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7th grade Spanish ¡BIENVENIDOS! Sra. Sharon Gardiner

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1 7th grade Spanish ¡BIENVENIDOS! Sra. Sharon Gardiner
Sra. Gelmarik Martinez Sra. Jamie Rongione


(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents.) Why Study Spanish? Student Activity Treasure Hunt Activities Student Activities (PDF) Para empezar Practice Activities List of Spanish names More practice: los números More practice: el cuerpo More practice: la sala de clases More practice: el calendario More practice: el tiempo Canciones de hip hop Audio Files Puzzles

4 Spanish I 7th grade – 4/cycle 8th grade – everyday Homework
Participation Quizzes Tests Projects

5 World Language Standards &Goals
Our Standards 21st Century Skills- Interdisciplinary/Core subjects and 21st Century Skills Communication, Collaboration, Flexibility and Adaptability, Social and Cross-Cultural skills, Information, Media and Technology literacy Authentic materials- Authentic speaking-project each chapter Cultural portfolio- Carpeta cultural Risk taking and literacy-Try your best!

6 How to be successful Attend class regularly Be prepared
Do all assignments Study every day ASK QUESTIONS WHEN NEEDED! Access activities on-line

7 NSE OPC AP Spanish Spanish Club Montco partnership?
Opportunities available: OPC Spanish Club Spanish Exchange AP Spanish NSE Montco partnership?

8 Contact the teacher if needed
Sra. Gardiner – Sra. Martinez – Sra. Rongione –

9 ¡Muchas gracias por su asistencia!
BUENAS NOCHES ¡Muchas gracias por su asistencia! Thank you for coming!

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