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preterite vs imperfect

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1 preterite vs imperfect

2 the preterite and imperfect are two verb tenses used to talk about the past in Spanish
they distinguish between different kinds of actions in the past

3 you can conjugate any verb in the preterite and the imperfect
which one you use depends on the context or situation it’s very tricky! don’t get discouraged! just study examples…preterite or imperfect?

4 Explanation: Think about all actions having a beginning, a middle, and an end. use preterite to state the beginning or the end, or if the action is completed use imperfect to focus on the middle of the action or if the action is habitual or descriptive

5 preterite imperfect tells when things began and ended
Describes specific events I woke up. I ate breakfast. I went to school. Describes details of past events No specific ending I was happy. It was sunny. I used to go to church every Sunday.

6 Ejemplos del Imperfecto
Carlos iba a España cada año. Antes, la clase empezaba a la una. Ejemplos del Pretérito El año pasado Carlos fue a México. Ayer la clase empezó a la una.

7 ¿Pretérito o Imperfecto?
In 1995 my family and I moved across the country. My sister used to spend the summer with my aunt. One summer, I went to Ireland with my family. When my dad got his new job, we became rich.

8 Imperfecto ejemplos: Yo quería ir a Puerto Rico.
Cuando era niña hablaba mucho. Cuando era pequeño vivía con mis abuelos.

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