrassed taking selfies because I feel weird talking selfies. It made me uncomfortable because I don't like how my face is and my weight. Everytime I eat something, I feel fat. 2. Being with my friends would make it more comfortable for me. I have friends who don't judge me for who I am. I can be myself around them because I know they won't judge me. 3. I think my best feature is my eyes. I love me eye color and how gray and blue they are. My eyes look like a gray crayon with a little bit of blue in them. 4. My worst feature is my weight. I hate the number I have. It makes feel a little bit better about myself when my friends say, "You're not fat, there is just a lot of you to love." 5. I don't really see myself different after someone has changed my mind about how we look. I think I will always compare myself to other people because I am so used to not being liked. I hate my weight, my face and possibly everything about me.

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