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SAT-10 th edition Parent Night Doral Academy Elementary 2 nd Grade Team.

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1 SAT-10 th edition Parent Night Doral Academy Elementary 2 nd Grade Team

2 What is the SAT? The SAT-10 is a district mandated assessment carried out to obtain District-wide data about student performance. El SAT-10 es un examen mandatorio por el distrito para obtener datos de los estudiantes en todas las escuelas en el distrito.

3 How is the data used? The test provides achievement data that can be used to compare our students’ performance with the performance by the students in the nation. El examen provee datos de los logros academicos que puede ser usado para comparar la prueba de rendimiento de nuestros estudiantes a los estudiantes en toda la nacion.


5 National Stanines Stanines are nationalized standard scores that range from a low of 1 then 2,3,4,…to a high of 9. Like percentile ranks, stanines indicate a students relative standing in a reference group. They are particularly useful for comparing a student’s scores across the subtests in a stanine profile. 1,2, and 3 are below average 4,5, and 6 are average 7, 8, and 9 are above average

6 Grades 2 Reading Comprehension One of the two parts of the test is Reading Comprehension. Reading Comprehension consists of several passages (approximately 8-9 passages) wherein students must answer multiple choice questions. Students must complete this section on their own. Nothing is read to them. Una de las dos partes del examen es comprension en lectura. La parte esta incluye varios cuentos (aprx. 8-9 cuentos) donde los niños tienen que contestar preguntas. Esta seccion ellos los tienen que hacer solitos. Nada se les puede leer.

7 Reading Skills Grade 2 Author’s Purpose & Perspective Main Idea Chronological Order Cause & Effect Supporting Details Text Structures/Organizational Patterns Theme/Topic Compare/Contrast Text Features and Informational Text

8 Grades 2 Mathematics The second part of the test is Mathematics. Listening skills are very important in this section. The test is completely oral. Students need to listen to a word problem and listen to keywords to be able to solve the problem. THE QUESTION WILL ONLY BE READ TO STUDENTS ONCE. La segunda parte del examen consiste de Matematicas. La habilidad de escuchar es importante en esta seccion. El examen es completamente oral. Los estudiantes tienen que escuchar a un problema que lo lee la maestra y tienen que poder analizar y soluccionar el problema. Le pregunta solamente sera leida una vez para los estudiantes.

9 Mathematics Skills Grade 2 Math Skills that will be assessed are: Following Directions ( questions are only read once) Adding and Subtracting (Single and double digit) Place Value Algebra (including Patterns and relationships) Skip Counting Money Measurement Data, Statistics, Probability (charts, tallies, graphs…) *** Sample Question

10 SAT Math Practice Problem Listen to question read by teacher and circle the correct answer below.

11 What we do to prepare SAT practice home folder- Students can keep all the practice samples we complete at school in this folder at home. Practice Math tests are given orally and in the same format as SAT in class. Reading homework is multiple choice just like the test. (Given since the 2 nd quarter) S.A.T Dailies Reading lessons reinforce the skills covered on the assessment. Task Cards are used in centers Cuaderno de SAT- Al comienzo de clase en lectura/matematica los estudiantes practican una pagina en su cuaderno. Los examenes de matematicas (capitulos) son oral y en el mismo formato que el SAT. La tarea de lectura es practica como el SAT

12 SAT Test Dates Monday, April 13: Reading Tuesday, April 14: Mathematics

13 Students are recommended to go to bed early the day before and eat a good balanced breakfast the morning of the test. Be on time. Bring a sweater. Bring snacks. The test is taken on two separate days and each session is not timed. Es recomendable que los estudiantes se acuesten a dormir temprano el dia anterios del examen y comer un buen desayuno en la mañana. El examen se toma en dos dias diferentes y cada sesion se demora aproximadamente 60 minutos. Day of the Test


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