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Doler – to hurt/cause pain

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1 Doler – to hurt/cause pain
O-UE stem changing boot verb This verb functions like gustar. There are only 2 forms of the verb in present tense Duele and Duelen

2 Pronouns Me Nos Te Le Les
With the two forms (duele and duelen) you MUST use pronouns. Me Nos Te Le Les

3 Agree The two forms of doler (duele and duelen) must agree with the number of body parts. Example I hurt my arm Me duele la cabeza I hurt my legs Me duelen las piernas

4 Doler Notice when talking about body parts you use a definite article
Me duele la cabeza NOT – me duele mi cabeza

5 Practica Her hand hurts. My legs hurt. You hurt your head?
Le duele la mano My legs hurt. Me duelen las piernas You hurt your head? ¿Te duele la cabeza? His legs and arms hurt. Le duelen las piernas y los brazos


7 The preterite tense

8 The preterite is a tense used to express an action completed at a definite time in the past. This tense is usually referred to as the past tense in English. (ed) Example: You lifted weight yesterday I swam in the pool

9 Forming the Preterite é amos aste ó aron
To form the preterite of regular AR verbs, add the following ends to the stem. é amos aste ó aron

10 Conjugate… nadé nadamos nadaste nadó nadaron
Using the verb nadar (to swim) conjugate all five forms in the preterite. nadé nadamos nadaste nadó nadaron

11 Practice She swam in the sea Ella nadó en el mar
Translate the following sentences into the preterite tense. She swam in the sea Ella nadó en el mar You(Familiar) lifted weights yesterday Levantaste pesas ayer I walked Mariana caminé

12 Change from Present to Preterite
Yo miro la television Yo miré la television Ella camina en la playa Ella caminó en la playa Ellos halban por teléfono Ellos hablaron por teléfono Tú decoras para la fiesta Tú decraste para la fiesta Nosotros escuchamos musica

13 Pg 332 Estudiar Mirar la television Eschuchar a musica Levantar pesas Trabajar Decorar Terminar


15 Spelling changes The spelling of some verbs in English change in the past tense. Admit = admitted Stop – stopped I am – I was It bends – It bend Break – broke Buy - bought The same is also true for some verbs in Spanish

16 There is a spelling change for regular verbs in the Yo form that end in CAR, GAR, ZAR
This allows the words to maintain their original sounds Buscar c become qu = yo busqué Jugar g become gu = yo jugué Almorzar z become c = yo almorcé

17 Practice I looked for the sunscreen. I ate lunch at one o’clock.
I played baseball.

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