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Presentación del tema: "WMTA MONTHLY MEETING JANUARY 2012 WMTA MONTHLY MEETING JANUARY 2012."— Transcripción de la presentación:


2 1.Certified Companies (NEEC-CTPAT) 2. Modification to pedimento code RT. Annex 22 3. Declaration of Value and code PV 4. COVE (Comprobante de valor electronico-Ventanilla Única) Relevant topics in Mexican Customs in the month of January

3 On December 15, 2011 in the 4th modification of the Customs Rules modified the Certified Companies regulations. It included a new type called NEEC. This modification is in effect since Jan. 2, 2012. (Rule 3.8.1) Rule 3.8.1 section L includes this new type of certified company. Includes several sectors moved from other sections of the rule: IMMEX controladoras (apartado E) IMMEX de manufactura y reparación de aeronaves (apartado G) Empresas que cuenten con SECIIT (apartado H) Industria química (apartado K) Other companies can apply for this section L too. The application has general requirements and must have a favorable authorization by (ACAI) Administración Central de Asuntos Internacionales. Certified Companies (NEEC-CTPAT)

4 Requirements to apply section L (NEEC) 1.Have customs transactions for 5 years. New companies can NOT apply. 2.Be able to issue digital fiscal invoices. 3.Apply to ACAI for the favorable authorization mentioned on rule 3.8.1 4.Must comply with the security profile. Terms for authorization: ACAI 100 days (Negativa ficta) Importer 30 days (Application to ACRA) ACRA 40 days Total 6 months Certified Companies (NEEC-CTPAT)

5 Actual authorizations. If you had an authorization when this was published you will continue to benefit until its termination. Limitation. If you do not comply with the requirements as the security profile you cant apply again in the next 2 years for section L. And 6 months for the rest. Certified Companies (NEEC-CTPAT)

6 Declare IC code for certified companies in pedimentos. Jan 2012 ICEmpresa CertificadaDeclarar la clave que corresponda, conforme a lo siguiente: A. Regla 3.8.1., apartado A B. Regla 3.8.1., apartado B D. Regla 3.8.1., apartado D F. Regla 3.8.1., apartado F L. Regla 3.8.1., apartado L Conforme al artículo Séptimo de la Cuarta Resolución de Modificaciones a las RGGMCE 2011, cuando se encuentre vigente su autorización, declarar lo siguiente: C. Regla 3.8.1., apartado C E. Regla 3.8.1., apartado E G. Regla 3.8.1., apartado G H. Regla 3.8.1., apartado H I. Regla 3.8.1., apartado I J. Regla 3.8.1., apartado J K. Regla 3.8.1., apartado K. Certified Companies (NEEC-CTPAT)

7 December 6, 2011 was published the code RT for IMMEX exports: RT Retorno de Mercancías (IMMEX) Retorno al extranjero de mercancía transformada, elaborada o reparada al amparo de un Programa IMMEX. ·Retorno de mercancías extranjeras en su mismo estado, excepto cuando se trate del retorno de envases y empaques, etiquetas y folletos importados temporalmente al amparo de un Programa IMMEX, que se utilicen en la exportación de mercancía nacional, para lo cual deberán utilizar la clave de documento A1. This means that all exports by IMMEX (raw materials, fix assets, finish goods, service maquila, and scrap) must use code RT and not H1 how we did in the past. Since December. This resolves the problem we had in declaring value added in pedimento H1. Modification to pedimento code RT. Annex 22

8 Addition of code PV in Annex 22 of Customs Rules on December 6, 2011. ( Prueba de Valor) This relates to the elimination of countervailing duties to China on December 11, 2011. The Mexican government and the representatives of the affected industries in Mexico concerned that this products would enter under declaring the value of this goods, created a mechanism to verify the international value of this goods. Since December 15, 2011 Customs is verifing the value of this goods declared in the pedimentos thru the prevalidation process. Declaration of Value and code PV

9 SAT thru Customs is doing a risk analysis on sensitive HTS classifications. The first phase includes 413 HTS for textiles, then they will include shoes, clothing and toys. PV- Prueba de valor.PIndicar que el agente aduanal cuenta con la documentación y medios de prueba necesarios para comprobar el valor declarado de conformidad con la fracción III del artículo 59 de la Ley. Customs Broker can declare PV only if they have the Declaration of Value signed by the importer. This is issued every 6 months. They can not determine valuation method, and related parties, etc. We cant have access to the values they determined. Consequence: investigation to Importer or Broker, fines and duties. Declaration of Value and code PV

10 Legal support for Ventanilla Única and COVE January 14, 2011 Decree that establishes the Ventanilla Digital Mexicana de Comercio Exterior. (12 Articles and 2 Transitory) January 13, 2012 Rule 3.1.31 COVE. COVE is also funamentated in Art. 36 of Customs Law (Administración de Competencias y Modernización Aduanera) COVE Its similar to the e-manifest for US Customs. COVE (Comprobante de valor electronico-Ventanilla Única)

11 What is COVE? Its a system that receives electronically the value of the goods that will be imported or exported. Objectives? Simplify and substitute all documents that manifest values that are presented to Customs. When is obligatory? March 1st, 2012 COVE (Comprobante de valor electronico-Ventanilla Única)

12 Procedure: 1. Importer, exporter or Custom Broker access with electronic signature (FIEL) and clicks on 2. Enter the information related to the value on web site. This process can be done electronically too, if you have the interphase. 3. COVE will provide an e-document as confirmation 4. Custom Broker declares e-document in pedimento or pedimento consolidado. 5. Custom Broker validates, pays and presents pedimento to Customs. 6. Customs verifies documents electronically in COVE. COVE (Comprobante de valor electronico-Ventanilla Única)

13 Contact Info Brokerage & Logistics Solutions, Inc. Ricardo Rebeil (619)671-0276


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