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Adjectives and Pronouns

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1 Adjectives and Pronouns
Possessives Adjectives and Pronouns

2 Possessive Adjectives
Normas These agree with the noun they modify in number and/or gender. Placement is before the noun it modifies. The possessive adjective (p.a.) replaces definite and indefinite articles. In English, the p.a. are: my, your(s), his, her, our, their. The p.a. referring to singular and 3rd person pronouns only have 2 forms: singular and plural. The p.a. for plural “our” and “your” have 4 forms.

3 Possessive Adjectives
Singular Plural Mi/mis – my Nuestro/-a /-os /-as - our Tu/tus – your Vuestro/ -a/-os/ -as – Your Su/sus – his, her, its, your Su/sus – their, your To clarify who su/sus refers to use de + (subject) pronoun instead.

4 Possessive Pronouns Normas Not used frequently in Spanish.
Refer to the owner as well as the object owned it must agree in number and gender with noun. Found frequently after 3rd person conjugations of ser (primarily es and son). In English the possessive pronouns (p.p.) are: mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs. The p.p. alone following a noun does not need of (de) as it in English. La amiga suya es bonita. The friend of hers is pretty.

5 Possessive Pronouns Singular Plural Mío (s)/Mía (s) mine
Nuestro (s)/Nuestra (s) ours Tuyo (s)/Tuya (s) yours Vuestro (s)/Vuestra (s) Suyo (s)/Suya (s) His, hers, yours Theirs, yours

6 Practica Es _ teléfono. (my) Es _ casa. (your) s.
Es _ mesa. (our) f.s. Son _ sillas. (his) Es mi teléfono. Es tu casa. Es nuestra casa. Son sus sillas. Es mío Es tuya. Es nuestra. Son suyas.

7 Possessive Pronouns Statements of comparison
When we compare/contrast 2 or more things, we usually mention the item once and then use a pronoun in reference to it. my house is red, but yours [your house] is white. In Spanish you include the appropriate definite article with the pronoun. Mi casa es roja, pero la suya [su casa] es blanca.

8 Practica Es ___ pintura. (her) Los gatos son ___. (theirs)
Un amigo __ trabaja aquí. (mine) Nuestra marca es barata; ___ es cara. (yours) Esos compañeros ___ son muy listos. (mine) Son __ tazas. ( your) El caballo es ___. (yours) Trabajo con una amiga __. (yours) Sus joyas son imitaciones, pero ___ son autenticas. (ours)

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