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Chapter 5 Gramática 1 Possessive adjectives and stem changing verbs.

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1 Chapter 5 Gramática 1 Possessive adjectives and stem changing verbs

2 In English possessive adjectives such as ____, ____, ______, ______, _____, & _____ show ____________ or ___________ between people. They do not change forms, regardless of whether they modify __________ or _______ nouns. The distinction between _____, _____ & _______ tells us whether something belongs to a _______ or ________, or to more than ______ _______. hisher their your my its possession relationship singular plural hisher their male female oneperson

3 My books are more expensive than ____ backpack. Your uncle is taller than ____ uncle. My sister Susan drives to school in ____ car. Sam eats dinner with his grandparents. _____ house is nearby. my her Their

4 Complete the sentences with the possessive adjectives that go with the underlined people. 1. Miss Garza set ____ books down on the desk. 2. My parents have _____ 25 th wedding anniversary tomorrow! 3. Did you say that _____ brothers were students here too? 4. Marisa says that _____ science teacher is brilliant. 5. The boys left ______ backpacks on the playground. her their your her their

5 1. In Spanish possessive adjectives ______ _________ or ______________ between people. They are placed before the ______. show ownership relationships noun Owner yo ____________ libro ____________ libros tú ____________ libro ____________ libros él ella ____________ libro Ud. ____________ libros mi mis tu tus su sus

6 Owner nosotros ____________ libro _________ casa ____________ libros _________ casas vosotros ____________ libro _________ casa ____________ libros _________ casas ellos ellas ____________ libro Uds. ____________ libros nuestro nuestros su sus nuestra nuestras vuestros vuestro vuestra vuestras

7 2.While ____________ _______________ refer to the owner, their form agrees in _____ __ and _________ with the noun that comes ________ them. Martin vive con _______ abuelo. Martin vive con _______ abuelos. Carlos y yo vivimos con ________ abuela. possessiveadjectives number gender after su sus nuestra

8 3.___ and ____ can take the place of a phrase with ___ + ________. ¿De dónde es la madre de Juan? ____ madre es de Puebla. Susus de person Su

9 A. Underline the possessive adjective and circle the noun it describes. Then indicate whether the noun is singular (S) or plural (P), masculine (M) or feminine (F). 1.En mi familia somos siete personas. 2.Roberto baila con sus amigas. 3.Venimos de la casa de nuestro primo. 4.Veo a tus abuelos en el parque. 5.Hay mucha comida en nuestra mesa. 6.¿Tienen ustedes aquí su clase de ciencias? 7.Los padres hacen mucho por sus hijos. 8.Nuestras materias no son fáciles. S, F P, F P, M P, F S, F

10 II.Stem-changing verbs: o ue 1.Verbs with ______ variations in their stems are called _____________________ verbs. You have already learned _________ where the ___ changes to ____. In the verb _______ (to sleep), the ___ of the stem changes to ___ in all forms except __________ & ____________. vowel stem changing jugar u ue dormir o ue nosotros vosotros

11 Dormir-to sleep O yo nosotros O túvosotros O élellos O ella ellas O Ud.ustedes O El perro ________ mucho. duermo duermes duerme dormimos dormís duermen duerme

12 2.Other verbs that follow this pattern are __________ (to have lunch), ___________ (to go back or come back), and _______ (to rain). Cuando _________ (llover), __________ (volver) a casa en el autobús. 3.Use _______ ________ to say you _________ until a certain time. Los domingos nosotros __________ (dormir) hasta las once. almorzar volver llover llueve vuelve dormir hasta sleep dormimos

13 III.Stem-changing verbs: e ie O 1.Some verbs show a _________ stem change from ___ to ____, such as ____________ (to begin, to start), ___________ (to have a snack), ____________ (to understand) and ________ (to want). The ___ changes to ___ in all but the ____________ and _____________ forms. vowel e ie empezar merendar entender querer e ie nosotros vosotros

14 Empezar-to start, to begin O yo nosotros O túvosotros O élellos O ella ellas O Ud.ustedes -¿A qué hora ________ la película? -________ a las siete. Tengo que estudiar más. No _________ nada en la clase de francés empiezo empiezas empieza empezamos empezáis empiezan empieza Empieza entiendo

15 2. You can also use __________ ____ followed by an ___________ to say what you or others start to do. ¿A qué hora _________ a trabajar tus padres? __________ a trabajar a las ocho de la mañana. empezara infinitive empiezan Empiezan

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