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El Presente Perfecto.

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1 El Presente Perfecto

2 El Presente Perfecto In English we form the present perfect tense by adding have or has to the past participle of a verb: he has seen, have you tried?, they haven’t eaten.

3 El Presente Perfecto To form the past participle of a verb in Spanish, you add -ado to the stem of ar verbs and -ido to the stem of most -er/-ir verbs.

4 Formación Verbos -ER & -IR Verbos –AR Coger  Cog-  Cogido
Comer  Comido Vivir  Vivido Fingir  Fingido Verbos –AR Cantar  Cant--  Cantado Cortar  Cortado

5 El Presente Perfecto To form the present-perfect tense, we combine this past participle with the present tense of the verb haber.

6 HABER he hemos has habéis ha han

7 El Presente Perfecto We generally use the Spanish present perfect in the same way we use its English equivalent.

8 El Presente Perfecto I have rented You have rented He, She It
has rented We have rented You have rented They have rented

9 El Presente Perfecto he alquilado has alquilado ha alquilado
hemos alquilado habéis alquilado han alquilado

10 El Presente Perfecto I have chosen You have chosen He, She It
has chosen We have chosen You have chosen They have chosen

11 El Presente Perfecto he escogido has escogido ha escogido
hemos escogido habéis escogido han escogido

12 El Presente Perfecto I have decided You have decided He, She It
has decided We have decided You have decided They have decided

13 El Presente Perfecto he decidido has decidido ha decidido
hemos decidido habéis decidido han decidido

14 El Presente Perfecto No he alquilado un video hoy.
I haven’t rented a video today.

15 El Presente Perfecto ¿Qué programa han escogido?
What program have they/you chosen?

16 El Presente Perfecto Notice if the verb haber comes before the past participle, the past participle always ends with an -O.

17 El Presente Perfecto Ricardo ha grabado su película favorita.
Sus hermanos han grabado una telenovela.

18 El Presente Perfecto Like everything in a foreign language, there will be exceptions.

19 El Presente Perfecto Caer  Caído Leer  Leído Oír  Oído Creer Creído

20 El Presente Perfecto Notice that we place no and other negative words, object pronouns, and reflexive pronouns directly in front of the form of the verb haber.

21 El Presente Perfecto Has alquilado esa película alguna vez?
No, no la he alquilado nunca.

22 El Presente Perfecto Some verbs have irregular past participles.
Memorize this acronym: REVV MAC PHDD

23 R roto E escrito V visto V vuelto M muerto A abierto C cubierto P puesto H hecho D dicho D devuelto Romper Escribir Ver Volver Morir Abrir Cubrir Poner Hacer Decir Devolver

24 El Presente Perfecto Subjuntivo
The present perfect subjunctive is used to express an emotion or feeling about something that has happened. (In your notes there are too many spaces. Lo siento! It is formed with the subjunctive of the verb HABER and the past participle. *We have already learned the past participles/ *However, we need to know the subjunctive formation of HABER for when we are using doubt or other triggers of the subjuncive to describe things that have happened.

25 El Presente Perfecto Subjuntivo Formación
present subjunctive of haber + past participle = present perfect subjunctive yo haya hayas él/ella/ Ud. nosotros (as) hayamos vosotros (as) hayáis ellos/ellas/Uds. hayan The past participle is formed with the stem of the verb plus: ado - for -ar verbs ido - for -er and -ir verbs hablar---> hablado (spoken) comer---> comido (eaten) vivir---> vivido (lived)

26 Present perfect subjunctive for hablar (to speak)
yo haya hablado (I have spoken) hayas hablado (you have spoken) él/ella/ Ud. (he/she has spoken, you have spoken) nosotros (as) hayamos hablado (we have spoken) vosotros (as) hayáis hablado (you guys have spoken) ellos/ellas/Uds. hayan hablado (you all/they have spoken)

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