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La enseñanza del idioma inglés se hace presente en el Plan y Programas de Estudio de las Licenciaturas de Contaduría Pública y Administración de la Facultad.

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Presentación del tema: "La enseñanza del idioma inglés se hace presente en el Plan y Programas de Estudio de las Licenciaturas de Contaduría Pública y Administración de la Facultad."— Transcripción de la presentación:


2 La enseñanza del idioma inglés se hace presente en el Plan y Programas de Estudio de las Licenciaturas de Contaduría Pública y Administración de la Facultad de Contaduría y Administración de la Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca, a partir de la reforma curricular del año 2003, atendiendo las necesidades de formación en competencias de los estudiantes de ambas licenciaturas. La pertinencia del idioma inglés en esta reforma, tiene su razón de ser en la demanda que experimenta a nivel mundial, y su aprendizaje, se vuelve indispensable en la formación de los estudiantes, ya que ser competentes en otra lengua, les permite acceder, no solo al conocimiento de otra cultura, sino a tener mejores oportunidades en el ámbito laboral y/o continuar sus estudios de posgrado; así como ampliar su visión del mundo y fortalecer su desempeño personal y profesional.

3 Fortalecer los procesos de enseñanza y aprendizaje del idioma inglés como lengua adicional al Español en el Programa Indicativo de la asignatura de Lengua Extranjera Intermedia de la Licenciatura en Contaduría Pública, a través de actividades específicas de aprendizaje, para elevar la calidad académica de los estudiantes de la FCA, conforme al nivel A2 del Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas.

4 El presente trabajo tiene como meta realizar durante la clase, actividades específicas para principiantes en el aprendizaje de la lengua inglesa, con la finalidad de fortalecer los procesos de enseñanza y aprendizaje del Programa Indicativo de la asignatura de Lengua Extranjera Intermedia del Plan de Estudios 2003 de la Licenciatura en Contaduría Pública, para así contribuir, al desarrollo de esta competencia comunicativa, planteada en el Modelo Educativo de la UABJO.

5 Articles: a, an, the Verb TO BE Present Continuos Tense Simple Present Tense Can There is / There are Comparatives Superlatives Readings in present

6 1. ___ Jeanette is ___ French. She lives in ___village in ___ France. ___village is near ___ Paris, so she often goes there. ___ Jeanette lives in ___ yellow house in ___ centre of ___ village. ___ house has ___ living room, ___ two bedrooms ___ kitchen and ___ bathroom. There is also ____ big studio. ___ Jeanette works there. She´s ____ artist. She paints ___ pictures. In front of ___ house there is ___ big garden. There are ___ flowers, ___ apple tree, ___ vegetable garden and ____ dog house in ___ garden. ___ Jeanette´s dog ___ Rex, sleeps in ___ dog-house. 2. ___ Dennis is my best friend. He´s ____ student. He lives on ___ Prince Street. Every day he wakes up, has ___ breakfast and goes to ____ school. He likes school and wants to become ____ teacher. After school, he has ___ guitar lesson. He likes ___ music very much and he plays ___ guitar very well. He has ____ old guitar. It´s ___ present from his father.

7 1. Where are you? ___ ___ in the living room. 2. Where are they? ___ ____ in the garage. 3. Where is Sofía? ____ ____ in the yard 4. Where ____ Rogelio and you? ____ ____ in the dining room. 5. ____ you at school? Yes, I ____. 6. ____ Jimmy at home? No. He ____ at the university. 7. Where ____ Peter and Jose? ____ ____ at work. 8. ____ Nancy at the hospital? Yes, She ____. 9. ____ Dr. Neesom at school? Yes, ___ ____. 10. Where ____ Alice? ____ ____ in the cafeteria. 11. My friends and I ____ in the classroom. 12. ____ George from Athens? No. ____ ____ from Italy. 13. ____ you 22 yeas old? No. ____ _____ 25. 14. ____ they your friends? Yes! ____ _____ good friends. 15. Where ____ she from? ____ ____ from Australia.

