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English Lesson 3.

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1 English Lesson 3

2 Simple Sentences I want Quiero I like Me gusta I can Puedo
I have to Tengo que to speak or to talk hablar to get conseguir to sleep dormir to travel viajar to go out salir to give dar to eat comer to walk caminar

3 Simple Sentences to dance bailar to work trabajar to go ir
to swim nadar to do or to make hacer to see ver to write excribir to learn aprender to read leer to pay pagar to order ordenar

4 Now try to form sentences! How would you say the following in English?
Tengo que trabajar. Puedo conseguir uno. Quiero ir. Quiero comer. Me gusta aprender. Tengo que ir. Me gusta salir. Me gusta leer.

5 Now try to form sentences! How would you say the following in English?
Quiero aprender English. Puedo caminar. Tengo que trabajar. Quiero viajar. Puedo ver. Me gusta escribir. Quiero pagar. Quiero ordenar.

6 More Simple Sentences I’m going to voy a One has to Hay que
I’d like to Quisiera I need Necesito to know facts saber to know people or places conocer to cash or change cambiar to study estudiar to buy comprar to sell vender

7 More simple sentences to start empezar to finish terminar
to return regresar to ask preguntar to answer contestar to drive manejar to enter entrar on the phone por teléfono late tarde with friends con amigos hard duro everything todo people a gente good food comida rica a lot of things muchas cosas

8 More vocabulary a letter una carta a check un cheque everything todo
right away en seguida at the register en la caja now ahora home casa to work trabajo to downtown al centro what I want lo que quiero into the hotel en el hotel from the store de la tienda something algo your question su pregunta

9 Let’s make some sentences! Write and say in English
Voy a trabajar Quiero comer Quiero pagar Quiero empezar Quisiera ordenar Voy a caminar Tengo que ir Voy a pagar Quiero vender Voy a comprar Hay que ir Quisiera manejar Hay que estudiar Tengo que entrar Necesito terminar Quiero ir Tengo que trabajar Necesito conseguir Me gusta viajar Me gusta caminar

10 More sentences! Write and say in English
Me gusta escribir Quisiera preguntar Necesito dormir Necesito empezar Necesito cambiario Quisiera saber Quisiera trabajar Tengo que regresar Hay que preguntar Quisiera pagar

11 Maria Likes to Read (A Maria Le Gusta Leer) questions after
Hi. My name is Maria. I want to do a lot of things today. First, I want to read a good book. I like to read. Then, I’m going to go outside because the weather is nice. Later I’m going to walk. I have to walk every day because I need the exercise. Afterwards, I have to work. You have to work in order to live, right? I would like to get a job with more vacation but I can’t now. I need to drive to the office at ten in the morning. I don’t want to arrive late.

12 Questions preguntas What does Maria want to do first?
Does she like to read? What does she do next? Why? After her walk, what does Maria have to do? Why does she work? What kind of job does she want? How does she get to work? When does she leave? Why?

13 It’s Necessary To Work (Hay Que Trabajar)
Good Morning. My name is Juan and I am a worker. It’s necessary to work in order to earn money, and one has to earn money in order to live. Right? Here I am working in a house. I have a hammer in my right hand and a nail in my left hand. I need to rest because I am very tired.

14 Questions (preguntas)
What is the name of the worker? What does he have in his hands? Why does he have to work? Why do you have to earn money? Where is he working? Why does he need to rest?

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