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Propuesta Microsoft para las oficinas del futuro

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1 Propuesta Microsoft para las oficinas del futuro
La solución no es el abandonar las inversiones en TI ni el outsourcing, sino la reducción de complejidad en TI. Luis Daniel Soto Director de plataforma .NET Microsoft México

2 Conectando todo Interoperatividad Universal
Instituciones Públicas y Privadas Ciudadanos Interacción Persona a Persona Interacción Persona a Máquina Interacción Máquina a Máquina Falta mucho por hacer, apenas inicio en el interior de las organizaciones Analistas Y Empleados PYMES

3 Mejor software Interoperatividad Universal
Fundamentales y nuevos fundamentales: Seguridad, Simplicidad, Confiabilidad, Desempeño, Administración… Innovación Integrada

4 Distribución de Imágenes Incluido en el Sistema Operativo
Permite al usuario incorporar drivers adicionales en la imagen ¿qué está pasando con 6000 desarrolladores trabajando en Windows Longhorn? (Beta 1 esperado para Junio 2005) Version 1.0

5 Experiencia en seguridad
Usuario limitado Inicia instalación This scenario shows a new program installation as a standard user There are two users involved in this scenario: Toby, a standard user, and Abby, an administrator. The logged-on user, Toby, doesn’t have permission to install new applications. He places the Digital Image Suite 9.0 CD in the drive, which kicks off the installation process. Under Windows XP, the installation would fail, unless Toby logged off the system and logged back in as an account with administrator privileges, such as Abby’s account. Under Longhorn, Toby will be prompted to enter credentials with permission to install the software. In the corporate environment, that password could potentially be supplied by the help desk if the user doesn’t know the password for the local administrator account. Provided Abby enters the correct password, the installation will proceed smoothly, without the user having to log off. The key point is that this all happens without requiring the user disrupt what they’re working on by having to log off the system. That is what is required in Windows XP. Se solicitan Credenciales para instalación Version 1.0

6 Confiabilidad Control predecible de aplicaciones
In addition to security improvements, we are also making improvements in the user experience that will provide the user with easy and predictable control over their applications in the case when things occasionally go wrong. Application hangs, for instance are frustrating for everyone and it is a problem that we cannot completely prevent as a platform. The problem we aim to address is that end users tend to not know how to safely proceed in a situation where an application hangs. And since this is still going to happen to them occasionally, we want to prevent that users hit ‘Reset’ on their PC or do a full cold boot, just because one process was no longer responding. If users can successfully close the application that stopped responding by ways they are familiar with, they won’t incur any data loss in all the other applications they have open, they won’t lose productivity required for the full reboot, and they can just get back to work.  In a sense, this is the operating system trying to help people learn new behaviors, and make them actually take advantage of the new and improved stability of the platform and the applications on it. Version 1.0

7 Confiabilidad Control predecible de aplicaciones
So what we have done is enable the close box, in application-hang situations, to really end the process. The UI will show which application windows will be affected by this action, and provide feedback so the user can make a choice and doesn’t inadvertently close an application they might have wanted to give the time to recover. But with a simple extra click on the close box on the window they can get rid of a hung app and get back to work. The rest of the OS will be rock-solid underneath. If an application is using the App Recovery API’s the experience around these scenarios can be even more improved and make it easier for users to recover their data as much as possible and continue with the application immediately. LONGHORN ES MUCHO MAS>>> Instrumentación Monitoreo Seguridad basada en hardware Autodiagnóstico Parche en caliente Reinicio en 3 segundos Bloqueo de comportamientos Interfaz cinemática con usuario Búsqueda Listas y auto listas Filtros Pilas Compartir Conocimiento de la ubicación Acceso universal multimedia Version 1.0

8 Mejor software Interoperatividad Universal
Fundamentales y nuevos fundamentales: Seguridad, Simplicidad, Confiabilidad, Desempeño, Administración… Innovación Integrada

9 Presencia

10 Ejemplo: Cliente inteligente
Cliente Inteligente Autoactualizable - IMSS Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework y formatos XML: Acceso/Aportación total SOA (fx http, XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI) Improved data access. Using XML enables the use of loosely coupled connections; XML data can be175 Intelligently formatted and presented to the user due to the semantic meaning. Business processes can become more efficient, particularly those that go through the desktop and input or approval from information workers. Using XML schemas allows information to be validated at the time of capture, providing a more efficient UI and helping to eliminate downstream hiccups. Now think about saving documents as XML. When you have a repository of XML documents, you can begin doing intelligent searches and repurposing of content. Searches can be more efficient because you can focus on searching within individual XML elements; and since the whole file is XML, chunks of it can be extracted for use in another document or for sending into a subsequent process. For the fourth benefit area, think about documents that have an XML structure woven throughout them. This XML structure allows a developer to know where in a document a user is working, making it easy for the solution to present the user with context-specific help, tools and other auxiliary resources. These resources allow the user to more efficiently work with the document, either constructing it quicker or performing a more thorough analysis. This type of a document with context-sensitive content for the user is called a smart document – which you will hear more about later. And the last benefit area has to do with assembling documents on a server. We now have XML schemas for Word and Excel documents, so data can be pulled from backend systems and combined with formatting information to result in a rich document. This could be used, for example, to create periodic reports for a client, internal analysis documents with the latest data, or a pre-populated template for a structured process. Fundamental shift to data not presentation XML reference schema (display-oriented) WordprocessingML (Microsoft Office Word 2003) Save Entire capabilities of Word – Can save any Word .doc E.g. formatting, tables, smart tags, smartdocs, etc SpreadsheetML (Microsoft Office Excel 2003) Save almost entire capabilities of Excel - <cell> <row> E.g. Create a spreadsheet on the server FormTemplate (Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003) Entire capabilities of InfoPath E.g. How a form will present on screen an XML document DataDiagramingML (Microsoft Office Visio 2003) Announcement mid April 2004 Entire capabilities of Visio XML reference schema (Applications) Any XML enabled program, not only Microsoft Office 2003 programs, can manipulate Office documents: Create and format documents on the server Reuse, index, and full text search of documents Sharing documents across heterogeneous systems Long term archival of documents in an open format

11 La vista del usuario Hey, Fabrikam is not happy with our service why?
MS Word From: Big Boss To: Worker Hey, Fabrikam is not happy with our service why? Thanks Big Boss Descubrir en el contexto toda la información relacionada

12 Arquitectura de aplicación IBF Information Bridge Framework
2 CAS Interprets “Context” using Metadata Metadata Service 1 User selects “Show Details” from Smart Tag IBF Metadata Store 4 Returns data CRM Information Bridge Engine 3 Call Web Service to retrieve data Smart Tag Displays data in Taskpane 5 Other Data ERP Client Server Information Bridge Framework XML Web Services IBF (Metadata Service) .NET Framework SQL Server 2000 Microsoft Office Professional Edition .NET Framework Windows Client Windows 2003 Server Services

13 Análisis de información para todos
Time Series Naïve Bayes Clustering Solo parte de Sequence Clustering

14 Avalon, Indigo, Collab, WinFS : Mas sobre simplificar

Conclusiones Foco renovado en extraer valor de inversiones existentes Interoperatividad universal es clave, explotar SOA Fundamentales y mejores fundamentales Nuevas experiencias “en contexto” El software no tiene límites Continuará la transformación de las industrias Innovación Integrada: estrategia Microsoft\luisdans

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