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Español 1: capítulo 5 gramática 2 Tocar and parecer.

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1 Español 1: capítulo 5 gramática 2 Tocar and parecer

2 In the situations were learning about today, we will use the verbs tocar and parecer like the way we use the verb gustar. Remember: gustar uses pronouns to say who likes something and the verb agrees in number with what is liked. Me gustan las películas de terror. Te gusta jugar tenis. A mi hermana menor le gustan los libros. Nos gusta el jardín. Os gustan los videojuegos. A mis padres no les gusta la comida china.

3 Tocar means to touch or to play an instrument, but we also use it to: 1.Say what you have to do 2.Say what your duties are 3.Say whose turn it is to do something To say these phrases, use tocar like gustar and follow it with an infinitive. Me toca(n)Nos toca(n) Te toca(n)Os toca(n) Le toca(n)Les toca(n)

4 In this chapter, we will most likely be using tocar with chore vocabulary, such as: Cocinar Cortar el césped Hacer la cama Limpiar Sacar la basura Pasar la aspiradora Cuidar a.. Arreglar Lavar los platos Ayudar en casa – to help around the house Hacer los quehaceres – to do chores Me toca…

5 Parecer means to seem and it is commonly used to ask for and give opinions When using parecer in this way we also use it like gustar and follow it with certain phrases. Me parece(n)Nos parece(n) Te parece(n)Os parece(n) Le parece(n)Les parece(n)

6 Some phrases to give opinions that use parecer include: Me parece bien Its alright with me Me parece injusto It seems unfair to me Some other phrase to give opinions or to complain include: No es gran cosa Its no big deal ¡Qué lata! What a pain!

7 Tell your sister its her turn to do chores and your turn to have fun Modelo: A ti te toca limpiar el baño. A mí me toca jugar. 1.Descansar / cortar el césped 2.Lavar los platos / ir de compras 3.Cocinar / ver televisión 4.Jugar / hacer la cama 5.Leer / limpiar la casa 6.Limpiar el baño / cantar

8 How do you feel about these activities? 1.Trabajar en el jardín 2.Vivir en el campo 3.Jugar con los perros 4.Ir al centro comercial 5.Jugar videojuegos 6.Hablar por teléfono 7.Bailar 8.Hacer ejercicio

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