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El Subjuntivo Discussing what may or may not take place.

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2 El Subjuntivo Discussing what may or may not take place

3 What is it? The subjunctive is a mood. It is used to express an action that is desired or hoped for but that is not necessarily real. –The indicative mood is what all the verb tenses so far have been. It indicates or expresses actions that definitely are taking place, did take place, or will take place. Like a tense, it has its own endings for different times. You’ll learn those gradually over a period of time.

4 Presente del Subjuntivo We’ll discuss when to use the subjunctive later. For now, let’s focus on how to form it. There are 3 steps for the present tense in the subjunctive. 1.Find the present tense yo form. (including stem changes and irregulars) 2.Drop the “o” 3.Add the opposite ending (see next slide)

5 Terminaciones -ar verbs -er/-ir verbs Yo-eNosotros/as-emos Tú -es El/Ella/Usted-eEllos/Ellas/Ustedes-en Yo-aNosotros/as-amosTú-as El/Ella/Usted-aEllos/Ellas/Ustedes-an

6 Ejemplos Hablar –Hablo → Habl- + opposite ending → –Hable, hables, hable, hablemos, hablen Recibir –Recibo → Recib- + opposite ending → –Reciba, recibas, reciba, recibamos, reciban Poner –Pongo → Pong- + opposite ending → –Ponga, pongas, ponga, pongamos, pongan Salir –Salgo → Salg- + opposite ending → –Salga, salgas, salga, salgamos, salgan Conocer –Conozco → Conozc- + opposite ending → –Conozca, conozcas, conozca, conozcamos, conozcan

7 Irregulares DISHES D (Dar)dé, des, dé, demos, den I (ir)vaya, vayas, vaya, vayamos, vayan S (saber)sepa, sepas, sepa, sepamos, sepan H (haber) haya, hayas, haya, hayamos, hayan E (estar)esté, estés, esté, estemos, estén S (ser)sea, seas, sea, seamos, sean

8 Verbos con cambia radical (stem-changers) Pensar (Pienso, Piens-) Contar (Cuento, Cuent-) YoPienseNosotros/as Pensemos TúPienses El/Ella/UstedPienseEllos/Ellas/UstedesPiensen YoCuenteNosotros/as Contemos TúCuentes El/Ella/UstedCuenteEllos/Ellas/UstedesCuenten

9 Verbos con cambia radical (stem-changers) Perder (Pierdo, Pierd-) Volver (Vuelvo, Vuelv-) YoPierdaNosotros/as Perdamos TúPierdas El/Ella/UstedPierdaEllos/Ellas/UstedesPierdan YoVuelvaNosotros/as Volvamos TúVuelvas El/Ella/UstedVuelvaEllos/Ellas/UstedesVuelvan

10 Verbos con cambia radical (stem-changers) Preferir (Prefiero, Prefier-) Dormir (Duermo, Duerm-) YoPrefieraNosotros/as Prefiramos TúPrefieras El/Ella/UstedPrefieraEllos/Ellas/UstedesPrefieran YoDuermaNosotros/as Durmamos TúDuermas El/Ella/UstedDuermaEllos/Ellas/UstedesDuerman

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