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Herramientas Adecuadas para

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1 Herramientas Adecuadas para
el trabajo

2 …de tu piel, de su cuidado, y de la oportunidad Nu Skin
Una mirada de cerca… Change the skin care conversation with a tool that tells your customers what their mirrors and best friends can’t. The portable ProDerm™ Skin Analyzer takes customers on a skin care experience that reveals their skin’s secrets and provides a Nu Skin solution to a healthy, youthful appearance. In three simple steps, ProDerm™ helps customers see the truth about their skin and take action to improve their appearance with the appropriate regimen from the Nu Skin® product portfolio. Step One: Using proprietary skin imaging and LED technology, this hand-held tool captures and analyzes detailed images of key skin attributes—lines and wrinkles, pore size, skin texture, and discoloration. Step Two: Exclusive Nu Skin® software analyzes the images, provides a visual assessment of the attributes, based on areas of concern, and allows customers to select a skin focus. Step Three: The product recommendation allows Nu Skin distributors to easily direct customers to the Nu Skin 180 Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System specifically designed to improve areas of concern. …de tu piel, de su cuidado, y de la oportunidad Nu Skin

3 Analizador de Piel Nu Skin® ProDerm™
Launching today – The ProDerm Skin Analyzer! Portable, personal, and proprietary, the Nu Skin ProDerm Skin Analyzer will change the way the skin care industry thinks about skin and skin care. This hand-held tool will take images of the skin, analyze the images, and provide an assessment of multiple skin attributes such as lines and wrinkles, pore size, discoloration, and skin texture. Personal, Patentado & Portátil

4 Ciencia Exclusiva de Nu Skin
Desarrollado con tecnología patentada, basada en tres principios: Reconocimiento de Patrones Proyección de Imagen Óptica Dermatología Only the Nu Skin® ProDerm™ Skin Analyzer helps customers see the truth about their skin and their skin care, revealing what their mirrors and best friends can’t. Developed with proprietary POD technology—convergence of Pattern recognition science, Optical imaging, and Dermatology—ProDerm™ provides an objective assessment of the skin and a scientific approach to skin care. What is POD technology?

5 Reconocimiento de Patrones Proyección de Imagen Óptica
In fact, to develop ProDerm, Nu Skin worked with a top dermatologist. Dr Zoe Draelos, a leading practicing and clinical dermatologist with a degree in engineering, worked side by side with the team to determine the following: What attributes should be measured (lines and wrinkles, texture, pore size, discoloration). Where on the face the images should be taken (Near the eye for lines and wrinkles, close to the nose for pore size, broad area of the cheek for texture, etc.). and which features within the images the ProDerm pattern recognition software should analyze in order to make an objective, scientific assessment of the skin’s appearance (in other words, the ProDerm software had to be developed to recognize a line or a wrinkle, a large pore, uneven texture, or a discolored area and to exclude things such as fine facial hair, and moles). Dermatología Reconocimiento de Patrones Proyección de Imagen Óptica

6 La gente hace filas para tener la Oportunidad de Medirse
As human beings, we’re curious and competitive creatures. We just can’t seem to resist the opportunity to measure and rate ourselves. We have seen this with the Pharmanex® Bio-Photonic Scanner. Look at what an impressive impact this tool has had on the $60 billion nutrition industry. The amazing thing is, the desire to measure one’s own skin quality seems to transcend beauty and skin care connoisseurs. This appeals to people who have never shown interest in the past. Think of what this could mean to a Nu Skin business builder!

7 Atributos Clave Decoloración Líneas y Arrugas Textura Tamaño del Poro
1 2 3 5 6 4 Decoloración Líneas y Arrugas Textura Tamaño del Poro 6 To get your skin looking its best, it is important to understand the attributes that contribute to an appearance of overall beauty and youthfulness. Regardless of age, ethnicity, or culture, attractive skin shares some commonalities. Smooth texture, even skin tone, refined pores, and minimal lines and wrinkles all contribute to a radiant, healthy glow. And we all know looking good can lead to feeling better about ourselves, and like it or not, the way we look on the outside also communicates a lot to others about our overall health and vitality. The ProDerm not only knows what to look for, but also where to look. The first step in the ProDerm process includes taking six images of the skin in key locations. Let’s go through them one by one and discuss in more detail the attributes the ProDerm assesses and why each particular image location was chosen. 5 3

8 Decoloración Tres Imágenes Sobre la Ceja Área externa de la mejilla
En la línea de la mandíbula

9 Líneas y Arrugas Una imagen En la esquina externa del ojo
Next we measure lines and wrinkles. The outer eye area is best for an accurate analysis of lines and wrinkles. The skin of the outer eye area is the thinnest on the body and the most likely to show early signs of wrinkling. In damaged or aged skin, this area shows many fine lines that are long and well defined. These lines are outlined in blue.

