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Esquema del sistema nervioso central de un mamífero.

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Presentación del tema: "Esquema del sistema nervioso central de un mamífero."— Transcripción de la presentación:

1 Esquema del sistema nervioso central de un mamífero

2 Esquema de vías sensoriales

3 Esquema de vías motoras

4 Circuitos en bucle

5 Organización de la médula espinal

6 CPGs La marcha del gato

7 CPG en ausencia del cerebro anterior

8 Organización topográfica de la corteza

9 El homúnculo motor

10 Vías motoras

11 Contribución del cerebelo

12 Contribución de los ganglios basales

13 Vías motoras en el cerebro humano corteza motora Núcleo rojo Tracto cortico-espinal

14 Vías motoras laterales

15 Vías motoras mediales

16 Asimetría del cerebro humano

17 Memoria semántica

18 Afasia de Broca: Picture of a boy being hit in the hand by a baseball The boy is catch... the boy is hitch... the boy is hit the ball. Picture of a girl giving flowers to her teacher Girl.. wants to... flowers... flowers and wants to... The woman... wants to... The girl wants to... the flowers and the woman.

19 Afasia de Wernicke -What kind of work did you do before you came into the hospital? - Never, now mista oyge I wanna tell you this happened when happened when he rent. His – his kell corne down here and is – he got ren something. It happened. In thesse ropiers were with him for hi – is friend – like was. And it just happened so I dont know, he did not bring around anything. And he did not pay it. And he roden all o these arranjen from the pedis on form is pescid. In these floors now and so. He hadnt had em round here. toothbrush -> stoktery cigarrette -> cigarrette pen -> tankt knife -> nike fork -> fahk quarter -> minkt pen -> spentee matches -> senktr key -> seek comb -> sahk

20 Afasia de conducción Examiner:bicycle Patient:bicycle Examiner:hippopotamus Patient:hippopotamus Examiner:blaynge Patient:I didnt get it... Examiner:Its not a real word, its just a sound. Blaynge. Patient:Im not... Examiner:beach Patient:beach Examiner:north Patient:north Examiner:rilld Patient:Nope, I cant say it.

21 Afasia de conducción: Examiner: house Patient:home Examiner:chair Patient:sit Examiner:The autos leaking gas tank soiled the roadway. Patient:The cars tank leaked and made a mess on the street.

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