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AVE in Aragon Seville, 1-2 October 2009. Aragon location.

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Presentación del tema: "AVE in Aragon Seville, 1-2 October 2009. Aragon location."— Transcripción de la presentación:

1 AVE in Aragon Seville, 1-2 October 2009

2 Aragon location

3 Aragon figures Spain504.782 Aragon47.719 Surface Population 9,54 % 2,89 % HuescaTeruelZaragozaTOTAL Urban47.92332.580638.799719.302 Rural164.978106.753258.551530.282 TOTAL212.901139.333897.3501.249.584

4 Foreing population in Aragón Spain5.268.762 Aragon154.892 Aragón 11,7 % 11,4 % Spain Origin countryInhabitants Romania57.043 Morocco15.108 Ecuador11.521 Colombia7.264 Bulgaria5.350 Portugal4.678 Argeria4.511 Poland3.873

5 The AVE programme in Adult Education Centres

6 Adult Education Centres in ARAGÓN CPEPA Miguel Hernández CPEPA Somontano CPEPA Sobrarbe CPEPA Bajo Cinca CPEPA Ribagorza CPEPA Jacetania CPEPA Cinca Medio CPEPA Alto Gállego CPEPA Monegros CPEPA La Litera AEA Calamocha AEA Caminreal-Torrijo AEA Monreal CPEPA Río Guadalope CPEPA Alcorisa CPEPA Andorra CPEPA Cella CPEPA Cuenca Minera CPEPA Isabel de Segura CPEPA Rubielos de Mora CPEPA Valderobres CPEPA Exea CPEPA El Pósito CPEPA Fuentes CPEPA Alfindén CPEPA Emilio Navarro CPEPA La Almunia CPEPA Marco Valerio Marcial CPEPA Ricardo Sola CPEPA Daroca CPEPA Joaquín Costa CPEPA Gómez Lafuente CPEPA Concepción Arenal CPEPA Casa Canal CPEPA Juan José Lorente CPEPA Margen Izquierda CPEPA Miguel Hernádez (Casetas) Staff Teachers from Aragon Goverment Teachers from Councils / Counties

7 Launch and monitoring Centre equipment Teachers training Teaching process

8 Adult Education Centres 2006-07 year 2007-08 year 2008-09 year HuescaTeruelZaragozaTOTAL 841426 HuescaTeruelZaragozaTOTAL 1071633 HuescaTeruelZaragozaTOTAL 1081634

9 Students and groups YearGroupsStudentsFinish% finish 2006-07884301010,23 2007/081374061050,26 2008/091284921250,25

10 Nationalities Morocco (354) Romanía (283) Brazil (83) Ukraine (66) Italy (18) Bulgaria (39) Poland (131) China (57) Russia (59) Senegal (141) Guinea (19) Gambia (29) Germany (9) Argeria (122) Moldava (12) Netherlands (7) Pakistan (15) Belgium (6) Lithuania (4) Cape Verde (3) Czech Republic (8) USA (7) Finland (2) Hungury (3) United Kingdom (16) Mauritana (10) Portugal (27) Dominican Republic (3) Mali (39) Ghana (10)

11 Teachers training Training in Teacher Training Centres –5 days (20 hours) Training with the AVE platform 54 teachers/year

12 Teaching process How a course is working

13 Students features Literate migrants (Low Secondary Education level at least) They usually settled migrants. So they can speak, but they cant write nor read. They can usually use computers. They usually have a job.

14 Starting guidance INTERVIEW INITIAL ASSESSMENT Computer test A test is available in Ave platform to assign students to courses Writing test According to the result of AVE test, students do a writing test Oral test Students assignment to a course

15 Registration The first assigment to a course is temporary. Students can spend two weeks to check if their course is suitable for them. Registration

16 Methodology Tutors tasks Tutorials Tasks Give news and advice to students. Organize and make easier group communication. Monitoring and student assessment. Work with other teachers. Reviews AVE materials If it is necessary, prepare additional materials to students and upload them on the Bank Resources. Make easier relations between students.

17 Tutorials Semi - distanceDistance Three classes/week: Two 1h. 30 min. classes working with computer. One 1 h. 30 min. class having conversation. They work questions related to they have studied in AVE lessons. They are useful to - Strengthen grammar questions. - Review and widening vocabulary. -Make writing exercises Students work at home. A working calendar agreement is reached. Comunication between students: -Chat rooms. -E-mails, forums, news boards… Communication with the tutor: - Once a fortnight at least. - Organize chats (setting time meetings). - Encourage the forums.

18 Monitoring and assessment Monitoring –AVE monitoring –Answer e-mails. Encouragement messages. Correction messages –Platform revision each two weeks. Assessment –Final assignments –Graphic adventures Certificate

19 Students monitoring

20 Teachers monitoring

21 Conclusions AVE platform has good, appealing, entertaining, well designed materials. Useful tools to communication and monitoring. Suitable contents for daily life. Four language skills are worked Enhance students autonomy. Different learning paces are possible. AVE courses encourage students (appealing materials, self-assessment, communication) Different kinds of teaching are possible: classroom, semi-distance and distance teaching.

22 Challenges Rate of passed students are low (about 25%). We think it is due to: –Social and personal questions (job, familly…) –A certain study level is requiered We have to think new approaches to deal with this issue.


24 Thank you very much for your attention AVE in Aragon Seville, 1-2 October 2009

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