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Easy Ways to Improve your Spanish. Get Access to your Textbook online Review the lessons ahead of time Complete all assignments and tests Review all the.

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Presentación del tema: "Easy Ways to Improve your Spanish. Get Access to your Textbook online Review the lessons ahead of time Complete all assignments and tests Review all the."— Transcripción de la presentación:

1 Easy Ways to Improve your Spanish

2 Get Access to your Textbook online Review the lessons ahead of time Complete all assignments and tests Review all the videos and transcripts Practice conversations Participate in Class Takes notes Keep a vocabulary journal Keep in touch with your study buddy

3 Watch American movies with Spanish titles An effortless inexpensive multi-media technique

4 Watch TV novelas (soap operas ) Invaluable source of listening to the spoken language with great diction and clarity Canales de Telenovelas UnivisionGalavisionTelefutura

5 Vocabulario Carry 3-by-5 cards and jot down new words whenever you encountered them in your daily routines Vocabulary Journal Hola Hello Buenos dias Good morning Buenas tardes Good afternoon Buenas noches Good evening; Adios Good-bye Nos vemos See you Hasta luego See you later Hasta la vista See you later Hasta pronto See you soon Hasta manana See you tomorrow Saludos a... Greetings to... Chau Bye. Con permiso Pardon me; Excuse me De nada You're welcome Lo siento I'm sorry

6 Comic Strips Read Comic strips in Spanish language newspapers

7 Grammar Learn the conjugations and grammar in middle school and high school and you should be ready for college. This will give you the base which to build your Spanish language skills. Los Artículos Los Adjetivos Demonstrativos Etc.

8 Practica conversacion…

9 Lee tus libros, el periodico, Internet, etc.

10 Haz tus tareas, escribe

11 Escucha, toma notas

12 ABC: Palabras Positivas Bravo! Buen Trabajo! Genial! Fantastico! Magnifico! Viva! Excelente! Estupendo! Que bien! Fabuloso! Increible! Hurra!

13 Ahora, Vamos a aprender Español…

14 Instrucciones: Abran su libro en la Pagina F2 Contesten las preguntas Tienen 10 minutos para contestarlas

15 Contesta las preguntas- Paginas F2, F3 How did Florida got its name? What strategic significance did St. Augustine have for the Spanish? What Native American people lived in your area? Are there any temple or burial mounds near where you live?

16 Contesta las preguntas- Paginas F4, F5 What is the second largest hispanic Population group in Florida? The third largest? Why might a Florida employer prefer to hire someone who speaks both Spanish and English? Do you know many people who speak Spanish? Why are you study Spanish?

17 Tarea: para mañana Leer en el Textbook online FL6, FL7, FL8, FL9

18 What is in your textbook? FL10 Nota Cultural: You will learn aspects about Floridas unique history and culture Comunidad en Florida: Connects what you are learning to the Spanish-speaking community in Florida. Sunshine State Standards and Benchmarks: The Florida symbol will reference to the Florida Sunshine State Standards Benchmark you are working towards in each activity.

19 What is in your textbook? FL 11, FL 12 Sabias que?: when you see the Florida icon (Did you know…) in the Geocultura section, you will learn interesting facts and information that link the featured country with the state of Florida. Tambien se puede decir: These are phrases that you can hear in the streets of Florida

20 Busqueda de Tesoros -FL13

21 Sunshine State Standards Benchmarks Paginas FL 14, FL 15, FL 16

22 Contenido en Breve Pagina v

23 Porque estudiamos Español? Paginas xii, xiii, xiv, xv

24 Project I Due: September 07, 2007 Brochure: Porque estudias Español? Create a brochure Explaining your motivations for studying Spanish (personal, professional, academic) Explain your objectives and your long term application goals How would you apply Spanish in the course of your life? Illustrate your brochures with drawing or images. Oral presentations in class. No exceptions. Page References in your textbook- Page xii to xv

25 Grading for project: Completion of assignment 30 points Poster/Brochure40 points Effort10 points Presentation20 points

26 En La Clase de Español Vocabulario – pagina xvi Frases: Tengo una pregunta… Como se dice… Como se escribe… No entiendo, puede Repetir.. Mas despacio, por favor.. Sabes que significa?... Gracias.. Perdon.. Respuestas: Si, dime Se dice Se escribe Claro que si..No, no se/..Si significa De nada Esta bien.

27 ABC: Instrucciones de la maestra Levanten la mano Escuchen Su atencion, por favor Silencio, por favor Abran sus libros en la pagina… Cierren los libros Estamos en la pagina Miren la pizarra (…la transparencia) Saquen una hoja de papel Pasen la tarea Pasen los papeles Levantense, por favor Sientense, por favor Repitan despues de mi

28 Instrucciones del libro Completa con una palabra del cuadro Completa el parafo con… Completa las oraciones con la forma correcta del verbo Con base en…contesta cierto o falso. Corrije las oraciones falsas Con un compañero(dramatiza) Contesta las preguntas usando… Contesta (completa) las siguientes preguntas (oraciones) En parejas (grupos), dramatizen… Escoje el dibujo (la respuesta) que corresponde (mejor completa)

29 Instrucciones del libro Escribe, usando el vocabulario de la pagina Escucha las conversaciones. Decide que conversacion (dialogo) corresponde a cada dibujo (foto) Mira las fotos (dibujos) y decide (di, indica) Pon en orden Pregunta a tu compañero(a)

30 Instrucciones del libro Sigue el modelo Turnense para Usa el vocabulario de…para completar Usa una palabra o expresion de cada columna para escribir Usa los dibujos para decir lo que pasa…

31 ABC- How to use Expresate! Listen Visualize Practice Speak Explore Connect Have Fun Buena Suerte

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