8 1. Hi. _____ name is Jae-won Park. This is _____ friend. ________ name is Kun- woo Lee. We ____ from Korea. ______ is from Seoul and I _____ from Pusan. 2. Hi. ______ name is Nelson da Silva. I ____ a photographer. This is ______ wife. ______ name is Gloria. We ______ from Sao Paulo, Brazil. 3. Hi. ______ name _____ Sarah Kilbane. ____ _____ an English teacher. _____ _______ from Toronto, Canada. But ______ parents ______ from Canada. ______ ______ from Ireland. _________ names are Paul and Maggie. 4. Hi. ________ name is Lucy. ____ _____ from USA. This _____ ________ husband. _______ name ______ John and _____ ______ from Mexico. We ______ in London. This is _______ dog, ______ name is Rufo. 5. Hi. I _____ Edward. _____ ______ a taxi driver. _____ ______ from Chicago. This _____ ________ friend. _______ and ________ girlfriend, Lula _________ from Oregon. _______ __________ from Brazil. 6. Hi. _____ ________ Allegra. ______ ________ in England, ______ _______ in Atlanta. ______ _____ in a cafeteria right now. 7. Hi. ________ name _______ Sonia. ______ ________ from Rusia. This _____ _______ boyfriend, Sergei. ______ _______ from California.

9 1. What ____ you ____________ (do)? I ____ _____________ (run) for my plane! 2. ____ Mr. Jones ______________ (clean) the bedroom? 3. What ____ Susie ___________ (do)? She ____ ______________ (say) goodbye to her friends. 4. What ____ he ______________ (do) ? He ___ __________________ (sit) in my seat. 5. What ___ your sister ________________(read)? She ____ ___________________ the newspaper. 5. What ____ they ______________(do)? They ____ ________________ (check) in. 6. ____ the children _______________(play) videogames? No. They ____ ____________________ in the yard. 7. What _____ my mother ____________________(do)? She ______ ________________________(watch) TV. 8. Mrs. Mills ____ ______________________ (cook) dinner. 9. _______ you _______________________(wait) for me?

10 Chiang Mai is the old capital of Thailand. It is called the Rose of the North. It is a very important city, and __________ many things to see. The old historic center has a wall around it and __________ many wats (Budist temples). __________ not many malls, but __________ lots of stores that sell silk, umbrellas and crafts. The night bazaar sells everything. Chiang Mai is a busy city with lots of traffic, and many people ride motorcycles. __________ tuks tuks (motorcycle taxis) on every corner. __________a place called Doi Suthep about twenty kilometers from Chiang Mai. The temple (Wat Phra) is on a mountain, and __________ more than 360 steps. From the temple __________ a beautiful view of the city. Chiang Mai is famous for its celebrations, too. In February, __________ the famous flower festival and on April 13th people celebrate Songkran, the traditional Thai new year.

11 1. They ____ sing. They aren´t good singers. 2. My brother ____ only speak Spanish. He ____ speak English and he ____ speak French. 3. He ____ act and he ____ dance. He´s a famous actor and dancer. 4. My mother´s food is delicious. She ____ cook very well. 5. They´re very athletic. They ____ play soccer and they ____ play basketball. 6. She loves music. She ____ play many musical instruments. 7. The students ____ play soccer, but they ____ rollerblade. 8. ____ you ride a bike? Yes, I ____. 9. Where _____ I study? You ____ study in the library. 10. What _____ you do? I ____ dance, but I ____ sing.

12 Jun __________ (take) the dog for a walk every evening. Some students __________ (not/study) before exams. We __________ (not/cook) at home on weekdays. Carlos always __________ (go) to classes on foot. My father usually __________ (read) the newspaper after dinner. Sometimes I __________ (not/brush) my teeth after I eat. Sue and Ali ____________ (wash) the car on Sundays. My brother never __________ (clean) his room. I __________ (go) work after school. My classmates ____________ (not/ make) the bed everyday. Lucy _______________ (get) to school at 7:00 am. You ____________ ( want) to be an accountant.

13 What time do you get up in school days? What do you do every morning? Do you usually make your bed? What do you have for breakfast? What time do you leave to shool? How do you get to school? What time do you do you homework? Do you work after school? Do you have a boy/girlfriend? What time do you go to bed?

