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Ms. Macky Mitma Ms. Rossy Rivas Plata. * María Cristina Castro Conroy de Mitma (Macky)

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Presentación del tema: "Ms. Macky Mitma Ms. Rossy Rivas Plata. * María Cristina Castro Conroy de Mitma (Macky)"— Transcripción de la presentación:

1 Ms. Macky Mitma Ms. Rossy Rivas Plata

2 * María Cristina Castro Conroy de Mitma (Macky)

3 * Rossy Rivas Plata

4 Nuestra misión es ofrecer a nuestros alumnos las herramientas necesarias para que persistan en su pasión por el aprendizaje, sean íntegros y tengan la capacidad de crear soluciones socialmente responsables.

5 PYP Profile - Inquires - Investigadores - Thinker - Pensadores - Communicators – Buenos comunicadores - Risk-takers - Audaces - Knowledgeable - Informados - Principled – Con principios - Caring - Solidarios - Open-minded – De mente abierta - Well-balanced - Equilibrados - Reflective - Reflexivos

6 PYP Attitudes - Appreciation – Apreciación - Commitment - Compromiso - Confidence - Confianza - Cooperation - Cooperación - Creativity - Creatividad - Curiosity - Curiosidad - Empathy - Empatía - Enthusiasm - Entusiasmo - Independence - Independencia - Integrity - Integridad - Respect - Respeto - Tolerance - Tolerancia

7 Class Time: 40 minutes HoraLunMarMiércJuevVier 8:05 – 8:453ro4to2do3ro4to 8:50 – 9:302do5to3ro 9:35 – 10:155to 9:55 – 10:351ro 10:40 – 11:204to2do5to4to5to 11:25 – 12:051ro3ro4to1ro 12:55- 1:35 1:40 – 2:205to1ro2do

8 Homework: 10 a 15´ Spanish 10 a 15´English 20 – 30`minutes

9 Internet For homework to be done, must be completed and brought to class.

10 If homework is not done: 1) Oral warningWarning 2) Green slip Parents need to sign 3) Yellow slipE-mail to parents 4) Red slipMeeting with parents

11 Reading Club


13 Listening and Speaking – Level 1 Communicate on a basic level with native speakers. Respond by actions to commands with classroom activities. Comprehend and follow simple directions. Participate in simple conversations related to: - Date- Parts of the body - Shapes- Colors - Numbers- Clothing - Family- home and furniture - Community helpers- Place of work - Toys and games- Foods - Weather- Classroom objects - Animals- Transportation

14 Listening and Speaking – Level 2 Know how to give and follow instructions. Listen to and comprehend interesting stories appropiate fo the students level. Answer basic questions. Use appropriate idiomatic expressions : tengo hambre, tengo sueño, tengo sed, tengo frío, etc. Use appropriate vocabulary. Speak in complete sentences.

15 Reading – Level I Read vocabulary words and Spanish sentences that have bee learned orally. Comprehend short stories using vocabulary and pictures clues. Identify characters and facts. Read selected material of interest to them that is appropiate to their level. Reading – Level II Read and understand short leveled stories. Read out loud with intonation. Make predictions. Paraphrase.

16 Writing – Level 1 Write most of the vocabulary that can be produced orally. Write simple sentences based on the oral content. Learn to use correctly Spanish syllable sounds. Learn to use correctly Spanish consonants and vowels. Writing – Level 2 Demonstrate knowledge of Spanish consonants, vowels and syllable sounds. Write short stories, riddles, descriptions, and short paragraphs. Edits for capitals and punctuation with guidance. Writes legibly.

17 Grammar – Level 1 Apply grammar concepts to written and spoken language. Learn basic verbs. Conjugate regular AR verbs in the present tense. Use verb gustar. Demonstrates knowledge of Subject-verb and article agreement. Grammar – Level 2 Apply grammar concept to written and spoken languages. Use verbs SER, ESTAR and IR. Conjugate regular AR verbs in the present tense. Conjugate regular ER and IR verbs in the present tense.

18 Cultural Awareness Understand differences among cultures: Food, weather, seasons, holidays, games. Learn to adapt to a new environment. Learn songs in Spanish. Technology Use technology as a tool for learning and communication. Level 2 - research We work in coordination with homeroom teachers to reinforce the PYP Program.

19 Webpage:

20 We use: Positive: Good job On task Participation Effort Negative Talks in English Did not bring his/her homework Not on task Disrespectful Reading from a-z books Information about projects Etc.

21 Thematic year:

22 Expectations Bring all materials to class. Behavior If the student did not finish classwork, he/she will take it home to finish it. Homework – games

23 Little Secrets Communication with parents extremely important. Have a dictionary at home (inglés - español /hebreo – español/coreano - español) Invite friends (Spanish speakers) over to your house. Practice is the key to success.

24 Doubts or questions

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