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PARENT RIGHTS: School Procedures & Guidelines

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1 PARENT RIGHTS: School Procedures & Guidelines
What you need to know

2 LAUSD Parent Student Handbook
LAUSD Graduation Requirements All LAUSD students must graduate with the A-G Requirements, fifteen course college preparatory sequence to earn a HS diploma. Pass both sections of the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) 230 high school credits (passing four semester of Physical Education)

3 A-G Requirements: Preparing for High School
Grade th 10th 11th 12th History * 3 years x x x English * 4 years x x x x Math + 3 years x x x x Science Lab * 2 years x x x Foreign Lang + 2 years x x x Visual/Perf Arts * 1 year x College Prep Elec 1 year x

4 Education Code Sec. 51101 Parents/ guardians have the right to:
Observe the classroom(s) in which their child is enrolled within a reasonable time of making the request. Meet with their child’s teacher(s) and the administration within a reasonable time of making the request. Volunteer, under the supervision of District employees, their time and resources for the improvement of school facilitates and programs. Be notified if their child is absent from school without permission. Receive the results of their child’s performance on standardized and statewide tests and information on the performance of the school. Have a school environment that is safe and conducive for learning. Examine the curriculum materials of the class(es) in which their child is enrolled. Be informed of their child’s progress in school and of the appropriate school personnel to contract if problems arise with their child.

5 Ed. Code Continued Be informed of their child’s progress in school and of the appropriate school personnel to contact if problems arise with their child. Have access to the school records of their child and to question anything that they feel is inaccurate, misleading, or is a violation of the student’s privacy rights and to receive a response from the school. Receive information concerning the academic performance standards, proficiencies, or skills their child is expected to accomplish. Participate as a member of a parent advisory committee, school site counsel, or site based management leadership group in accordance with any rules and regulations governing membership in these groups.

6 State Board of Edu. Policy #89-01
Parent Involvement – State Board of Edu. Policy #89-01 Families provide the primary education environment. Parent involvement improves student achievement. Parent involvement is most effective when it is comprehensive, supportive, long-lasting, and well-planned. Involving parents in supporting their children’s education at home is not enough. To ensure the quality of schools as institutions serving the community, parents must be involved at all levels in the schools. THE EXTENT OF PARENT INVOLVEMENT IN A CHILD’S EDUCATION IS MORE IMPORTANT TO STUDENT SUCCESS THAN FAMILY INCOME OR EDUCATION.

7 Parent’s Rights to Request a Change of Student’s Grade
Under Education Code section 49066, parents have the right to request a change of a pupil’s grade on the following grounds: Mistake; Fraud; Bad Faith; and/or Incompetency in assigning the grade When grades are earned for any course, the grade earned by the student shall be determined by the teacher of the course. In the absence of any of the grounds listed above, the grade shall be final. Any request for a grade change must start with the classroom teacher within 30 days of the date of the grade report was mailed. The next step if not resolved with the teacher, is a written request to the principal.

8 Calculate Your GPA Here’s an Example: Class Grade Points Math C 2
English B Science A History B PE A Elective/Intervention B Add all points to get SUM = 19 Divide SUM by 6 (# of classes) = (Round off to 3.17) In this example, the student’s GPA is 3.17, which is a “B” average. It falls in the 3.0 average range.

9 It’s the Law Education Code 48260:
“Any pupil subject to compulsory full-time education or to compulsory continuation education who is absent from school without a valid excuse on three occasions or tardy for more than 30 minutes in a school day on three occasions in one school year, is a truant and will be reported to the attendance supervisor or the superintendent of the school district”.

10 Es La Ley El Articulo 48260 del CEC estipula que:
” Todo aquel estudiante sujeto a recibir educación obligatoria de tiempo completo o educación obligatoria para la recuperación que falte a la escuela sin una justificación válida en tres ocasiones o llegue tarde por más de 30 minutos en el día escolar en tres ocasiones durante un año escolar, es un estudiante que ausenta de la escuela sin justificación o permiso, y se le informará de su caso al supervisor de asistencia escolar o al superintendente del distrito escolar.”