14 1. How often does your boyfriend call you? (every night) __________________________________________________ 2. How often do you use your computer? (every day) __________________________________________________ 3. How often do you clean your windows? (every month) __________________________________________________ 4. How often do you visit your aunt in Minnesota? (every year) __________________________________________________ 5. How often do you wash your car? (every weekend) __________________________________________________ 6. How often do your grandchildren call you? (every Sunday) __________________________________________________ 7. How often does your boss say hello to you? (every morning ___________________________________________________ 8. How often do you feed your dogs? (every afternoon) __________________________________________________ 9. How often do you think about me? (all the time) __________________________________________________

15 Today over a billion people around the world speak English. English word are part of our lives: We wear jeans, listen to music on a CD, eat a hamburger turn on the TV, and go to the shopping center. Actually, English has words from two hundred languages or more. A large number of these words are from French. Do you know about the Norman invasion of England in 1066? That´s why so many words come from France. Here are examples of words from other languages in English: You eat pork (French / Latin), you study math (Greek), go to a kindergarden (German), wash your hair with shampoo (Hindi, form India), and so on. There are many varieties of English, too; but British English or American English are the most common kinds. They are not always alike, either.

16 Jorge and Antonio are my best friends. Both of them are high schools students. Jorge is studying in a public school and Antonio is studying in a private school. Both of them are very intelligent, good students, responsible, hard workers, and are fans of Metallica. Physically, they have many similar characteristics, Jorge is 17 years old and Antonio is 18. Both weigh 65 kilograms, but Jorge is a bit taller than Antonio. Jorge is 1.68 m and Antonio is 1.65 m tall. Both of them have brown hair and big brown eyes. However, Antonio´s hair is longer and a little wavy, and Jorge´s hair is shorter and curly. Both of them drive, but their cars are very different. Antonio has a 2007, small, blue Chevy while Jorge has a 1985, big, gray van.

17 Even when they are both my friends, their personalities are not similar. Jorge is very friendly, likes to go to parties, and loves to play videogames. Jorge is an only shy. He lives with his mother. Jorge speaks Spanish and a little of English. On the other hand, Antonio has very few friends, he loves airplanes and to read History books. He is little shy and doesn´t practice any sport on a regular basis. He has a sister. He lives with his parents. Antonio can speak English and Spanish fluently, and a little of Japanese. Both of them have nicknames. Jorge´s nickname is Judas because he´s fan of the rock group Judas Priest. Antonio´s nickname is Bassneko, because he play the bass and he loves cats ( neko means cat in Japanese). Although they are very different, another thing they have in common is that I always have a great time with them! Jorge is as good friend as Antonio.

18 Which is more beautiful? Which is more beautiful, the male or the female bird? Male birds are usually more beautiful than females. The males are often more colorful. For example, male peacocks have longer and prettier feathers than the females, and they are bigger. Which one is stronger? Which is stronger, an elephant or an ant? Elephants can carry tree trunks, and they move other heavy loads. But in proportion to its size, an ant is stronger than an elephant. Ants can pull fifty times their own weight. That´s the same as a person pulling a 3.5 ton rock. Which can see better? Which can see better, eagles or bats? Eagles can see better than most birds. Their eyes are like telescopes. From the sky, they can see a tiny worm in the grass. Bats have poor sight, but they use their ultrasonic echolocation to catch their food and find their way around in the dark. Which is faster? Which is faster, an ostrich or a horse? The ostrich is a large bird. It weighs up to 136 lilograms and is about2.4 meters tall. Ostriches can´t fly, but they can run very fast, almost 65 kilometers an hour. That´s faster than a racehorse.

19 Adjective Comparative Superlative tall taller the tallest short ______________________ ____________________ _______________ bigger ____________________ Interesting ______________________ ____________________ ________________ ______________________ the most modern ________________ older ____________________ good _____________ _________ ____________________ ________________ nicer _____________________ ________________ ______________________ the youngest ________________ more difficult _____________________ popular ______________________ _____________________ ________________ ______________________ the highest dangerous ______________________ ______________________

20 1. I think your friend Margaret is very smart. Yes, she´s _________________________ person I know. 2. I think your parents are very energetic. Yes, they are _______________________ people I know. 3. I think your friend Carlos is very interesting. Yes, He´s __________________________ person I know. 4. I think your upstairs neighbor is very noisy. Yes, he´s __________________________ person I know. 5. I think Senator Smith is very honest. Yes, he´s __________________________ person I know. 6. I think our Math teacher is very patient. Yes, he´s __________________________ person I know. 7. I think your landlord is very mean. Yes, he´s __________________________ person I know. 8. I think your uncle Ted is very lazy. Yes, he´s __________________________ person I know. 9. I think your roommates are very sloppy. Yes, they are _______________________ people I know.

