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¿Pretérito o Imperfecto?

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1 ¿Pretérito o Imperfecto?

2 Pretérito --AR VERBS -é -aste -ó -amos -asteis -aron
--ER/--IR VERBS -í -iste -ió -imos -isteis -ieron

3 Pretérito Specifically when an action took place

4 Pretérito 1. Actions are completed, single events
Nosotros fuimos a la tienda ayer. We went to the store yesterday. 2. Actions can occur more than once if there is a specific end Me cepillé los dientes 3 veces. I brushed my teeth 3 times. 3. Series of actions Cené, me arreglé, y fui al teatro. I ate dinner, got ready, and went to the theatre.

5 Pretérito 4. Actions always have a specific beginning or end, though it is not always stated Los alumnos miraron la televisión. The students watched television. 5. Action that interrupts another, ongoing action Mientras trabajábamos, Carmen durmió la siesta. While we were working, Carmen took a nap.

6 Imperfecto --AR VERBS -aba -abas -ábamos -abais -aban
--ER/--IR VERBS -ía -ías -íamos -íais -ían

7 Imperfecto Generally when an action took place

8 Imperfecto 1. Actions that do not have a definite beginning or end
Mis amigos navegaban la red. My friends surfed the Net. 2. Actions are continuous, habitual, or repeated Cuando eras joven, tú jugabas al tenis. When you were young, you played tennis.

9 Imperfecto 3. Actions that occur at the same time as another (not an interruption) David leía cuando Esteban estudiaba. David read while Esteban studied. 4. Actions that give background information, such as: time, age, physical or emotional conditions, states-of-being, characteristics, or description Cuando tenían 7 años, los hermanos vivían en Madrid. When they were 7 years old, they lived in Madrid.

10 Verbs that change meaning
Pretérito Imperfecto Conocer Poder Querer No querer Saber Tener Met Could, succeeded Tried Refused Discovered, found out Received, got Knew Could Wanted Didn’t want Had, used to have

11 Key Words and Phrases: Pretérito
Ayer Anteayer Anoche Entonces Esta mañana La semana pasada El año pasado Hace 2 años Yesterday Day before yesterday Last night Then, back then This morning Last week Last year 2 years ago

12 Key Words and Phrases: Imperfecto
A menudo A veces Cada día/ todos los días Con frecuencia De vez en cuando Generalmente Mucho Siempre/nunca Often Sometimes Each day/ every day Frequently Once in a while Generally A lot Always/ never

13 Práctica Cisco (pescar) con su abuelo cada verano.
Pescaba Julio y Pedro (pescar) con sus abuelos la semana pasada. Pescaron Yo siempre (acostarse) tarde. Me acostaba Pero anoche tú (acostarse) temprano. Te acostaste

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