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Recuerdos del Pasado Español 2 Capítulo 4A. portarse mal to behave badly.

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Presentación del tema: "Recuerdos del Pasado Español 2 Capítulo 4A. portarse mal to behave badly."— Transcripción de la presentación:

1 Recuerdos del Pasado Español 2 Capítulo 4A

2 portarse mal to behave badly

3 Molestar to bother someone

4 de niño, -a as a child

5 mentir to lie

6 el patio de recreo the playground

7 De Pequeño as a child

8 el mundo

9 la muñeca

10 todo el mundo

11 el tren eléctrico

12 pelearse

13 ofrecer

14 generoso, -a

15 De vez en cuando

16 portarse bien

17 la cuerda

18 el vecino, la vecina

19 desobediente

20 la moneda

21 el muñeco

22 travieso, -a

23 Obediente

24 el dinosaurio

25 la verdad

26 los bloques

27 saltar a la cuerda

28 obedecer

29 permitir

30 la colección

31 Por lo general

32 el triciclo

33 la guardería infantil

34 tímido, -a

35 coleccionar

36 bien educado, -a

37 el oso de peluche

38 la tortuga

39 el pez

40 Consentido


42 Cápitulo 4A Vocabulario

43 Las Reglas One class member will begin by standing beside the desk of a fellow class member A picture will appear on the screen The first of the 2 students to correctly identify the picture wins that round The winner of the round remains standing and moves to the next desk If the standing student does not win the round he or she must sit at the desk of the student who defeated him or her The winner is the student who remains standing for the longest period of time

44 Password Game The class will be divided into 2 teams. Each round 3 members of the team will come forward. They will sit with their backs to the screen. People on their team will have 30 seconds to describe what is on the screen to the 3 guessers. If those 3 people correctly guess the vocabulary word in Spanish in the 30 seconds, that team will win 1 point for that round. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

45 A few other things Everyone on your team will be giving clues at the same time, so lets try to keep the chaos organized. People giving clues may use their books, while the people guessing may not. No yelling/screaming. Also, you will lose the point for that round if people on your team are cheating. (This means you cant just tell them the word, even if it is accidental.)

46 Giving Clues When giving clues, you must be creative. You cannot say rhymes with… You cannot just tell them the word in English. For example, if your word was liquidación, you might say: – Red dot – Day after Thanksgiving – Good deals – Etc.

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