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One of the fastest growing companies in history

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2 One of the fastest growing companies in history
Category-creating XanGo Juice Whole fruit mangosteen juice Unprecedented business opportunity XanGo is about making history and is about to do it again

3 XanGo offers stability and growth opportunities amid an economy of uncertainty
XanGo offers a compensation plan that is lucrative and unmatched in the industry XanGo offers products that are simple and unique that keep consumers coming back over and over again

4 XanGo is about to make history again with the upcoming launch of our latest category-creating product that represents another giant leap forward in the health and wellness industry.  This is the most transformational product since XanGo Juice.

5 ¿Esta Fatigado, Estresado, o Deprimido?
History has proven time and again that the greatest opportunities have arisen from the greatest problems, and perhaps the greatest modern problem we personally experience today, and that we see all around us, is that we are all tired, stressed, and depressed. The pace, the pressures and the demands of modern life are huge. The global economic crisis has all of us worried. The pace of change continues to accelerate. We have family obligations, work obligations, church, school, friends, house, cars, traffic, taxes … sometimes it’s a wonder we function at all!

6 El Problema La razón #1 para consultar un medico:
Fatiga, estrés, depresión The number one reason that people go see a doctor is that they are tired, stressed and depressed. In fact, it’s such a problem that 1 in 3 doctors visits are to treat these symptoms. Not injury. Not disease. Not illness. Tired, stressed and depressed.

7 El Problema Colaboradores El Problema real Finanzas trabajo Familia
El cuerpo esta fuera de equilibrio There is no doubt that the economy is a problem and it’s creating lots of financial pressure. Sure spouses and teenagers and babies can be challenging sometimes. Yes, jobs and commutes and bosses and coworkers are difficult. But these aren’t the real problems that are making us feel tired, stressed and depressed. They’re just contributors. The real problem is the way our body responds to these stressors. Stress has always been a part of life and our bodies are designed to help us cope with it. But today’s modern lifestyle and diet, and our constant exposure to stress makes it more difficult for our bodies to work the way they are supposed to work. So we feel bad.

8 Solución de la Sociedad
Levantadores del animo Ayudas para dormir Bebidas energéticas Café Alcohol $80B+ Doctors do all they can to help us using the tools at hand. But the number of visits to doctors just continues to rise. So we treat ourselves too. We tackle tired, stressed and depressed with energy drinks, and coffee, and alcohol and anything else we can get our hands on. And it’s virtually impossible to put a price tag on the enormous amount of money being spent on all the ways that we try to relieve stress, but the current estimate goes beyond $80 billion dollars.

9 Vigor Combinación holística Energía física Agudeza mental
Equilibrio emocional Scientists define vigor as a holistic combination of physical energy, mental acuity, and emotional balance…and that’s what we’re really going for. Vigor really is “wellness” in the biggest possible sense. When we feel good physically, mentally and emotionally, then we have vigor – and when our vigor is low, we tend to spiral down into feeling tired/stressed/& depressed.

10 Perfil de los estados de animo (POMS)
Vigor puede ser medido Perfil de los estados de animo (POMS) Tensión Fatiga Confusión Vigor Depresión Enojo Vigor is something that we can measure in the lab or the clinic – and the vigor score is a very robust, scientifically valid research term from psychology. One way to measure Vigor is using a tool called the “Profile of Mood States” survey – or POMS. The POMS has been used in more than 3,000 studies – making it the true “gold standard” for assessing vigor. Using the POMS, we can not only measure a person’s Vigor – but we can also measure their level of fatigue or energy – their degree of tension or anxiety – and their levels of mental focus and overall mood.

11 Formula X51 ¡Siéntase espléndido nuevamente !
fórmula natural con patente en trámite Restaura el equilibrio metabólico para tener vigor optimo Energía física Agudeza mental Equilibrio emocional One of the reasons that so many people have such a positive response to X51 is because so many people have the disrupted metabolic balance that comes from chronic stress and leads to low Vigor. Our patent-pending, all natural formula certainly doesn’t “remove” stress from our lives, but by restoring metabolic balance, we can feel less “stressed out” and have improved physical, mental, and emotional energy levels.

