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Capítulo Uno: Primer paso

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1 Capítulo Uno: Primer paso
Today (and tomorrow) you will learn… Saying hello and goodbye Introducing others and responding to an introduction Asking how someone is and saying how you are But first, let’s get to know your textbook a little bit better…

2 Saludos (Hellos) Hola. Buenos días. Buenas tardes. Buenas noches.

3 Adding a title… To be more polite, add one of the following titles to your “saludo”: señor- sir señorita- miss señora- ma’am Ejemplo: Buenas tardes, señora.

4 Práctica: How would you greet each person using the picture as a cue for the time of day?



7 Despedidas (Goodbyes)
Adiós Bueno, tengo clase. Chao. Hasta luego. Hasta mañana. Tengo que irme.

8 Práctica With a partner, practice saying these “despedidas” you just learned. Try not to use your book or notes! I have to go. ‘Bye. See you later. Well, I have class. See you tomorrow. Goodbye.

9 Escuchar Abran los libros a la pagina veintiuno.
Miren (look at) actividad número seis. Saquen una hoja de papel. As you listen, decide whether each person is leaving or arriving and write down key words/phrases that are clues to the answer.

10 Las respuestas 1. Leaving (hasta luego, tengo que irme, chao)
2. Arriving (hola) 3. Arriving (buenos días, hola) 4. Leaving (adiós, hasta mañana) 5. Arriving (buenas tardes) 6. Leaving (bueno, tengo clase; hasta luego) *Lean “la nota cultura” p. 21

11 Introductions Introducing yourself: Me llamo… Soy… (I am…) ¿Y tú?
¿Cómo te llamas? Introducing others: Éste es mi amigo… Ésta es mi amiga… Se llama…

12 To respond to an introduction…
¡Mucho gusto!- Nice to meet you! Encantado/a.*- Delighted to meet you. Igualmente.- Same here. *Boys use “o” and girls use “a.”

13 Práctica What would you say to response to the following situations? Write down your answers. A friend introduces you to a new student. You want to ask the person sitting next to you what their name is. You’ve just been introduced to your new Spanish teacher. You want to tell a new classmate who you are. Your new counselor has just said Mucho gusto. You want to introduce your friend Ana to another classmate.

14 Nuevos amigos Abran los libros a la página veinticuatro.
Miren (look at) actividad número doce. Role-play the conversation with a partner. When finished, find a new partner and role play the conversation again. Keep up with how many people you talk to. The person who conserves with the most people in 5 minutes wins!

15 ¿Cómo estás? Estoy… (I am…) (bastante) bien, gracias. (muy) mal
estupendo/a excelente (muy) mal horrible regular así así más o menos

16 ¿Qué tal? (How’s it going?)
Estoy… cansado/a triste Práctica: Escuchar p. 24 #13

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