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Pretérito e Imperfecto

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1 Pretérito e Imperfecto

2 Preterit and Imperfect Compared
Preterit = finished Imperfect = not finished Preterit = tells what happened. Imperfect=gives background info such as what was going on what people “used to” do descriptions that were on-going back then (setting, time, date, clothes, etc) feelings, thoughts or plans

3 Identify as “preterit” or “imperfect”
I went to the store I was going to the store It was 7 pm He was wearing black pants and a black shirt I wanted to go to the park I got sick I was sick I found out the truth I knew his name I met her at the party

4 PRETÉRITO IMPERFECTO Action is: Completed An event that happened suddenly or pinpoints the start of an action (got sick) 3. An event that happened in a specific period of time 4. Interrupting another action ongoing “was/were + ing” 2. repeated “used to” “would” (repeated not conditional) “always” 3. descriptive/undefined time & date weather location age appearance emotions attitudes/beliefs

5 KEY WORDS Pretérito: ayer una vez el año pasado Anoche Hace 2 días Anteayer Un día Esta mañana El lunes el 2 de enero Todo el día De repente Imperfecto: Todos los días Siempre Frecuentemente Generalmente De vez en cuando A menudo Cada mes/año… Los viernes Los veranos Mientras A veces

6 Verbs that change meaning
In the imperfect In the preterit 1. Saber 2. Conocer 3. Poder 4. Querer 5. Tener Knew (had knowledge for some time) 2. Was acquainted with (over time) 3. Was capable of / result to follow 4. Wanted/ Had the intention to 5. Had (possession) 1. Found out at a specific point 2. Met for the first time 3. Managed to / succeeded/ result 4. Tried / in negative=refused 5. Had (with a result)

7 A) Write the verb including the subject.
B) Identify as Preterit or Imperfect C) Give the reason It was cold and I got sick. I would usually go out with my friends after the game. I was always happy when I was with my friends. I wanted to buy a new car when I was 16, but I couldn’t because it was too expensive. He was wearing the tie I bought for him for Christmas. I traveled with my friends every summer. I used to go to the movies with them. I saw Miracle on 34th Street three times. Yesterday I got out at 3:00. I was at school watching the game when it started to rain.

8 -ER/-IR endings Yo –ía Tú –ías Él –ía Nosotros –íamos Ellos – ían -AR endings Yo –aba Tú –abas Él – aba Nosotros –ábamos Ellos – aban

9 3 verbos irregulares en el imperfecto:
IR (to go) Yo iba Tú ibas Él iba Nost. Íbamos Ellos iban SER (to be) Yo era Tú eras Él era Nost. éramos Ellos eran VER (to see) Yo veía Tú veías Él veía Nost. veíamos Ellos veían

10 Cuando yo llegué/llegaba, mi hermana habló/hablaba por teléfono.
To choose preterit vs imperfect, consider if the verb talks about an action or a description. Is it done, on-going or repeated? Check to see if WAS /would makes sense usually imperfect. Cuando yo llegué/llegaba, mi hermana habló/hablaba por teléfono. 2. Yo subí/subía a mi cuarto donde estuvo/estaba mi perro. 3. Yo saqué/sacaba galletas y se las di/daba a mi perro. 4. Después yo empecé/empezaba mi tarea. Después de una hora, mi perro y yo salimos/salíamos a caminar. Cuando regresamos/regresábamos, mi mamá estuvo/estaba en la cocina. Ella cocinó/cocinaba la cena mientras mi papá leyó/leía el periódico. De vez en cuando mi papá le preguntó/preguntaba si necesitó/necesitaba ayuda.

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