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De los móviles convencionales a Smartphones y Tablets Rudinei Kalil, Motorola Mobility.

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Presentación del tema: "De los móviles convencionales a Smartphones y Tablets Rudinei Kalil, Motorola Mobility."— Transcripción de la presentación:


2 De los móviles convencionales a Smartphones y Tablets Rudinei Kalil, Motorola Mobility

3 1. El Consumidor Era de la información Necesidades básicas Momento Cero de la Verdad Multi-Device ownership Los problemas a resolver 2.La industria Números y Jugadores Sistemas Operativos Tablets 3.Que nos espera en el Futuro? AGENDA

4 El Consumidor

5 Tecnología: Comunicación / Redes Sociales / eCommerce / Publicidad Era de la información

6 El Consumidor


8 La vida digital Musica Fotos / Videos Documentos & Sistemas Juegos, etc SU CONTENIDO MOBILIDAD CASA TRABAJO

9 Y cada dispositivo con su función especifica … Desktop Smartphone Tablet Laptop Work Typing Multitasking Entertainment Manipulating large data sets Video editing Data crunching Image editing Creation Entertainment Portability Flexibility eReader Entertainment Location Communication Constant connection Entertainment For example… Source: TNS Mobile Life 2012: Question B19. Preferred device for activities

10 PC = creación Tablet = Internet Making calls Listen to music Instant messaging/chatting Transfer files and/or music via Bluetooth Bluetooth to connect to headset, speakers or accessories Internet banking View/edit documents, spreadsheets or presentations Online shopping Download content Read eBooks Playing games Note: activities included as preferred by device if preference 20% Source: TNS Mobile Life 2012: Question B19. Preferred device for activities Base: Owners of Smartphones, Laptops and Tablets – 7 key markets n=714 Browse internet Send & receive emails Edit/manage photos & videos Use GPS Instantly be online Use calendar Video calling Download applications Access social networks Stream music from internet Help manage life better Help optimize work day Make VoIP calls

11 La complejidad Having so many different kinds of devices around makes me feel connected. However using multiple devices can be stressful having to manage all of them. Its stressful because you have to constantly be managing all of your devices and updating them with the newest software. (18-23 y.o. female) Price of device and data Repetition of tasks Charging all devices and carrying cords Less quality (face) time with loved ones and friends Portability Syncing content Source: Q212 CRMOTO Qual Bulletin Board (USA, China, Brazil)

12 La Industria

13 Numeros Once-in-a-generation shift in mobile computing 800M Smartphones pero hay 6B de dispositivos móviles $300B es el tamaño de la oportunidad de mercado

14 Crecimiento exponencial 57% 36% 56% 30% CAGR: 38% (millions of smartphones) 172 876 35% 09 – 14E CAGR China Latin America Western Europe North America ROW Source: Gartner. Smartphones as a % of Mobile Market 14%46%

15 Mucho por desarrollar

16 Dura realidad

17 80 años de innovación 19281936194319551969 Company founded 19831996 1991 Worlds first commercial handheld cellular phone DynaTAC 8000X weighed 28-ounces (794 grams) Worlds first GSM cellular system Worlds first dual-mode cellular phone 2004 2006 2009 Iconic RAZR V3 wireless phone introduced MING smart phone recognizes 10,000+ handwritten characters from Chinese alphabet Introduction of MOTOBLUR service The 3.1 ounce (88 grams) StarTac© wearable cellular phone is the worlds smallest and lightest Worlds first portable FM two-way radio Motorola introduced Police Cruiser Radio Receiver Worlds first high-power transistor in commercial production First words from moon relayed via Motorola radio 2010 First push-to-talk Android phone 1990 Worlds first HDTV technical standard 1947 Motorolas first TV 1963 Worlds first truly rectangular color TV tube 2002 Worlds first wireless cable modem gateway introduced 1973 Demonstrated prototype of the DynaTAC portable cellular system World's first handset, iDEN i1000plus, to combine a digital phone, two-way radio, Internet microbrowser, e-mail, fax and two-way messaging 1999 Motorola DROID #1 on Times Top Ten of 2009 Shipped 100 millionth digital set-top boxes – continue #1 in market 2000 Worlds first general packet radio service (GPRS) wireless phone for always on Internet access 2011 Motorola Mobility becomes an independent company NYSE: MMI

18 Sistemas operativos


20 Tablets

21 Existe competencia ;-)

22 El Futuro

23 Syncing content Streamline process – wireless, seamless and hassle free Educate consumers on the process and benefits Repetition of tasks Promote as a benefit of synchronizing across devices Less time with people Accentuate the emotional aspects of communicating with family and friends via smart devices Price of device and data Opportunity to work with carriers to develop smartphone + tablet data plans (e.g. lobby for free wifi in relevant markets) Charging all devices & carrying cords Improve and promote long lasting batteries. Offer universal chargers across Moto devices. Consider wireless chargers Portability Opportunity to develop lighter devices and improve inter- operability and syncing between devices to remove the need to carry multiple devices The Cloud: Google music Google drive Google docs Hangouts @Google+ RAZR MAXX Verizon with DROID Vida mas fácil y mejor, pero hasta cuando?


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