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Stem-changing verbs E-IE O-UE E-I.

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1 Stem-changing verbs E-IE O-UE E-I

2 First, let’s find out what a verb stem is!
What is a stem? First, let’s find out what a verb stem is!

3 What is a verb stem??? The stem of a verb is the portion remaining after removing the –ar, -er or –ir For example The stem of empezar is “EMPEZ” The stem of preferir is “PREFER”

4 There are three types “boot” verbs.
Many verbs in Spanish have changes in their stem when conjugated in the present tense. They are called “stem changing verbs”. Also called “boot” verbs, because the stem change does NOT occur in the nosotros and vosotros forms, creating the shape of a boot . There are three types “boot” verbs.

5 e-ie stem changing verbs
Type 1

6 Which verbs have e-ie stem changes?
Let’s look at a list of some verbs that have e-ie stem changes!

7 Stem-Changing Verbs (e - ie)
empezar querer preferir pensar divertirse despertarse sentirse mentir cerrar comenzar entender to begin to want to prefer to think, plan to have fun to wake up to feel to lie to close to understand The “e” in the stem will change to “ie” when the verb is conjugated, but NOT in the nosotros and vosotros forms.

8 How do we conjugate E-IE stem changing verbs?
Let’s see some examples!

9 querer (e - ie) – to want Quiero Quieres Quiere Queremos Queréis
I want Quieres You want Quiere He/She wants You Want (formal) Queremos We want Queréis You all want Quieren They want You all want (formal)

10 Perder (e - ie) – to lose pierdo pierdes pierde
perdemos perdéis pierden

11 Cerrar (e - ie) – to close
cierro cierras cierra cerramos cerráis cierran

12 Now you try it! Conjuguemos…..

13 Practicamos Empezar = to begin
1. Tú… empiezas 2. Mis amigos y yo… empezamos 3. Miguel y Elena… empiezan 4. Tú y Susana… (informal) empezáis 5. Yo… empiezo 6. Paco… empieza

14 Pensar – to plan, to think
Practicamos Practicamos Pensar – to plan, to think 1. Mis padres y yo… pensamos 2. Yo… pienso 3. Ellos… piensan 4. Tú… piensas 5. Ana… piensa 6. Vosotros… pensáis

15 Practicamos Practicamos Querer – to want 1. Rafa, Miguel, Jose y yo…
queremos 2. Tú y tus amigos… queréis 3. Las chicas… quieren 4. Tú… quieres 5. Yo… quiero 6. Usted… quiere

16 Practicamos Preferir = to prefer 1. Tú y Paco… preferís
2. Mis amigos, tus padres y yo… preferimos 3. Yo… prefiero 4. Los estudiantes… prefieren 5. Tú… prefieres 6. Rafael… prefiere

17 ¡Buen Trabajo! ¡Fantástico!

18 o-ue Stem changing verbs
Type 2

19 Which verbs have o-ue stem changes?
Let’s look at a list of some verbs that have o-ue stem changes!

20 Stem-Changing Verbs (o - ue)
jugar (u - ue) contar costar encontrar recordar volar dormir volver devolver acostarse almorzar to play to count, tell a story to cost to find, meet to remember to fly to sleep to return to return something to go to bed to eat lunch The “o” in the stem will change to “ue” when the verb is conjugated, but NOT in the nosotros and vosotros forms.

21 How do we conjugate O-UE stem changing verbs?
Let’s see some examples!

22 PODER (o - ue) – to be able to, can
puedo puedes puede podemos podéis pueden

23 Now you try it! Conjuguemos…..

24 Stem changing verbs o-ue
Practicamos Stem changing verbs o-ue I eat lunch They eat lunch You eat lunch They find We find I sleep You sleep They sleep Almuerzo Almuerzan Almuerzas Encuentran Encontramos Duermo Duermes Duermen

25 ¡Simpático! ¡Fantástico!

26 E-i Stem changing verbs
Type 3

27 Which verbs have e-i stem changes?
Let’s look at a list of some verbs that have e-i stem changes!

28 Stem-Changing Verbs (e - i)
servir repetir reír sonreír seguir vestirse to serve to repeat to laugh to smile to follow, continue to dress The “e” in the stem will change to “i” when the verb is conjugated, but NOT in the nosotros and vosotros forms.

29 How do we conjugate E-I stem changing verbs?
Let’s see an example!

30 PEDIR (e - i) – to ask for, to order
pido pides pide pedimos pedís piden

31 Stem changing verbs e-i
Practicamos Stem changing verbs e-i I order You order We order You all order (inf) They serve He serves We serve Pido Pides Pedimos Pedís Sirven Sirve Servimos

32 Practicamos Todos I can I eat lunch You repeat Marta sleeps
They follow You find Puedo Almuerzo Repites Duerme Siguen Encuentras

33 Practicamos Todos Miguel can We return You prefer I want It costs
They cost He returns We understand Puede Volvemos Prefieres Quiero Cuesta Cuestan Vuelve Entendemos

34 Practicamos Todos Ana serves You and I serve Your friends can
I understand My parents find You and Ana eat lunch They want My friends and I sleep The waiter orders Sirve Servimos Pueden Entiendo Encuentran Almorzáis Quieren Dormimos Pide

35 almuerzas quiero pierdes siguen corremos cuesta pide You want quiere
dormís duerme prueban piensas Competimos entendéis sigo Pensamos juegas quieres You understand siguen vuelves encuentra comienza We want juego He tries sirvo entiende compiten I close encuentro entiendo cierro Present Tense Stem Changing Verbs Game Ie: preferir, cerrar, perder, pensar, entender, comenzar, querer, recomendar Ue: dormir, jugar, almorzar, volver, encontrar, costar, probar I: pedir, servir, seguir, competir Directions (VERSION 1: MATAPALABRAS) Project one of the slides/games onto your regular whiteboard or a white wall. Divide your class into two teams. One person from each team comes to the board with a flyswatter. Teacher calls out a word, conjugation etc (in the opposite language, ie. If the word on the screen is “come”, then teacher calls out he eats.) First person to find and hit the word gets a point for their team. Next two people come to the board. Players in the audience can yell out locations/directions (arriba, abajo, el centro, a la derecha, a la izquierda), but only in Spanish. They cannot, however, tell the students the word. If there happens to be a tie, then the flyswatter on the bottom is the winner. They cannot slide their flyswatter underneath the other person’s flyswatter. Play continues until all words have been used up or a certain time limit. The team with the most points wins. DIRECTIONS (VERSION 2: hear/circle) Print out this slide. Make enough copies so that every two people will have a copy. Divide your class into pairs. Give each pair of students a copy of the words and a different colored, crayon . Teacher calls out conjugation etc (in the opposite language ie. If the word “I close” then teacher calls out Cierro, students will circle “I close”.) First person to translate, find and circle the word gets a point. Call a new word. The player with the most circled words, wins! prefiero queremos pensáis cierras I compete quieren comenzamos cuestan You all can (inf) almorzamos perdimos juega recomiendan

36 ¡Bien Hecho! El Fin ¡Fantástico!

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