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Spanish 2 Test 2 Review.

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1 Spanish 2 Test 2 Review

2 Trabajo de timbre Conjugate in the preterite. 1. yo/ describir
2. tú/ barrer 3. ellos/ lavar 4. ella/ hacer 5. nosotros/ ir

3 Repaso de Capítulo 2 Escuchar 1. 2.

4 Vocabulario Know vocab. 1 and 2 de pg 77 Translate.
1. I am a firefighter. 2. What do you do? 3. A nurse takes care of sick people. 4. A banker lends money. 5. A mechanic fixes cars.

5 6. The chest of drawers is to the right of the bedside table.
7. She should feed the dog. 8. I have to clean the shower and toilet. 9. We wash dishes in the kitchen sink. 10. Please dust the furniture in the living room.

6 Complete the sentences with the correct indirect object pronoun.
1. El cocinero_____prepara la comida (a nosotros). 2. El banquero____presta dinero y da consejos (a ti). 3. El peluquero del vecindario ____cortó el pelo a mi primo. 4. El médico ____dice cómo cuidarnos la salud (a nosotros). 5. La peruana_____enseñó a hablar español (a mis padres)

7 Dar and Decir Translate. 1. I want to give her a dryer.
2. You tell him that he is nice everyday. 3. He tells me that he puts out fires. 4. They give us a rug every (cada) Christmas.

8 Saber vs. Conocer Conjugate saber vs. conocer and list their uses.

9 Ser vs. Estar Conjugate Ser vs. Estar and list their uses with the acronyms.

10 Pretérito List the endings for AR, ER and IR preterite verbs.
List the irregular conjugations of ser, ir and hacer.

11 Expressions with infinitives
Translate the expressions followed by inf. 1. It’s Tom’s turn to vacuum. 2. One must help people. 3. A social worker must give advice to people. 4. Please sweep the floor. 5. A programmer should program Web pages well.

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