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MANDATOS Commands.

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1 MANDATOS Commands

2 MANDATOS When you ask someone to do something, you basically say:
YOU, DO THIS! (or at least think of it this way in Spanish.) So, one needs to figure out who is the YOU.

3 MANDATOS When you talk to a stranger, an adult, or a person who commands some respect, use USTED. When you talk to a friend, sibling, parent, person younger than you, or anyone with whom you are on a first-name-basis, etc., use TÚ. When you are talking to two or more people, use USTEDES.

4 MANDATOS USTED Take the (present-tense) yo-form of the verb, drop the –o, and add: -e (if it was originally an –ar verb.) -a (if it was originally an –er/-ir verb.) Hint: this is when Sra. S. does the CLICK sound, and twists her fingers!

5 MANDATOS USTED examples: You, speak! Hable (Ud.) You, eat! Coma (Ud.)
You, write! Escriba (Ud.) Sometimes the YO-form looks & is irregular: -pongo → ponga -digo → diga -conozco → conozca

6 MANDATOS- Ud. irregular verbs some examples
Memorize this list! (Check Barrera p ) -quepo → quepa -caigo → caiga -conduzco → conduzca (**conozca) -construyo → construya -digo → diga -traigo → traiga -hago → haga -vengo → venga -oigo → oiga -veo → vea -sigo → siga -tengo → tenga

7 MANDATOS- Ud. SUPER-irregular verbs
-doy → dé -estoy → esté -voy → vaya -sé → sepa -soy → sea

8 MANDATOS- Ud. stem-changing verbs
-comienzo → comienza -duermo → duerma -juego → juegue -huelo → huela -pido → pida -puedo → pueda -quiero → quiera -río → ría

9 MANDATOS Take the (present-tense) él/ella-form of the verb, and use it! You, eat! Come (tú). You, sleep! Duerme (tú). You, talk! Habla (tú).

10 MANDATOS - TÚ There are 8 irregular tú-commands to memorize!
Say! Tell! Di… Do! Haz… Go! Ve… Put! Pon… Leave! Sal… Be! Sé… Have…! Ten… Come! Ven…

11 MANDATOS - Negativo Sometimes you will tell someone: DON’T!
If you are talking to UD.: put NO in front of the command. Don’t eat! Sr., ¡no coma! If you are talking to TÚ: put NO then (Ud. command + s) Don’t eat! Paco, ¡no comas!

12 MANDATOS - Since we are working with recetas de la cocina, you will have to be familiar with the verbs! echar agregar añadir verter (vierta…) remover (remueva…) calentar (caliente…)

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