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Los verbos reflexivos Página 238.

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1 Los verbos reflexivos Página 238

2 Los verbos reflexivos (Reflexive Verbs)
A reflexive verb: Is when the subject does the action of the verb to his or herself I wash my hands. = Reflexive I wash the dog. = Not reflexive.

3 Los verbos reflexivos (Reflexive Verbs)
In Spanish there are reflexive pronouns that must come before a reflexive verb. Yo me Tú te Él/Ella/Usted se Nosotros nos Vosotros os Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes se

4 Los verbos reflexivos (Reflexive Verbs)
The rest of the verb is conjugated the same. The reflexive pronoun comes before the conjugated verb.

5 Ejemplos Lavarse = to wash (yo) me lavo (tú) te lavas
(él / ella / usted) se lava (nosotros) nos lavamos (vosotros) os laváis (ellos / ellas / ustedes) se lavan

6 Reflexive Stem-Changers
despertarse acostarse vestirse e – ie o – ue e – i Remember the boot!

7 Use infinitives with… para después de antes de
in order to después de after antes de before Usa el reloj para despertarse. in order to wake up. Ella se baña después de despertarse. after she wakes up. Ella se despierta antes de bañarse. before she bathes.

8 Where to put pronouns Before conjugated verb After an infinitive
*** Just like direct object pronouns

9 Pronouns and Infinitives
Even when you use an infinitive form of the verb the pronoun needs to change according to the subject. Tengo que despertarme a las 8.

10 Más ejemplos… I have to put on make-up. She wants to comb her hair.
Tengo que maquillarme. She wants to comb her hair. Quiere peinarse. We have to brush our teeth. Tenemos que lavarnos los dientes.

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