12 Dr. Shawn Talbott Universidad de Mass, M.S. ciencia de ejercicios
Creador de X51 Universidad de Mass, M.S. ciencia de ejercicios Universidad de Rutgers, Dr., Bioquímica nutricional Autor de 200 artículos y 7 libros sobre la salud, nutrición, y condición física Experiencia con mercadeo en red y ventas directas Bachelor’s degrees in Sports Medicine (B.S.) and Fitness Management (B.A.), Marietta College Master's degree (M.S.) in Exercise Science, University of Massachusetts Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry, Rutgers University. Recipient of a dozen competitive research awards. Published over 200 articles on nutrition, health and fitness. Past Director of the University of Utah Nutrition Clinic

13 Prueba de medida Aumento de energía Mejora en humor Agudeza mental
Mejor sueno Mejor Aguante As you can see on this slide from one of our research studies, we see measures such as Fatigue and Depression being cut by HALF (48% reduction in Fatigue and 52% reduction in Depression). Vigor – that combination of mental/physical/emotional energy – is improved by 27% – which is a huge margin. It’s also important to understand that these are not only “statistically significant” results, but these are meaningful results that people can feel and make use of in their lives.

14 Mi Historia Antes de X51 Después de x51 - Comentario 1 - Commentario2
Tell your X51 story here. How you felt before X51 How you feel after taking X51

15 La Oportunidad Formula x51 Creador de categoría Exclusivo a XanGo
Formula registrada Basado en la ciencia 4 patentes Exclusividad con Shawn Talbott The opportunity in this category is enormous. It’s bigger than anything we’ve seen in our industry before. And we have the answer: Formula X51. And the best news is Formula X51 is available only from XanGo. The formula is proprietary—the product of years of research. XanGo owns the many research studies that back up the product. XanGo owns the four patents pending on the Formula X51’s effectiveness. And XanGo has an exclusive relationship with Dr. Shawn Talbott, the scientist, researcher and formulator behind X51.

16 Formula X51 Suministro de 30 días Prueba de 7 días - paquete de seis
$55 / 55 Vp Prueba de 7 días - paquete de seis $100 / 100 VP Formula X51 is available in limited quantities prior to its formal launch in September with final product name and full marketing materials. 30 day supply $55 and 55 PV 7 day trial six-pack $100 and 100PV Automatic delivery program is also available for on-going consumption

17 Jugo XanGo y Formula X51 Beneficios del jugo XanGo
mejora el sistema inmunológico* Mejora el sistema respiratorio* Mejora el sistema cardiovascular* mejora las funciones de cartílagos y coyunturas* Apoyo Antioxidante Beneficios de la Formula X51 fortaleza física* Agudeza mental * Bienestar emocional* * Estas afirmaciones no han sido evaluadas por la Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos. Este producto no tiene por objeto de diagnosticar, tratar, curar o prevenir ninguna enfermedad Now, the benefits of X51 probably sound pretty good to you. Improved metabolic balance – more energy – better mood – elevated Vigor, but I have to tell you that as good as X51 is, it really only addresses about half of what we know we can control in terms of overall metabolism. The other half of optimal wellness involves balancing what we call oxidative and inflammatory metabolism – and these are two areas in which Xango Juice simply excels. This is why I view X51 as the perfect partner for Xango Juice – together these products help restore metabolic balance within as many areas as we possibly can.

18 Formula X51 ¡Descubra hoy su grado de vigor!
Experimente la mejor semana de su vida We’re so sure you’ll love Formula X51 that we’ve developed a tool to let you prove it to yourself. It’s a simple 10-question survey based on the Profile of Moods States, or POMS—the gold standard in measuring vigor. Hundreds of XanGo distributors have taken the survey before and one week after using Formula X51. The results have been amazing. The survey is now available to everyone online at Not only does it allow you to see your own Vigor score, it allows you to compare your vigor score with others. Experience the best week of your life.


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