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Verbos Reflexivos Retrieved from:

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1 Verbos Reflexivos Retrieved from:

2 Verbos Reflexivos - - Reflexive verbs are used to indicate that the subject is both the giver and the receiver of the action. Example: The boy dresses himself. Who is dressing? Is that same person receiving the dressing? (Yes!) Since the boy is both doing the dressing and receiving the dressing, it is reflexive.

3 Verbos Reflexivos have two parts: a reflexive pronoun and a verb infinitive lavarse verb reflexive pronoun

4 We have several of these verbs in our new vocabulary bañarse verb reflexive pronoun

5 How about this one? cepillarse verb reflexive pronoun

6 And this one? maquillarse verb reflexive pronoun

7 In English the reflexive pronouns are often expressed with a “ self /selves ” ending: You showered yourself. The boys wash themselves. Sometimes the “ self/selves ” sounds strange in English, so we omit it... She brushes (herself). Remember, though, if she is both doing the brushing and receiving the brushing, it is a reflexive verb.

8 The following are the reflexive pronouns in English: myself yourself himself ourselves yourselves themselves herselfthemselves The Spanish equivalents are as follows: = me = te = se = nos = se yourselves = os

9 Conjugating reflexive verbs lavarse lavo lavas lava lavamos laváis lavan me te se nos os se

10 Notice the placement of the reflexive pronouns in Spanish: Sue bathes herself. reflexive pronoun subject Sue Sue se baña. reflexive pronoun subject

11 Notice the placement of the reflexive pronouns in Spanish: Joe shaves himself. reflexive pronoun subject Joe Joe se afeita. reflexive pronoun subject

12 Notice the placement of the reflexive pronouns in Spanish: Ana puts makeup on herself. reflexive pronoun subject Ana Ana se maquilla. reflexive pronoun subject

13 yo me baño bañarse (yo)

14 ella se baña bañarse (ella)

15 nosotros nos bañamos bañarse (nosotros)

16 Ud. se baña bañarse (Ud.)

17 ellas se bañan bañarse (ellas)

18 él se baña bañarse (él)

19 ella se viste vestirse (i) (ella)

20 nosotros nos vestimos vestirse (i) (nosotros) index

21 Ud. se viste vestirse (i) (Ud.)

22 yo me visto vestirse (i) (yo) index

23 yo me acuesto acostarse (ue) (yo)

24 él se acuesta acostarse (ue) (él)

25 ellas se acuestan acostarse (ue) (ellas)

26 yo me acuesto acostarse (ue) (yo)

27 tú te acuestas acostarse (ue) (tú)

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