10 Textura Una Imagen Al centro de la mejilla
The next image enables us to assess texture. The central cheek is the broadest expanse of skin on the face and is the easiest location to spot skin texture irregularities. Rough texture has many angular ridges and elevated edges that may look dry, flaky, and irregular in elevation. Texture images are embossed to emphasize these irregularities.

11 Tamaño del Poro Una imagen Sobre la mejilla muy cerca de la nariz
Our final attribute is pore size. The largest pores are on the nose and the cheek area closest to the nose. Pores are marked in green.

12 Reporte Imágenes de la piel del cliente Información del Distribuidor
Información del Cliente Notas And finally, a printout of the experience is available as well. Featuring the skin images from the session, It’s a great record for the customer of their experience and with both the customer’s and distributor’s contact information it also serves as a very personalized business card for distributors. This is available when connected to a printer and can be mailed out later if you’re using the ProDerm as a portable business tool. Viewing these revealing images of the skin is a very emotionally compelling part of the ProDerm experience. Typically, when people really take a closer look at their skin they see the truth about what their skin concerns are.

13 Solución Recomendada y Garantizada
To improve the overall appearance of your skin in any or all of the four attributes analyzed, Nu Skin recommends the most comprehensive anti-aging skin care system available—Nu Skin 180® Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System Sistema Anti-Envejecimiento Nu Skin 180°®

14 Determina el problema Resuelve el problema

15 Sistema de Terapia Anti-Edad
Nu Skin 180°®

16 Señales de un piel envejeciendo:
Disminución en las proteinas estructurales. Decoloración irregular. Deterioro en la renovación celular. Disminución de la humectación natural. Skin aging results from the deterioration of structures in the skin and the slowing of healthy skin function causing:

17 Sistema Anti-Envejecimiento Nu Skin 180°®
Nu Skin 180°® Face Wash Nu Skin 180°® Skin Mist Nu Skin 180°® Cell Renewal Fluid Nu Skin 180°® UV Block Hydrator Nu Skin 180°® Night Complex Designed to reverse the full range of aging effects, this system is clinically proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, refine texture, and even skin tone for an overall more youthful appearance.

18 Ingredientes Clave: Poli hidroxiácidos Vitamina C Di- and tri-peptidos
Fotosomas activados por la luz Extracto de Semilla de Uva Creatina Alpha hidroxiácidos Nu Skin 180°® Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System is a comprehensive system that addresses multiple anti-aging effects. Each product in the system contains key ingredients in efficacious levels that are scientifically proven to help reverse the signs of biological and environmental aging.

19 Poli Hidroxiácidos PHA
Polyhydroxy acids are larger than alphahydroxy acids, containing two or more hydroxyl groups. With a larger molecular size, polyhydroxy acids have a longer absorption time, making them non-sensitizing. Over time, polyhydroxy acids provide the same anti-aging power found in alphahydroxy acids. Polyhydroxy acids work with all skin types and are well suited for those with sensitive or clinically challenged skin. PHA

20 Alpha Hidroxiácidos AHA
The Nu Skin 180°® Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System addresses multiple signs of aging through the many clinically effective ingredients including hydroxy acids. Hydroxy acids increase cell turnover. An increase in cell turnover leads to improvements in firmness, complexion, lines and wrinkles, texture, and pigmentation. There are several different types of hydroxy acids, each with different characteristics. Two of the more common ones found in cosmetics are alphahydroxy acid and polyhydroxy acid. Alphahydroxy acids are small, having only one hydroxyl group. This enables them to quickly penetrate the skin, which is one of the reasons they are so effective and aggressive. Though they cause no harm, their rapid penetration overwhelm the sensory nerves, which may cause a stinging or burning sensation in those with sensitive skin. AHA

