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Para Empezar Test 2 The things you need to know for the test over Para Empezar Part 2.

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1 Para Empezar Test 2 The things you need to know for the test over Para Empezar Part 2

2 Outline for Test Reading: Multiple choice questions about vocabulary- telling date, greetings, leaving, asking how someone is doing, etc... Writing: Answer questions with complete sentences- can cover any vocabulary learned Abbreviations: remembering abbreviations Label a body: you should know ALL body parts Vocabulary: translate from English to Spanish

3 Outline Continued Vocabulary: Translate from Spanish to English Culture: know about the running of the bulls and some bullfighting information- page 16 Listening: I will spell five words, and you will write what I spell Speaking: Answering questions with complete sentences- these can be any of the questions we have discussed in class

4 Outline...still... Dates: Write dates in Spanish Time: Write out sentences to tell the time Commands: Match the Spanish commands with their English equivalents

5 Practice: Answer these questions with complete sentences: 1. ¿Qué día es hoy? 2. ¿Cuál es la fecha hoy? 3. ¿Qué tiempo hace? 4. ¿Qué hora es? 5. ¿Cómo se dice hand en español? 6. ¿Qué quiere decir levántense en inglés? 7. ¿Cómo te llamas? 8. ¿Cómo está Ud.?

6 Answers to question practice 1. Hoy es... 2. Hoy es el _#__ de __month__ 3. Hace frío (hace calor, hace viento, llueve...) 4. Son las ____ y ____ / Son las ___ menos __. 5. Se dice la mano. 6. Quiere decir Stand up. 7. Me llamo __name__. 8. Bien, gracias/ Así así/ Mal...

7 Draw a stick figure or animal on your paper and label the body parts: Be sure to include: – Head – Eye – Nose – Mouth – Arm – Leg – Hand – Finger – Foot – Stomach

8 Answers to body parts: In Spanish: – Head- la cabeza – Eye- el ojo – Nose- la nariz – Mouth- la boca – Arm- el brazo – Leg- la pierna – Hand- la mano – Finger- el dedo – Foot- el pie – Stomach- el estómago

9 Culture Practice: 1. Why is it called los sanfermines? 2. Where does this event take place? 3. How long does the festival last? 4. When is the saint commemorated? 5. What do many people do as the bulls run through the streets? 6. What is a bull fighter called in Spanish? 7. What does that word for bull fighter mean? 8. What happens to the bulls at the end of the fight?

10 Answers to culture 1. It is named after the patron saint of the town- San Fermín 2. Pamplona, Spain 3. 2 weeks 4. July 7- every year 5. They run with the bulls 6. El matador 7. It means the killer 8. They die

11 Practice with Dates: 1. March 1: 2. January 30: 3. November 26: 4. May 13: 5. April 29: 6. August 27:

12 Answers for dates: 1. el primero de marzo 2. el treinta de enero 3. el veintiséis de noviembre 4. el trece de mayo 5. el veintinueve de abril 6. el veintisiete de agosto

13 Write sentences to tell times: 1. 9:50 2. 12:30 3. 1:15 4. 6:45 5. 4:16

14 Time Answers: 1. Son las diez menos diez 2. Son las doce y media 3. Es la una y cuarto 4. Son las siete menos cuarto 5. Son las cuatro y dieciséis

15 Write the English for: 1. Siéntense. 2. Abren los libros 3. Cierren los libros 4. Saquen la tarea. 5. Entreguen la tarea. 6. Levántense. 7. Repitan.

16 Commands Answers: 1. Sit down. 2. Open your books 3. Close your books 4. Get out your homework 5. Turn in the homework 6. Get up 7. Repeat

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