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Conjugating –ar verbs ¡Conjuguemos! Español.

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1 Conjugating –ar verbs ¡Conjuguemos! Español

2 Conjugate means to change the verb so it agrees with the subject, so we know who is doing the action. ¡ HOLA! ¡ HOLA!

3 First, Let’s review the subject pronouns!
¡Primero, Repasamos!

4 Repaso: Subject Pronouns
Nosotros/as = we Vosotros = you guys Ellos = they Ellas = they Ustedes = you guys Yo = I Tú = you Él = he Ella = she Usted = you (formal) What is a subject pronoun?

5 Now, Let’s find out what an –AR verb is!
¿Qué es un verbo –AR?

6 andar, hablar, llegar, contestar
- AR verbs Verbs that end in –ar Por Ejemplo: Hablar, caminar, invitar andar, hablar, llegar, contestar These verb forms are called infinitives. They have not been conjugated. No subject has been identified. Ex: Hablar = to speak

7 Spanish verbs can be divided into two parts: the stem and the ending.
Hablar (stem) (ending)

8 To conjugate –ar verbs all
You have to do is RAP The verb 1. Remove the –ar ending habl ar 2. Add the appropriate ending according to the subject. 3. Place an accent mark if one is needed.

9 Endings Yo -o -amos Tú -as -áis Ellos, Ellas, Uds. -an -a it
Nosotros -as -áis Vosotros Él, Ella, Ud. it Ellos, Ellas, Uds. -an -a

10 Let’s look at some examples
¡Unos Ejemplos!

11 habl ar yo o nosotros amos tú as (you speak) habl ar tú as vosotros
Hablar ( I speak) Remove the –ar ending Add the appropriate subject Place an accent mark if one is needed. Hablar = to speak habl ar yo nosotros amos o tú as (you speak) habl ar as vosotros áis él a (he speaks) habl ar él ellos an ella a habl ar ella a ellas uds. ud. nosotros amos habl ar

12 Let’s conjugate a verb in all it’s forms!
Hablar = to speak Yo hablo = I speak Tú hablas = you speak Él habla = he speaks Ella habla = she speaks Ud. habla = you speak (f) Nosotros hablamos = we speak Vosotros habláis = you all speak Ellos hablan = they speak Ellas hablan = they speak Uds. hablan = you all speak Let’s conjugate a verb in all it’s forms!

13 Just remember to RAP the verb!
¡Puedes Hacerlo! ¡Te Toca a Ti!

14 Práctica English Español I speak I use I draw You arrive You sing
You need He teaches He listens Yo hablo Yo uso Yo dibujo Tú llegas Tú cantas Tú necesitas Él enseña Él escucha ¡Puedes Hacerlo!

15 Práctica Español English Ellos cantan They sing Ellos hablan
¡ Sí,Sí! Práctica Español English Ellos cantan Ellos hablan Ellos necesitan Nosotros miramos Nosotros llegamos Nosotros escuchamos Ella usa Ella estudia They sing They speak They need We watch We arrive We listen She uses She studies

16 Práctica (replace proper noun with subject pronoun)
¡Bueno! Práctica (replace proper noun with subject pronoun) English Español Paco gets Susana draws You and I sing Elena and Miguel swim The teachers teach The students study Your parents need Él saca Ella dibuja Nosotros cantamos Ellos nadan Ellos enseñan Ellos estudian Ellos necesitan

17 EL FIN ¡Bien Hecho! ¡Fantástico! ¡Buen Trabajo!

18 llegas llevo hablas andan andamos habla You arrive contesta lleva
sacáis contestan llevamos andáis usas tomamos llevas llegamos tomas sacan tomáis llega You talk usa We eat toma He uses contesto saca usan I answer saco uso ando llego Present Tense _-AR Verbs Game constestar, llegar, llevar, andar, hablar, tomar, sacar, usar, enseñar VERSION 1 DIRECTIONS Project one of this slide onto your regular whiteboard or a white wall. Divide your class into two teams. One person from each team comes to the board with a flyswatter. Teacher calls out a word, conjugation etc (in the opposite language, ie. If the word on the screen is “come”, then teacher calls out he eats, students find and come and swat it.) First person to find and hit the word gets a point for their team. Next two people come to the board. Players in the audience can yell out locations/directions (arriba, abajo, el centro, a la derecha, a la izquierda), but only in Spanish. They cannot, however, tell the students the word. If there happens to be a tie, then the flyswatter on the bottom is the winner. They cannot slide their flyswatter underneath the other person’s flyswatter. Play continues until all words have been used up or a certain time limit. The team with the most points wins. DIRECTIONS VERSION 2 Choose one of the slides/games and print out the slide. Make enough copies so that every two people will have a copy. Divide your class into pairs. Give each pair of students a copy of the words and a different colored, crayon . Teacher calls out a word, conjugation etc (in the opposite language ie. If the word on the paper is “beben”, then teacher calls out they drink, students find beben and circle it on their papers.) First person to translate, find and circle the word gets a point. Call a new word. The player with the most circled words, wins! llevamos llegáis sacas tomo llevan hablamos hablo You all teach (inf) sacamos anda enseñamos llegan

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