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1 JUAN FELIPE GARCÍA art Alejandra

2 Afro-colombian - tribe that uses body painting


4 What is the afro- colombianidad?
Is the representation of a race that is directly descended from black Africans. This breed entered our country through the Spanish, who were brought as laborers for heavy work, as our Indians were not accustomed to heavy work.


6 GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION They lived in these areas until mid-century
ATLANTIC COAST: Bolívar Atlántico Magdalena PACIFIC COAST: Chocó Valle Cauca Nariño They lived in these areas until mid-century


8 CURRENT LOCATION Afro-Colombians today are gone to live to major cities of Colombia, this is due to the guerrilla and crime have been forced to flee their homes. The departments with the highest percentage of Colombians are Chocó, the Archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Valle, Bolivar and Cauca


10 language The Spanish spoken by some Afro-Colombian communities is Palenquero of San Basilio de Palenque, in the department of Bolivar.

11 AFROCARIBEÑOS In the Caribbean coast, African traditions have mixed with indigenous cultural traits, mestizos and Syrian-Lebanese. Thus, the culture of this region comes from multiple roots can be seen in music, religious rituals, customs, food and literature.


13 AFROANTIOQUEÑOS The afroantioqueños initially inhabited the mining area of ​​Antioquia, but have migrated to other municipalities in the last hundred years. Their habits are greatly influenced by cultural and economic dynamics of the Paisas.


15 AFROCHOCOANOS In the department of Chocó, is a group with different customs to Raizal group, as inhabiting a different geographical context and have been influenced by indigenous communities in the region.


17 Famous afro-colombians
María Isabel Urrutia Willington Ortiz Faustino Asprilla Luis Carlos Perea Adolfo Valencia "El Tren" Freddy Rincón Kid Pambelé Francisco Maturana Edgar Perea

18 Tribe that uses body painting
The Wayuu Tribe

19 The Nukak Makú Tribe.

20 The Embera´s Tribe

21 The Ticuna´s Tribe

22 Mask of body painting Most of the indigenous tribes wear masks or paint on the body for different reasons: to protect from the sun, to worship their God, to frighten their enemies, for they are the best way to be beautiful, is also used to distinguish within their classes, also with this they worshiped the dead, etc..


24 BIBLIOGRAPH os/poblacion.html mbianosb/tabid/72/Default.aspx but_5ultimasOEI=10 a-belleza-de-las-Tribus-Surma-y-Mursi.html

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