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Action Plan Template Intel ISEF 2009 Educator Academy May 2009

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1 Action Plan Template Intel ISEF 2009 Educator Academy May 2009

2 Action Plan This is your working document
What do you want to accomplish Diffusion plan in all the schools of basic and average top education to announce and to incite the childrens and youngs to take part of CIENCIA JOVEN. To sign agreement with the Secretaria de Educación Publica to have access to the schools of basic education. To propose a Managerial group (consejo cordinador) of the fairs in Mexico; to dictate the action lines of work in the development of science and technology for young students in Mexico. Teachers training. To implement the plan for teachers in Mexico. NACIONAL integar un Consejo Nacional Rector de las Ferias Ciencia Joven, con el proposito q este esfuerzo crezca en el país con lineamientos estandarizados y con mayor pariticpación de jovenes Mexicanos, lo que va permitir un mayor desarrollo de los programas de ciencia y tecnología, asi como de la divulgación cientifíca. Involucrar mas organizaciones de la sociedad civil, de la Secretaria de educación y de los Consejos Estatales de Ciencia y Tecnología. Incrementar los incentivos para la participación en las ferias nacionales Implementar un programa nacional de capacitación para docentes como mentores de estudiantes

3 When is it going to get done
Before Octubre 2009

4 What resources do you need for you plan
Regional committees of Organization Support financial and academician Mecanisms of information and participation Programmes of volunteers Note: sample completed Action Plans from 2008 are on the website

5 High Level Goals What to accomplish for our country? Long term goals
To obtain a National Science Fair Short term goals To integrate the organizing regional and national Councils Teacher training (ellaboration of training materials, workshops) Difussion of the fairs

6 Objectives How will you know you succeeded?
Student participation in affiliated increases 20% over a three-year period New states sedes (Nuevo León, Yucatán) Mentors trained increases to 200 teachers Ministry of Education commits funds for science fair Other funds ressourcing

7 Action Plan – steps to meet your goals and objectives
Measure success? Who’s Responsible? By when? Governing Council of the Fairs Ciencia Joven Signature of the agreement of the members who take part Luis Lach 30 June To involve more organizations of the civil society, of the Secretary of Education and of the State Councils of Science and Technology. To increase the incentives for the participation in the national fairs To implement a national program of training for teachers as counselors of students. increase in participation Resources and definite budget Administration approval Reach 200 teachers from under-developed regions of the country Rosa Irma Peñuelas Cecilia Soto Ana Belen Ibarra Jorge Villegas Alma Delia Zamarripa October 2009 Agust August 2009

8 Intel ISEF Educator Academy
Educator’s Academy experience. Learning about different country’s experiences organizing Fairs Networking for improving national fairs Most interesting Shop Talks Embedding student research projects in the science and technology /Engineering curriculum Three steps to improving systematic science education and science fair participation

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