21 Resultados de Estudios Clínicos
En un estudio clínico realizado por terceros, utilizando a 50 participantes, se encontrarón los siguientes resultados: Porcentaje de participantes que mostraron una mejora en cuánto luminosidad global*: Semana Uno: 36 % Semana Ocho: 100 % *compuesta de diferentes atributos, como: textura, lineas y arrugas, decoloración, tamaño del poro. A clinical study was conducted to substantiate the truly amazing anti- aging properties of the Nu Skin 180°® Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System. This eight-week study was conducted on 118 participants between the ages of 25 and 65 with visible signs of photodamage. Nearly 100 percent of participants experienced improvement in the appearance of their skin, and improvement was noted as early as the first seven-day time point. The most dramatic rate of improvement in appearance was noted at weeks one and four, with continued improvement through week eight. For individuals with mild to more advanced signs of environmental aging, regular use of the Nu Skin 180°® System resulted in the restoration of smoother, clearer, younger looking skin after four to eight weeks.

22 Resultados de Estudios Clínicos
Porcentaje de participantes que mostraron mejora de acuerdo a los atributos evaludados, en ocho semanas: Decoloración: 66 % Poros: 70 % Arrugas: 80 % Textura:100 %

23 Sistema de Terapia Anti-Edad Nu Skin 180°®
Turn Your Skin Around

24 Apariencia Mejorada- Garantizado!
Designed to reverse the full range of normal aging effects, this system is clinically proven to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refine texture, and even skin tone for an overall more youthful appearance. Each product in the Nu Skin 180 Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System plays an integral role in delivering the following benefits: Begins to reverse the effects of biological and environmental aging in as little as seven days Helps erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Works to firm the skin Increases skin smoothness and radiance Diminishes the appearance of pore size Minimizes the look of age spots and discoloration Decide today to look younger next week with Nu Skin 180°® Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System designed to deliver visible results in seven days and an improved overall appearance in just eight weeks! And Nu Skin Guarantees you’ll feel and look better in just eight weeks, or they’ll refund your money! It doesn’t get any better than that.

25 Productos Complementarios
Tru Face™ Essence—restablece los niveles de elastina en la piel para restituir la firmeza. Tru Face ™ Instant Line Corrector—reduce temporalmente la aparición de líneas finas y arrugas hasta por 12 horas. Tru Face ™ Line Corrector—usa un péptido pro-colágeno para mejorar las líneas y arrugas de moderadas a profundas.

26 Tru Face™ Instant Line Corrector

27 Resultados Instantáneos
[Play Video Clip with flash animation] 0-3 Minutos 4-7 Minutos 8-10Minutos

28 Más joven al instante Well, now with new Tru Face Instant Line Corrector, you have permission to be impatient. This advanced formula gently and quickly temporarily reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles so you can look younger—instantly. Pat it gently into crows feet and watch as lines slowly relax. Featuring the amino acid GABA this sophisticated immediate treatment is so demonstrable. You can pat it into the palm of someone’s hand and show the powerful effect anywhere—making it an instant business building tool. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the benefits of Tru Face Instant Line Corrector here at the official launch. You will be the first to take home this new product, formulated to absorb quickly and make an instatn difference with your mechanical wrinkles. This is the right tool for the job. Introduce Heidi…

29 Polishing Peel

30 Cuidado Clínico de la Piel
Sin la clínica


32 Herramientas Adecuadas para construir tu negocio…
Tu propia historia! Sistema 180° – Para cualquier persona, Todos los días Utiliza los productos de uso diario y otros sistemas y tratamientos ProDerm – Califica & Compra Sigue a tu líder! 180 – get everyone on it – ADR promotion – best basis for anti-aging prevention and correction Layer on with Daily Use Kit, Science of Youth, Tri-Phasic & other systems Try the Age-Defying kit to bring customers to the 180 system. Qualify and purchase a ProDerm – great lead generator that drives customers to the 180 experience. Most importantly – have your own story in your toolbox. Experience the 180 change, experience the Tru Face Instant change, try every product in the line so you too can tell your story as you help others experience the anti-aging difference of Nu Skin.

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