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Presentación del tema: "SALIDAS PROFESIONALES PARA MATEMÁTICOS"— Transcripción de la presentación:

Análisis de ofertas de empleo y de insersión laboral Informe elaborado por la Comisión Profesional de la RSME en colaboración con ANECA Facultad de Matemáticas, 1 de Octubre de 2007

2 Introduction This report gives a throughout account of the professional status of Mathematics graduates in Spain. Its main objective is twofold: On the one hand, to evaluate the current working conditions (kind of activity, salary, etc.) and, on the other, to show that mathematicians have a large number of job possibilities, with an increasing number of very well qualified positions (contrary to the usual understanding that mathematicians are only worth as teachers). The financial support to carry out this study has been granted by a grant from the ANECA. F. Javier Soria de Diego Rodrigo Trujillo Rodríguez Elena Vázquez Cendón Professional Committee RSME

3 Contenido del informe Análisis de encuestas profesionales encuestados on-line Análisis de Ofertas de Empleo 1,500 ofertas de empleo seleccionadas del portal de empleo de la RSME y los principales portales de empleo en Internet

4 Analysis of Questionnaire
22 questions dealing with qualitative aspects like kind of company and job status, correlation between job and studies, and other more of a quantitative kind: salary, time until first job, etc. Broad distribution (March - April, 2007). 516 answers through the on-line form at:

5 Gender - Age 54.3% Men 45.7% Women

6 Geographic distribution
Answers from all Autonomous Regions (agrees with population)‏

7 Academic Degrees 95% of Mathematicians

8 Time (in years) from graduation
65.8% got the degree more than 5 years ago

9 Unemployment Less than 5% of unemployment rate after 2 years

10 Number of jobs and kind of contract
3 is the average number of different jobs 72.8% have a permanent contract (68.3% in less than 1 year)‏

11 Más del 60% sin relación con la enseñanza
Categoría de empleos Más del 60% sin relación con la enseñanza

12 Salary Average salary: 30,000 € - 35,000 €

13 Salary according to working years
0 - 2 years: < 20,000 € years: 20,000 € - 25,000 € years: 30,000 € - 35,000 € > 10 years: 45,000 € - 50,000 €

14 Correlación Estudios / Trabajo
79.3% tiene un empleo acorde a su formación

15 Interest in continuing relationship with the University
43.6% do not maintain further contact with the University after graduation, but show interest in that possibility (among these, 75% do not have any information about Master courses offered)‏

16 Análisis de Ofertas de Empleo
Selección de 1500 ofertas de empleo para matemáticos y estadísticos Ofertas seleccionadas desde el 01/01/07 al 31/05/07 de: Bolsa de empleo de la RSME Periódicos y revistas especializadas Web sites: InfoJobs, Monster, Universia Las ofertas se han seleccionado si alguna característica (requisitos de los candidatos, habilidades solicitadas, conocimiento específico, etc.) estaba relacionada con las matemáticas o la esatdística Las ofertas de empleo público (enseñanza, administra-ción,etc.) no se han considerado

17 Distribución por categorías

18 Distribution by categories for mathematicians: 1021 offers

19 Distribution by categories for statisticians: 489 offers

20 Resumen Informática y Telecomunicaciones tiene la tasa más alta
En esta categoría, existe una gran diferencia entre matemáticos y estadísticos (49.4% frente al 33.5%)‏ Alta demanda de conocimiento en computación avanzada Lenguajes de programación: Java/J2ee, C+/C++ Entornos de trabajo: SAP, .Net, SAS, Oracle

21 Perfil destacado Business Intelligence (BI)-Inteligencia en negocios:
Aplicaciones y tecnologías que son usadas para acceder y analizar datos e información sobre las operaciones de una empresa BI abarca diferentes áreas Customer Relationship Management (CRM)‏ Enterprise Content Management (ECM)‏ Project Management

22 Marketing and Communication (10.8%)‏ Business Administration (9.3%)‏
Basic skills for BI Data Mining Data Warehouse Use of statistics analysis package Other categories: Marketing and Communication (10.8%)‏ Business Administration (9.3%)‏ Finances (9%)

23 Destrezas generales más demandadas
Conocimiento avanzado y especializado (cálculo, probabilidad, estadística,…). Alto rendimiento en razonamiento analítico, dirección de proyectos y resolución de problemas. Fuerte capacidad de comunicación (oral y escrita). Alta destreza en computación (ofimática, análisis estadístico, bases de datos, lenguajes de programación). Creatividad. Independencia. Capacidad de trabajo en grupo.

24 Geographic distribution
Geographic distribution in Quality, Production and R+D

25 Resume of vacancies by categories Business Administration
- Actuary: junior, project management. - Administrative: budget, statistician, financial area, administration. - Analyst: data management, financial risks. - Consulting: data mining, human capital, market studies, organization and recruitment, peoplesoft/meta4/sap, finances, strategy, commercial performance and marketing,… - Scholarship: finances, investment department, practices on enterprise. - Technician: on circulation, on reporting, budget controller and forecasting.