21 Kim is from Korea. She and her parents are leaving for Australia on vacation. Their flight from Seoul to Sidney is boarding now. Australia is enormous. It´s a country and a continent. Australians speak English, but they have their own slang. Australians are called Aussies, their country is Oz, and they have forty different kinds of roos (kangaroos). The word Kangaroo is native Australian. There are also lots of things to do in Australia. In Sidney, there is the famous Opera House, and there are beautiful beaches. In the northeast, there is the Great Barrier Reef. Visitors can snorkel. They also can see the beautiful coral and a great variety of fish. There is also Ayers Rock in the center of the country. It´s a very, very big rock 345 meters tall and 3 kilometers long.

22 Hi, Yoko: My name´s Patricia, but my friends call me Paty. I´m from Costa Rica. It´s in Central America. I´m fourteen years old. I have a brother, but no sisters. My brother´s name is Raul. He´s twenty, and he´s studying computer science. My mom is an executive in a bank,and my dad is a teacher at the University of Costa Rica. Spanish is my first language, and I´m studying English at school. I can play the piano, but I can´t sing very well. I love all kinds of music, but Latin music is my favorite. I can dance salsa and merengue. I like Japanese food very much. Can you make sushi? Our house is in the capital, San Jose. From my bedroom I can see the Irazu volcano. There are six big volcanoes in Costa Rica. Our country is small, but it has beautiful beaches and rain forests. There´s a lot of tourism and good coffee. I´m attaching two photos of Costa Rica.

23 Every _________ in my dreams, I see you, I feel you. That is __________ I know you go on, Far acroos the distance, And spaces between ____________, You have to come show you go on. Chorus ____________, far, wherever you are, I believe _____________ the heart does go on, Once more you _____________ the door. And you´re here in my ________________ And my heart will go on and on. Love can touch us one ______________, And last for a life time, And never go till we´re one, ______________ was when I loved you. One true time I hold to, In my life we´ll ______________ go on. Repeat chorus There is some love that will not go away You´re here, there´s ______________ I fear, And I know that my heart will go on, We´ll stay ________________ this way. You are safe in my heart, And my heart will go on and on.

24 No, I can´t forget this ______________- Or your face as you were leaving But I guess that´s just the way the _________ goes You ________ smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows. Yes, it shows. No I can´t forget ______________ When I think of all my sorrow When I had you there but then I let you __________ And now it´s only fair that I should let you know What you should know. (Chorus) I can´t live if living is without you I can´t live, I can´t give any more I can´t live if livinf is without you I can´t give, I can´t give anymore. Well, I ________ forget this ____________ Or your face as you were leaving But I guess That´s just the way the __________goes You ____________ but in your eyes your sorrow shows. Yes, it shows. (Repeat chorus)

25 Dada la importancia de la lengua inglesa a nivel mundial, organismos nacionales e internacionales, han evaluado la necesidad de integrar a los Programas de Estudio de Educación Superior, asignaturas y/o programas de Lenguas Extranjeras, con la finalidad de formar estudiantes cuyo desempeño dé respuesta a las necesidades y demandas de este mundo globalizado. Así, en el interés de continuar el reconocimiento de los programas educativos de calidad en la FCA de la UABJO se retoma la trascendencia de generar actividades, que atiendan e impulsen el desarrollo de las habilidades de comunicación oral, escrita y de comprensión lectora y auditiva, en una lengua adicional al español para sus licenciaturas.

26 Barker, Chris; et. Al.; (2004); Megatrends, Student´s book 3; edit. MacMillan; Milano Italy. Dos Santos; Manuel; (2006); My World, Student´s book 1; Edit. McGraw Hill; Nueva York, México. Dos Santos; Manuel; (2006); My World, Student´s book 2; Edit. McGraw Hill; Nueva York, México. Lawly, Jim; Fernández Carmona, Rodrigo; (2009); Everything, Student´s book 2; Richmond Publishing; United Kingdom, México. Molinsky, Steven J., Bliss, Bill; (2008); Side by Side 1; Edit. Longman; Nueva York, México. Molinsky, Steven J., Bliss, Bill; (2008); Side by Side 2; Edit. Longman; Nueva York, México.

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