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Subject Pronouns & Ser.

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1 Subject Pronouns & Ser

2 Repaso de Gramática What is a subject?
All complete sentences in Spanish must have a _________ and a _______. What is a subject? Who or what the sentence is talking about Ejemplo: Maria is nice. Subj. = The store is big Subj. = subject verb

3 What is a subject pronoun?
Subject pronouns replace the subject but do not change the meaning of the sentence. Ejemplo: Maria is nice. The boys are tall.

4 SUBJECT PRONOUNS singular plural 1st Person Yo Nosotros(as)
Vosotros(as) 2nd Person Él Ellos 3rd Person Ustedes Usted Ellas Ella

5 Practica (in the following sentences, identify the subject then replace it with the appropriate Spanish subject pronoun.) Susana is tall. Liliana and Juan are friends The boys are in the park. Felipe lives in a big white house. You are very nice.

6 Self-Check (subject pronouns)
What is a subject? What do you need in order to create a complete sentence? What are subject pronouns? What are your subject pronouns in Spanish?

7 LOS VERBOS (That’s What’s Happening!)

8 Verbs All verbs in Spanish end in –ar/-er/-ir
You cannot have a complete sentence without a subject and a conjugated verb.

9 What is an infinitive? bailo abrir patinas leer
The unconjugated form of the verb (identify the infinitives) bailo abrir patinas leer

10 Ser (to be) “to be” is the hardest verb in English to understand. Why do we use “ser”? To describe people or things To tell what someone or something is. Ejemplos I am nice Maria is tall We are doctors.

11 TO BE am are soy somos are are sois eres is are es son English Spanish

12 soy somos eres sois es son
Ser can be matched to your subject pronouns to create complete sentences. Yo Nosotros soy somos Vosotros eres sois Él, Ella, Usted Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes es son

13 Grammar Video aYs

14 Ejemplos Yo ___________ de Perú. (I am from Perú.)
María _______ de Colombia. (María is from Colombia.) Nosotros __________ de Uruguay. (We are from Uruguay.)

15 Practica I. Fill in the blank Carlos y Paco ________ de Venezuela.
Nina y yo __________ de Cuba. Sra. Rodriquez __________ maestra. Los chicos _________ estudiantes. II. Translate I am from Puerto Rico. The girls are friends. We are from Bolivia.

16 Practica (cont.) III. Answer the questions ¿Eres de Cuba?
¿Son Miguel y Juan de Nicaragua? ¿Eres doctor o estudiante?

17 Time to Practice what you have learned!
Self-Check (Ser) What does “ser” mean? Why do we use “ser”? How do we conjugate “ser”? Time to Practice what you have learned!

18 Speaking and Writing Practice
Draw a chart Ask 10 people where they are from in Spanish. Record the information on your chart. Once you have 10 have a seat and wait until everyone is finished you will write a story in completely in Spanish based on the information that you have gathered.

19 Example El estudiante Es de… Miguel Trenton Juana Pollocksvill e Viviana Maysville Maria New Bern Liliana Jose Yo Soy de New Bern Translate!!! Hello, my name is… I have (yo tengo) 10 friends. We are from different places (lugares diferentes). [Write sentences that describe where you all are from based on your results]

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