26 Finances Actuary: life, project management, finances enterprise.
- Administrative: reporting, for local banks. Analyst: risk, quantitative, markets, statistician, business management. - Auditors: financial, ITC. - Consultant: commercial, finances, capital models, technician in values, assets management, financial, risk, countable – reporting. - Expert: Murex with C++, programmer harry web, automatic system of decision. - Management: financial, of funds, treasury/credit bank, marketing representative, organization.

27 Computer Science and Communications
Administration/Analyst/Programmer: SAP, Oracle, Weblogic/Unix, Linux, Sun Solaris, Informix, Windows 2003/Citrix MetaFrame, .NET, videogames 2D/3D, databases, marketplace, Oracle, Java, Host, Navision Y/O VB.Net, Abap 4, Web, Visual C++, Lotus Notes, Siebel, Cobol/Cics/Db2, Pacbase, Expediter, Gis.Net, Datawarehouse, Cobol, Flash, Flash Actionscript 2.0, Host/Pl1, Php, Vc++/Com/Activex, Matlab, Mysap Erp, Meta4. Consultant: risks on ITC, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), J2EE, Data Mining, software developer, optimization, SAP, Netweaver BI, IS, SAP LOGISTICA, RedDot, segurity IT (Risk /Fake), ITIL, Business Intelligence, web sites. - Developer: Net C#, software Embedded, J2EE, Enterprise Portal (EP) Developer. - Management: software configuration, projects. - Technician: commercial network and Middleware, support of customer- firms management, Cramer network, IT, Unix.

28 Selected skills highly related with mathematician’s background
High analytical and numerical analysis capacity Well organized, methodical and with strong synthesis capacity Versatile High learning capacity Self-governing Strong communications skills Problem solving skills Advanced statistical package knowledge Data analysis capacity for forecasting Experience on mathematical modeling (lineal regression, logistic, cluster, etc.)‏ Initiative to propose solutions Knowledge on banking, risks and statistics Knowledge on advanced computation

29 Skills highly related with graduate’s background
Knowledge/experience on computation Good scholar records Statistical package knowledge Language: English/French 1 year practical or experience on data analysis Traveling/residence changing availability for learning process Good documentary and communications skills Well adapted to team work Data bases knowledge Experience on project management and team work Innovative and autonomous Intellectual active Focused on results Advance use of Office package

30 Conclusions High job options for Mathematicians and Statisticians.
Math graduates are well recognized and demanded on Business Administration, Quality, Production and R+D, Education, Finances, Computer Science and Communication, Engineering and Technicians, Marketing and Communication. 49.4% of the offers for Mathematicians belong to Computer Science and Communication category, 15.1% to Education and 9.7% to Engineering and Technicians. For Statisticians 33.5% correspond to Computer Science and Communication, Marketing and Communication (20.7%) and Business Administration (17.4%). 2 years after graduation only 5.0% are unemployed and after 5 years the unemployment rate reduces to 1.8%. 52.0% have a stable job in less than 6 months, and it is 80.9% after 2 years.

31 Conclusions Average salary: 2 - 5 years: 20,000 € - 25,000;
more than 10 years: 35,000 € (above 50,000 € in Business). High degree of satisfaction between the academic studies and the job activities: 78.2% think it is good and 52.0% very high. 84.2% are interested in continuing studying after graduation, although only 48.2% are aware of the Master or Ph.D. courses offered by their Universities. Strong recommendation to update the Mathematics Studies to offer courses oriented to more professional aspects. 61.2% suggest that the skills and knowledge learnt at their working places should be available at the Master level. Main requirements found at the job offers: Advanced programming (Java, C+/++) and data management (SAP, .Net, SAS y Oracle). Capability to analyze large quantities of unstructured data. Short term tactical decision-making.

32 Professional Committee - RSME
María Dolores Fajardo Gómez. Universidad de Alicante. Ximo Gual Arnau. Universitat Jaume I. Luis M. Luengo. 3D Health Research. Francisco Marcellán. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Manuel Menéndez Sánchez. BANESTO. Mercedes Sánchez Benito. IES Ortega y Gasset, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Ascensión Sánchez-Colomer. INDRA. Javier Soria. Universidad de Barcelona. (President)‏ Rodrigo Trujillo. Universidad de La Laguna. Elena Vázquez Cendón. Universidade de Santiago.

33 Ahora te toca a tí prepararte para incorporarte a este mercado laboral
Ahora te toca a tí prepararte para incorporarte a este mercado laboral...trabajando duro, con ilusión y sin ponerte límites ¡¡¡Buena suerte!!!


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