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Using Infinitives Spanish 1 Chapter 7.1.

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1 Using Infinitives Spanish 1 Chapter 7.1

2 Bellwork Conjuguen los verbos. 1. Ana/despertarse temprano
2. Ellos/lavarse los manos 3. Nosotros/vestirse 4. Vosotros/mantenerse en forma

3 Verb Quiz 8

4 Infinitives An infinitive is the non-conjugated verb Ends in er/ar/ir
Ejemplos: Hablar, sacar, despertarse, comer, mantenerse, escribir, vestirse They simply mean “to…..” To talk, to wake up, to eat……

5 Uses Most of the time you will be conjugating the infinitive
Wrong: Yo comer tacos. Right: Yo como tacos.

6 Leave infinitive if….. Verbs follows a preposition
Me entreno antes de comer. I work out before eating. Me acuesto después de estudiar. I go to bed after studying. Notice that the meaning of the verb changes to an “ing” instead of “to” ….

7 Leave infinitive if….. It follows para and you want to explain your purpose in doing something Yo necesito lavarme los dientes para tener los dientes saludables. I need to brush my teeth to have healthy teeth.

8 Actividad de Prepociciones
Translate. 1. Before eating, I wash my hands. 2. After reading, I go to bed. 3. I need to exercise in order to stay in shape.

9 Leave infinitive if… Conjugated verb directly precedes it
¡No puedo estudiar más! I can’t study anymore! Los chicos necesitan correr. They boys need to run.

10 Actividad Correct the following sentences.
1. Yo necesito como mi comida. 2. Ella sabe habla español. 3. Nosotros podemos leemos.

11 Leave infinitive if… Follows infinitive expression or formula like…
Tener que + inf. To have to…. Ir a + inf. Going to… Acabar de + inf. To have just…. Yo acabo de despertarme. I just woke up.

12 Actividad Translate. I have to bring my book. We are going to leave.
Ana just did her homework.

13 Infinitives with Reflexives
If you use a reflexive for any of the reasons above, make sure that the reflexive pronoun still agrees with the subject. Can place pronouns before conjugated verb or attach to infinitive. Yo necesito lavarme los dientes. or Yo me necesito lavar los dientes. I need to brush my teeth.

14 Actividad de Reflexivos
Translate. 1. I have to get up early. 2. You (vosotros) are going to stretch. 3. We just got dressed.

15 Tarea Cuaderno pg 76 and 77

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