11 Absence /Tardy/ Early Leave
A student will be counted as a truant when there are three full days in a school year of any of the codes listed below: 1. No notes 2. Unexcused Absences 3. Truants

12 Ausencia / Tarde / temprano Deja
Un estudiante se contará como ausencias injustificada cuando hay tres días completos en un año escolar de cualquiera de los siguientes códigos: 1. No hay notas 2. Ausencias sin excusa 3. Ausentismo

13 Codes 0= No Notes 2= Unexcused Running errands for family
Vacation or trips Unverified Illness Family emergency Transportation problems Inclement weather Babysitting “Take Your Child to Work Day” (without principal approval) “Extended Funeral Absences” (without principal approval) 3= Truant Absent from class without school or parent/guardian permission

14 Códigos 0 = No hay notas 2 = Ausencias sin excusa 3= Sin Justificar
Haciendo mandados Vacaciones o viajes Sin verificar enfermedad Emergencia familiar Problemas de Transporte Inclemencias del clima Cuidado de niños “Lleve a su hijo a un trabajo diurno" (sin la aprobación del director) “Ausencias furneral extendido" (sin la aprobación del director) 3= Sin Justificar Ausente de la clase sin la escuela o los padres o tutores legales

15 Code 1= Verified Legal Absences
Illness absence with a doctor’s note or authorization by school nurse or other authorized school official. Exclusion from school supported by written documentation by nurse or other authorized school official. Medical appointments; verified by a written note from a doctor. Quarantine of the home; verified by the health department. Funeral due to the death of a member of the student’s immediate family (1 day, within the state; 3 days, outside the state). Absences for justifiable personal reasons, with prior written request and written approval from the principal or authorized school official, such as an appearance in court, attendance at a funeral service, observance of a holiday or ceremony of his or her religion, attendance at a religious retreat, or attendance at an employment conference. Written proof of attendance regarding justifiable personal reasons is needed for verification. Any other absence with prior written approval from the principal will be verified.

Código 1 = AUSENCIAS LEGALES VERIFICADAS Ausencia por enfermedad, con una nota del doctor o la autorización de la enfermera de la escuela u otro funcionario escolar autorizado. Exclusión de la escuela, respaldada por documentación escrita por la enfermera u otro funcionario escolar autorizado. Citas médicas, verificadas con una nota del doctor. Cuarentena en el hogar, verificada por el departamento de salud pública. Funeral debido al fallecimiento de un miembro de la familia inmediata del alumno(a) - (1 día si es dentro del estado; 3 días si es fuera del estado.) Ausencias por motivos personales justificados, con solicitud anterior por escrito y consentimiento por escrito del director u otro funcionario escolar autorizado, tales como la comparecencia ante un tribunal, asistencia a un servicio funeral, observancia de un día festivo o ceremonia relacionada con su religión, asistencia a un retiro religioso o a una conferencia de empleo. Para motivos de verificación, se necesita una prueba escrita de dicha asistencia relacionada con la ausencia por motivos personales justificados. Cualquier otra ausencia con autorización previa del director por escrito será verificada.

17 Notifications Telephone calls made home
Letters mailed home after 3 absences Parent conferences Home visits Monthly school calendars Report Cards / Progress Reports

18 Notificaciones Llamadas telefónicas
Cartas enviadas a casa después de 3 ausencias injustificadas Conferencias de padres Visitas a domicilio Calendario escolar mensual Reportes de calificaciones /Reprotes de Progreso

19 Interventions SART SARB Prosecution Student Attendance Review Team
Administrator, Counselor, PSA, Teacher, City Attorney SARB District 8 administrators, Social Worker, Mental health professional, Probation officer, City Attorney Prosecution Court

20 Intervenciones SART SARB Enjuiciamiento
La asistencia del estudiante del equipo de examen (SART, por sus siglas en inglés) SARB Junta de Revisión de Asistencia Escolar (SARB, por sus siglas en inglés) Enjuiciamiento Tribunal

21 School Wide Incentives
Assemblies Awards Recognitions Every child is rewarded an education.

22 Cada niño recibe una educación.
Incentivos Escolares Asambleas Premios Reconocimientos Cada niño recibe una educación.

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