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Page 157 – AVSR 2 Chapter 4 – Realidades 3

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1 Page 157 – AVSR 2 Chapter 4 – Realidades 3
Reflexive Pronouns in Reciprocal Actions

2 Reciprocal Actions To tell what people do to or for one another use the reciprocal pronouns nos and se before the nosotros and ellos forms of the verbs. Mis hermanos y yo no nos peleamos nunca. My brothers and I never fight with each other.

3 Reciprocal Actions When there is an infinitive in the sentence, the pronoun either before the conjugated verb or attached to the infinitive or participle.

4 Reciprocal Actions Vamos a vernos mañana. Nos vamos a ver mañana. We are going to see each other tomorrow. Don´t forget to put an accent on the participle when you attach a pronoun!

5 Reciprocal Actions Rodrigo y Luisa estaban abrazándose en el jardín. Rodrigo y Luisa se estaban abrazando en el jardín. Rodrigo and Luisa were hugging each other in the garden.

6 Reciprocal Actions Here are some examples of reflexive verbs that are used reciprocally.

7 Reciprocal Actions Abrazarse Ayudarse Besarse Comprenderse Conocerse
Contarse Entenderse Escribirse Hablarse Leerse Llamarse Llevarse bien / mal Pelearse Saludarse Verse To hug each other To help each other To kiss each other To understand each other To know each other To tell each other To write to each other To talk to each other To read to each other To call each other To get along with each other To fight with each other To greet each other To see each other

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