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Present tense stem-changers

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1 Present tense stem-changers

2 Stem-changing verbs are so named because of a vowel that changes in the stem in certain forms.

3 This change occurs when that vowel is stressed
This change occurs when that vowel is stressed. That happens in all but the nosotros and vosotros forms.

4 Stem-changing verbs take regular -ar, -er, or -ir endings.

5 pensar, to think, exemplifies e>ie stem-changers.
pienso piensas piensa pensamos (not stressed) piensan

6 Conjugate some e>ie verbs. Start with comenzar, to begin.
comenzamos comienzan comienzo comienzas comienza

7 Conjugate empezar, to begin.
empiezo empiezas empieza empezamos empiezan

8 Conjugate querer, to want.
quiero quieres quiere queremos quieren

9 Conjugate entender, to understand.
entendemos entienden entiendo entiendes entiende

10 tener, to have, and venir, to come have irregular yo forms.

11 tener tengo tienes tiene tenemos tienen

12 venir, to come, is conjugated like tener.
vengo vienes viene venimos vienen

13 volar, to fly, is typical of the verbs that change o>ue.
vuelo vuelas vuela volamos vuelan

14 Conjugate volver, to return.
vuelvo vuelves vuelve volvemos vuelven

15 Conjugate dormir, to sleep.
duermo duermes duerme dormimos duermen

16 jugar, to play, changes u>ue. Conjugate it.
juego juegas juega jugamos juegan

17 Some -ir verbs, like pedir, to ask for, change e> i.
pido pides pide pedimos piden

18 Conjugate servir, to serve.
sirvo sirves sirve servimos sirven

19 Conjugate repetir, to repeat.
repito repites repite repetimos repiten

20 Conjugate seguir, to continue or to follow.
sigo sigues sigue seguimos siguen

21 decir, to say, has an irregular i, has an irregular yo form.
digo dices dice decimos dicen

22 Happy conjugating!

23 FIN

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